SSSB 4: "An Act relating to financial disclosures required of legislators, legislative directors, public members of the Select Committee on Legislative Ethics, and public officials."

00 SPONSOR SUBSTITUTE FOR SENATE BILL NO. 4 01 "An Act relating to financial disclosures required of legislators, legislative directors, 02 public members of the Select Committee on Legislative Ethics, and public officials." 03 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 04 * Section 1. AS 24.60.210(a) is amended to read: 05 (a) A person required to file a disclosure statement under AS 24.60.200 shall 06 file an annual report with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, covering the 07 previous calendar year, containing the disclosures required by AS 24.60.200, on or 08 before May [MARCH] 15 of each year, except that a person appointed as a legislator 09 under AS 15.40, a public member of the committee, or a legislative director must file 10 within 30 days after the person's appointment. In addition, a person subject to this 11 subsection shall, within 90 days after leaving service as a legislator, legislative 12 director, or public member of the committee, file a final report containing the 13 disclosures required of the person by AS 24.60.200 for the period that begins on the 14 last day of the last period for which the person filed a report required by that section

01 and ends on the date of the person's last day of service. 02 * Sec. 2. AS 24.60.250(a) is amended to read: 03 (a) In addition to the sanctions described in AS 24.60.260, if the Alaska Public 04 Offices Commission finds that a candidate for the legislature who is an incumbent 05 legislator has failed to file a report under AS 24.60.200 by a deadline established in 06 AS 24.60.210 [MARCH 15], the commission shall notify the candidate that the report 07 is late. If the candidate fails to file the report within 30 days after it is due, 08 (1) the commission shall notify the lieutenant governor; 09 (2) the candidate shall forfeit nomination to office and may not be 10 seated in office; 11 (3) the lieutenant governor may not certify the person's nomination for 12 office or election to office; and 13 (4) nomination to the office shall be certified as provided in 14 AS 39.50.060(b). 15 * Sec. 3. AS 39.50.020(a) is amended to read: 16 (a) A public official other than the governor or the lieutenant governor shall 17 file a statement giving income sources and business interests, under oath and on 18 penalty of perjury, within 30 days after taking office as a public official. Candidates 19 for state elective office other than a candidate who is subject to AS 24.60 shall file the 20 statement with the director of elections at the time of filing a declaration of candidacy 21 or a nominating petition or becoming a candidate by any other means. Candidates for 22 elective municipal office shall file the statement at the time of filing a nominating 23 petition, declaration of candidacy, or other required filing for the elective municipal 24 office. Refusal or failure to file within the time prescribed shall require that the 25 candidate's filing fees, if any, and filing for office be refused or that a previously 26 accepted filing fee be returned and the candidate's name removed from the filing 27 records. A statement shall also be filed by public officials not [NO] later than May 28 [MARCH] 15 in each following year. On or before the 90th day after leaving office, a 29 former public official shall file a final statement covering any period during the 30 official's service in that office for which the public official has not already filed a 31 statement. Persons who are members of boards or commissions not named in

01 AS 39.50.200(b) are not required to file financial statements.