Legislature(1995 - 1996)

1996-10-16 Senate Journal

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1996-10-16                     Senate Journal                      Page 4402
SB 177                                                                       
Message of June 19 was received, stating:                                      
Dear President Pearce:                                                         
Under the authority of art. II, sec. 15 of the Alaska Constitution, I          
have vetoed the following bill:                                                
HOUSE CS FOR CS FOR SENATE BILL NO.                                           
177(FIN) am H                                                                  
An Act relating to permits to carry concealed                                 
handguns; and relating to possession of firearms on                            
state ferries.                                                                 

1996-10-16                     Senate Journal                      Page 4403
SB 177                                                                       
I believe this bill would seriously undermine the safeguards in                
Alaskas concealed weapons law and would jeopardize the public and              
law enforcement officials.  The bill would remove many of the                  
places where concealed weapons are prohibited under current law and            
would permit the carrying of concealed weapons by out-of-state                 
persons who may not meet Alaskas statutory requirements.                       
The current concealed handgun program has been in place for only               
18 months.  The experience to date has not demonstrated that the               
law is broken, or that the types of amendments contained in this               
bill are warranted or necessary.                                               
A specific objection to this bill comes from a basic premise, founded          
on hundreds of years of experience, that guns and alcohol dont mix.            
This bill would allow concealed handguns in bars.  This scenario               
invites tragedy.                                                               
I also question the wisdom of allowing concealed guns in banks and             
government offices as proposed in this bill.  There is good reason             
for these locations to be protected.  We should not  jeopardize their          
security by allowing concealed handguns on the premises.                       
Finally, the manner in which this bill would offer reciprocity for             
concealed handgun permit holders from other states is especially               
troubling.  Reciprocity would be offered to any out-of-state permittee         
regardless of the requirements to obtain a permit in another state,            
even if those requirements are less stringent than in Alaska.                  
Moreover, an out-of-state permit holder would not be subject to the            
same restrictions that apply to Alaska permit holders.  While this             
may not have been the intent of the legislature, it is unacceptable to         
allow activities by out-of-state residents which are prohibited by             
Alaska residents under our laws.                                               
Many municipalities and law enforcement organizations have voiced              
strong opposition to this legislation including the Alaska Peace               
Officers Association, the Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police, the          
Public Safety Employees Association, the Municipality of Anchorage,            

1996-10-16                     Senate Journal                      Page 4404
SB 177                                                                       
and the Cities of Palmer and Wasilla.  I acknowledge their                     
experience and professionalism in this area and find a veto of this            
legislation necessary in the interest of public safety.                        
						Tony Knowles