Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1995-05-02 Senate Journal

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1995-05-02                     Senate Journal                      Page 1405
SB 115                                                                       
The Finance Committee considered SENATE BILL NO. 115 "An                       
Act relating to the establishment, modification, and enforcement of            
support orders and the determination of parentage in situations                
involving more than one state; amending Alaska Rule of                         
Administration 9; amending Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure 79 and              
82; and providing for an effective date" and recommended it be                 
replaced with                                                                  
CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 115(FIN), entitled:                                    
"An Act repealing the Uniform Reciprocal                                      
Enforcement of Support Act; enacting the Uniform                               
Interstate Family Support Act; relating to                                     
administrative establishment and disestablishment of                           
paternity and establishing paternity by affidavit;                             
relating to child support enforcement; amending                                
Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure 79, 82, and                                    
90.3(h)(2); and providing for an effective date."                              
and adopted the following Finance Committee Letter of Intent:                  
                                Letter of Intent                               
                        CS for SENATE BILL NO. 115(FIN)                        
It is the intent of the Legislature that the Child                            
Support Enforcement Division organize its personnel                            
in a way which will ensure that the personnel who                              
deal with obligors who are not delinquent or in                                
arrears are not the same personnel who deal with                               
obligors who are delinquent or in arrears.                                     

1995-05-02                     Senate Journal                      Page 1406
SB 115                                                                       
Signing no recommendation:  Senator Halford, Cochair, Senators                 
Rieger, Phillips, Donley, Zharoff.  Signing do pass:  Senator Sharp.           
Previous zero fiscal notes.                                                    
The bill was referred to the Rules Committee.