HB 202: "An Act relating to false information or report."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 202 01 "An Act relating to false information or report." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 11.56.800(a) is amended to read: 04 (a) A person commits the crime of false information or report if the person 05 knowingly 06 (1) gives false information to a peace officer 07 (A) with the intent of implicating another in an offense; or 08 (B) concerning the person's identity while the person is 09 (i) under arrest, detention, or investigation for a crime; 10 or 11 (ii) being served with an arrest warrant or being issued a 12 citation; 13 (2) makes a false report to a peace officer that a crime has occurred or 14 is about to occur; 15 (3) makes a false report or gives a false alarm, under circumstances not

01 amounting to terroristic threatening in the second degree under AS 11.56.810, that a 02 fire or other incident dangerous to life or property calling for an emergency response 03 has occurred or is about to occur; [OR] 04 (4) makes a false report to the Department of Natural Resources under 05 AS 46.17 concerning the condition of a dam or reservoir; 06 (5) makes a false allegation of misconduct by a peace officer; or 07 (6) files a false civil action or process against a peace officer with 08 the intent to harass or discourage the officer from performing the officer's 09 official duties. 10 * Sec. 2. AS 12.80 is amended by adding a new section to read: 11 Sec. 12.80.070. Allegations against peace officers. (a) A law enforcement 12 agency that receives an allegation of misconduct concerning a peace officer shall 13 require the person making the allegation to read and sign an advisory in substantially 14 the following form: 15 YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE A COMPLAINT AGAINST A 16 POLICE OFFICER FOR ANY IMPROPER POLICE CONDUCT. 17 THIS AGENCY MAY FIND AFTER INVESTIGATION THAT 18 THERE IS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO WARRANT ACTION 19 ON YOUR COMPLAINT; EVEN IF THAT IS THE CASE, YOU 20 HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE THE COMPLAINT AND HAVE IT 21 INVESTIGATED IF YOU BELIEVE AN OFFICER BEHAVED 22 IMPROPERLY. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO MAKE A 23 COMPLAINT THAT YOU KNOW TO BE FALSE. IF YOU MAKE 24 A COMPLAINT AGAINST AN OFFICER KNOWING THAT IT IS 25 FALSE, YOU CAN BE PROSECUTED FOR A CLASS A 26 MISDEMEANOR. 27 I have read and understood the above statement. 28 ______________________________________ 29 Complainant 30 (b) Each law enforcement agency shall make the advisory in (a) of this section 31 available in multiple languages.