SB 259: "An Act relating to the powers and duties of the legislative audit division."

00 SENATE BILL NO. 259 01 "An Act relating to the powers and duties of the legislative audit division." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 24.20.271 is amended to read: 04 Sec. 24.20.271. Powers [AND DUTIES]. The legislative audit division 05 [SHALL] 06 (1) shall conduct a performance post-audit of boards and commissions 07 designated in AS 44.66.010 and of those programs and activities of agencies subject to 08 termination as determined in the manner set out in AS 44.66.020 and 44.66.030, and 09 make the audit, together with a written report, available to the legislature not later than 10 the first day of the regular session of the legislature convening in each year set out 11 with reference to boards, commissions, or agency programs whose activities are 12 subject to termination as prescribed in AS 44.66; the division shall notify the 13 legislature that the audit and report are available; 14 (2) shall audit at least once every three years the books and accounts 15 of all custodians of public funds and all disbursing officers of the state;

01 (3) shall, at the direction of the Legislative Budget and Audit 02 Committee, conduct performance post-audits on any agency of state government; 03 (4) shall cooperate with state agencies by offering advice and 04 assistance as requested in establishing or improving the accounting systems used by 05 state agencies; 06 (5) shall require the assistance and cooperation of all state officials and 07 other state employees in the inspection, examination, and audit of state agency books 08 and accounts; 09 (6) shall have access at all times to the books, accounts, reports, or 10 other records, whether confidential or not, of every state agency; 11 (7) shall ascertain, as necessary for audit verification, the amount of 12 agency funds on deposit in any bank as shown on the books of the bank; no bank may 13 be held liable for making information required under this paragraph available to the 14 legislative audit division; 15 (8) shall complete studies and prepare reports, memoranda, or other 16 materials as directed by the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee; 17 (9) shall have direct access to any information related to the 18 management of the University of Alaska and have the same right of access as exists 19 with respect to every other state agency; 20 (10) shall conduct an audit every two years of information found in the 21 annual reports required under AS 42.05.211 and AS 42.06.220 regarding compliance 22 by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska with the requirements of AS 42.05.175(a) - 23 (e) and of the timeline extensions made by the commission under AS 42.05.175(f), 24 and of other performance measures adopted by the commission; 25 (11) may perform an audit of the money received by an 26 organization from or through the state when the performance of the audit is 27 approved by the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee.