Legislature(2003 - 2004)

2004-04-07 House Journal

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2004-04-07                     House Journal                      Page 3260
SB 264                                                                                            
The following, which was advanced to third reading from the April 6,                                
2004, calendar (page 3229), was read the third time:                                                
    SENATE BILL NO. 264                                                                             
    "An Act repealing the time limitation on the authority of the                                   
    Department of Natural Resources to enter into agreements with a                                 
    person or persons desiring to own an oil or natural gas pipeline                                
    proposed to be located on state land for the purposes of providing                              
    for payment of the reasonable costs incurred in preparing for                                   
    activities before receipt of an application under the Alaska Right-                             
    of-Way Leasing Act; and providing for an effective date."                                       
The question being:  "Shall SB 264 pass the House?"  The roll was                                   
taken with the following result:                                                                    
SB 264                                                                                              
Third Reading                                                                                       
Final Passage                                                                                       
YEAS:  39   NAYS:  0   EXCUSED:  1   ABSENT:  0                                                   

2004-04-07                     House Journal                      Page 3261
Yeas:  Anderson, Berkowitz, Chenault, Cissna, Coghill, Crawford,                                    
Croft, Dahlstrom, Fate, Foster, Gara, Gatto, Gruenberg, Guttenberg,                                 
Harris, Hawker, Heinze, Holm, Joule, Kapsner, Kerttula, Kohring,                                    
Kott, Lynn, Masek, McGuire, Meyer, Morgan, Moses, Ogg, Rokeberg,                                    
Samuels, Seaton, Stepovich, Stoltze, Weyhrauch, Williams, Wilson,                                   
Excused:  Kookesh                                                                                   
And so, SB 264 passed the House.                                                                    
Representative Coghill moved and asked unanimous consent that the                                   
roll call on the passage of the bill be considered the roll call on the                             
effective date clause.  There being no objection, it was so ordered.                                
SB 264 was signed by the Speaker and Chief Clerk and returned to the