SR 2: Recognizing February 6, 2004, as Ronald Reagan Day in Alaska.

00 SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 2 01 Recognizing February 6, 2004, as Ronald Reagan Day in Alaska. 02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE: 03 WHEREAS Ronald Wilson Reagan, a man of humble background, worked 04 throughout his life serving freedom and advancing the public good, having been employed as 05 an entertainer, union leader, corporate spokesman, Governor of California, and President of 06 the United States; and 07 WHEREAS Ronald Reagan served with honor and distinction for two terms as the 08 40th President of the United States, in the second of which he earned the confidence of 3/5 of 09 the electorate and was victorious in 49 of the 50 states in the general election, a record 10 unsurpassed in the history of American presidential elections; and 11 WHEREAS, in 1981, when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as President, he inherited 12 a disillusioned nation shackled by rampant inflation and high unemployment; and 13 WHEREAS, during Mr. Reagan's presidency, he worked in a bipartisan manner to 14 enact his bold agenda of restoring accountability and common sense to government, which led 15 to an unprecedented economic expansion and opportunity for millions of Americans; and 16 WHEREAS Mr. Reagan's commitment to an active social policy agenda for the

01 nation's children helped lower crime and drug use in our neighborhoods; and 02 WHEREAS Mr. Reagan's commitment to our armed forces contributed to the 03 restoration of pride in America and its values and prepared America's armed forces to meet 04 21st Century challenges; and 05 WHEREAS Mr. Reagan's vision of "peace through strength" led to the end of the 06 Cold War and the ultimate demise of the Soviet Union, guaranteeing basic human rights for 07 millions of people; and 08 WHEREAS, on February 6, 2004, Ronald Reagan will have reached the age of 93 09 years; 10 BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Senate recognizes February 6, 2004, as 11 Ronald Reagan Day in Alaska.