CRA   Community & Regional Affairs
FIN   Finance
HES   Health, Education & Social Services
JUD   Judiciary
L&C   Labor & Commerce
MLV   Military & Veterans Affairs
O&G   Oil & Gas
RES   Resources
RLS   Rules
STA   State Affairs
TRA   Transportation

For a complete list of committee codes select one.
Committee Codes 22nd Legislature
Committee Codes 21st Legislature
Committee Codes 20th Legislature
Committee Codes 19th Legislature
Committee Codes 18th Legislature

Bill Identification
Am       Amended (on floor of house of origin)
Am H     Amended by the House
Am S     Amended by the Senate
SS       Sponsor Substitute
CCS      Conference Committee Substitute
FCCS     Free Conference Committee Substitute
CS (__)  Committee Substitute 
         (Code of Committee offering Substitute)
2d CS    Second Committee Substitute (same committee)
efd add  Effective date added
efd fld  Effective date does not pass
efd del  Effective date deleted
efd am   Effective date changed by amendment

brf sup maj fld    contained one appropriation under art. IX, sec. 17(c),
                   of the state constitution that failed
brf sup maj pfld   contained one appropriation under art. IX, sec. 17(c),
                   of the state constitution that failed and another
                   that passed

HB       House Bill
HCR      House Concurrent Resolution
HCS      House Committee Substitute
HJR      House Joint Resolution
HR       House Resolution
HSCR     House Special Concurrent Resolution
SB       Senate Bill
SCS      Senate Committee Substitute
SCR      Senate Concurrent Resolution
SJR      Senate Joint Resolution
SR       Senate Resolution
SSCR     Senate Special Concurrent Resolution

Fiscal Note Department Abbreviations
ADM     Administration
CFAB    Commercial Fishing & Agriculture
COURT   Alaska Court System
DCED    Commerce & Economic Development
DCRA    Community & Regional Affairs
CORR    Corrections
DEBT    Debt Service & Misc Programs
DOE     Education
DEC     Environmental Conservation
F&G     Fish & Game
DHSS    Health & Social Services
LABOR   Labor
LAW     Law
LAA     Legislative Affairs Agency
DMVA    Military & Veterans Affairs
DNR     Natural Resources
GOV     Governor, Office of the
DPS     Public Safety
REV     Revenue
DOT     Transportation/Public Facilities
UA      University of Alaska
UAA     University of Alaska Anchorage
UAF     University of Alaska Fairbanks
UAS     University of Alaska Southeast
NONE    None
ALL     All

Floor Action  Committee Action
Y     Yes                 DP   Do Pass
N     No                  DNP  Do Not Pass
E     Excused             NR   No Recommendation
A     Absent              RPT  Report or reported

FN (___)  Fiscal Note
          (Abbreviation for the Department affected)
Zero FN   Fiscal Note showing no additional cost for
          implementing bill.

Chapter 1 SLA96   Signed bills are given a chapter number
                  in the Session Laws of Alaska (SLA) for
                  the year in which they pass into law (96).

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