Legislature(2003 - 2004)

2004-01-12 House Journal

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2004-01-12                     House Journal                      Page 2310
HB 75                                                                                             
The following memorandum, dated January 7, 2004, was received                                       
from Pam Finley, Revisor of Statutes, Division of Legal and Research                                
"Under AS 01.05.031(b)(7), I am notifying you that there is a manifest                              
error in ch. 83, SLA 2003.  In Sec. 1 of that Act at page 30, line 5,                               
"10"" should be "10%".  This error did not exist in CCS SSHB 75, as                                 
it passed the legislature, but occurred in the enrolling process.                                   
Because the 2003 Session Laws and the 2003 Temporary & Special                                      
Acts pamphlet have already been printed, this notification is the only                              
vehicle for correcting the error.  I would appreciate it if you would                               
print this notice in the 2004 House Journal.  Thank you."