Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1996-02-12 House Journal

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1996-02-12                     House Journal                      Page 2731
HB 25                                                                        
Representative Navarre withdrew the objection to the adoption of               
CSHB 25(FIN).  There being no further objection,  CSHB 25(FIN) was             
Representative Vezey moved and asked unanimous consent that CSHB               
25(FIN) be considered engrossed, advanced to third reading and placed          
on final passage.                                                              
Representative Kubina objected.                                                
The question being:  Shall CSHB 25(FIN) be advanced to third                   
reading on the same day?  The roll was taken with the following                
CSHB 25(FIN)                                                                   
Second Reading                                                                 
Advance to Third Reading                                                       
YEAS: 18   NAYS: 10   EXCUSED:  6   ABSENT: 6                                
Yeas: Barnes, Bunde, G.Davis, Hanley, Ivan, James, Kohring, Martin,            
Moses, Mulder, Ogan, Parnell, Phillips, Porter, Rokeberg, Toohey,              
Vezey, Williams                                                                
Nays: Brown, B.Davis, Elton, Grussendorf, Kubina, Long, Navarre,               
Nicholia, Robinson, Willis                                                     

1996-02-12                     House Journal                      Page 2732
HB 25                                                                        
Excused: Brice, Davies, Foster, Green, Masek, Therriault                       
Absent:  Austerman, Finkelstein, Kelly, Kott, Mackie, Sanders                  
And so, the motion failed.                                                     
CSHB 25(FIN) will be in third reading on the February 14, 1996,