Legislature(2003 - 2004)

2003-04-14 House Journal

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2003-04-14                     House Journal                      Page 0976
HB 15                                                                                             
Representative Hawker added his name as cosponsor to:                                               
     HOUSE BILL NO. 15                                                                              
     "An Act relating to establishing the Alaska No-Call List, a data                               
     base of residential telephone customers who do not wish to                                     
     receive telephonic solicitations; providing that the data base be                              
     compiled at no cost to the customers; requiring paid telephonic                                
     sellers to purchase the data base; requiring telephonic sellers to                             
     identify themselves; requiring telephonic solicitors who are                                   

2003-04-14                     House Journal                      Page 0977
     otherwise exempt from registration as telephonic solicitors to file                            
     with the Department of Law and purchase the data base; and                                     
     providing for an effective date."