HB 451: "An Act relating to therapeutic courts; and providing for an effective date."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 451 01 "An Act relating to therapeutic courts; and providing for an effective date." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. The uncodified law of the State of Alaska enacted in sec. 1(b), ch. 64, SLA 04 2001, is amended to read: 05 (b) The Alaska Court System shall establish two pilot sites for therapeutic 06 courts for alcohol- and drug-addicted offenders in Anchorage and Bethel; the 07 Anchorage therapeutic court shall commence on the effective date of this section; the 08 Bethel therapeutic court shall commence on January 2, 2002; the pilot programs shall 09 end June 30, 2006 [THREE YEARS AFTER THE DATE EACH COURT 10 COMMENCES]. The Alaska Court System will designate one superior court judge in 11 Anchorage and one superior court judge in Bethel to preside over the therapeutic 12 courts. Under the leadership of these judges, all parties involved in the 13 implementation of the therapeutic court process shall regularly meet to consult about 14 the conduct and improvement of the process. The pilot programs shall be 15 implemented by the joint efforts of the Alaska Court System, the Department of Law,

01 the Public Defender Agency, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Health 02 and Social Services, and other agencies in accordance with a mutually agreed-upon 03 plan. To the extent feasible, the therapeutic courts shall use existing public agencies, 04 medical and treatment services, housing, and other public, private, and nonprofit 05 community services; the pilot program in Bethel shall also consult and coordinate 06 services with municipal and other local entities to facilitate the successful reintegration 07 of offenders into municipalities and other locales outside of Bethel. Each therapeutic 08 court shall be adapted to fit the available local resources and cultural traditions. 09 * Sec. 2. Sections 3, 5(b), and (6), ch. 64, SLA 2001, are repealed. 10 * Sec. 3. This Act takes effect immediately under AS 01.10.070(c).