Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1995-02-10 House Journal

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1995-02-10                     House Journal                      Page 0298
HB 106                                                                       
The State Affairs Committee has considered:                                    
HOUSE BILL NO. 106                                                            
"An Act relating to art in public places requirements and the art in          
public places fund."                                                           
The report was signed by Representative James, Chair, with the                 
following individual recommendations:                                          
Do pass (5):  James, Porter, Green, Ivan, Ogan                                 
Do not pass (2):  Willis, Robinson                                             

1995-02-10                     House Journal                      Page 0299
HB 106                                                                       
The following fiscal notes apply:                                              
Fiscal note, Alaska Court System, 2/10/95                                      
Zero fiscal notes (2), Dept. of Education, 2/10/95                             
Zero fiscal note, Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities, 2/10/95         
HB 106 was referred to the Finance Committee.