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2010-04-17 House Journal

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2010-04-17                     House Journal                      Page 2427
HB 69                                                                                                                         
The following, which was advanced to third reading from the April 16,                                                           
2010, calendar (page 2362), was read the third time:                                                                            
     CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 69(FIN)                                                                                              
     "An Act establishing in the Department of Education and Early                                                              
     Development a voluntary parent and early childhood education                                                               
     program for pre-elementary aged children."                                                                                 
Representative Keller moved and asked unanimous consent that CSHB
69(FIN) be returned to second reading for the specific purpose of                                                               
considering Amendment No. 1.  There being no objection, it was so                                                               
Amendment No. 1 was offered  by Representative Keller:                                                                           
Page 1, line 2, following "education" (title amendment):                                                                      
     Insert "grant"                                                                                                           
Page 1, line 10, through page 2, line 16:                                                                                       
     Delete all material and insert:                                                                                            
     "PARENTS AS TEACHERS PROGRAM ESTABLISHED. (a)                                                                              
The Department of Education and Early Development shall devise and                                                              
implement a statewide parents as teachers grant program that                                                                    
supplements available funding for local programs that provide a                                                                 
parents as teachers program that                                                                                                
         (1)  accomplishes goals established by recognized research in                                                          
the area of parents as teachers that                                                                                            
              (A)  increases parental knowledge of early childhood                                                              

2010-04-17                     House Journal                      Page 2428
              (B)  improves parenting practices;                                                                                
              (C)  provides early detection of developmental delays and                                                         
     health issues;                                                                                                             
              (D)  prevents child abuse and neglect;                                                                            
              (E)  increases school readiness and success;                                                                     
              (F)  provides family support curricula, training, materials,                                                      
     and services;                                                                                                              
         (2)  is consistent with the following core values:                                                                     
              (A)  the early years of a child's life are critical for optimal                                                   
     development and provide the foundation for success in school and                                                           
     in life;                                                                                                                   
              (B)  a parent is a child's first and most influential teacher;                                                    
              (C)  established and emerging research should be the                                                              
     foundation of parent education;                                                                                            
              (D)  all young children and their families deserve equal                                                          
     opportunities for success;                                                                                                 
              (E)  an understanding and appreciation of the history and                                                         
    traditions of diverse cultures are essential to serving families.                                                          
     (b)  The department shall establish application and award                                                                  
procedures and award 13 local grants under this section."                                                                       
Representative Keller moved and asked unanimous consent that                                                                    
Amendment No. 1 be adopted.                                                                                                     
There was objection.                                                                                                            
Representative Keller moved and asked unanimous consent to                                                                      
withdraw Amendment No. 1.  There being no objection, it was so                                                                  
CSHB 69(FIN) was automatically in third reading.                                                                                
The question being:  "Shall CSHB 69(FIN) pass the House?"  The roll                                                             
was taken with the following result:                                                                                            
CSHB 69(FIN)                                                                                                                    
Third Reading                                                                                                                   
Final Passage                                                                                                                   
YEAS:  32   NAYS:  5   EXCUSED:  1   ABSENT:  2                                                                               

2010-04-17                     House Journal                      Page 2429
Yeas:  Buch, Chenault, Cissna, Crawford, Dahlstrom, Doogan,                                                                     
Edgmon, Fairclough, N.Foster, Gara, Gardner, Gruenberg, Guttenberg,                                                             
Harris, Herron, Holmes, Johansen, Johnson, Joule, Kawasaki,                                                                     
Kerttula, Lynn, Millett, Munoz, Olson, Petersen, Ramras, Salmon,                                                                
Seaton, Thomas, Tuck, P.Wilson                                                                                                  
Nays:  Gatto, Hawker, Keller, Kelly, T.Wilson                                                                                   
Excused:  Neuman                                                                                                                
Absent:  Austerman, Stoltze                                                                                                     
And so, CSHB 69(FIN) passed the House and was referred to the                                                                   
Chief Clerk for engrossment.