Enrolled SB 124: Relating to grants for alcoholism and drug abuse programs.

00Enrolled SB 124 01 Relating to grants for alcoholism and drug abuse programs. 02 _______________ 03 * Section 1. AS 47.30.475(c) is amended to read: 04 (c) Grants shall be awarded in a ratio of 75 [90] percent state money to 25 [10] 05 percent community money for the costs of providing staff and limited improvement, 06 renovation, or new construction of facilities for alcohol or drug detoxification, 07 rehabilitation, or "half-way house" care. The department may waive all or part of the 08 requirement that state money be matched by community money if the department 09 finds that community money is unavailable and waiver of the requirement is in the 10 best interests of the state. A grant for improving, renovating, or constructing may not 11 exceed $50,000 except when there is a lack of applicants for available money and then 12 only with the approval of the Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. The 13 department is not required to award all money available under this program, or the full 14 percentages specified in this subsection, when another source of money is available or 15 could reasonably be made available to the applicant.