Legislature(2003 - 2004)

2004-01-29 House Journal

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2004-01-29                     House Journal                      Page 2436
HB 282                                                                                            
The following forthcoming fiscal note to accompany the Health,                                      
Education & Social Services Committee report (page 2373) was                                        
2.  Zero, University of Alaska                                                                      
for the following:                                                                                  
    HOUSE BILL NO. 282                                                                              
    "An Act relating to contracts between the University of Alaska                                  
    and its employees involving research or other development of                                    
    intellectual property and to the authority of the president of the                              
    University of Alaska regarding employee contracts for                                           
    development of intellectual property."                                                          
HB 282 is in the Labor & Commerce Committee.