Legislature(2009 - 2010)

2009-03-30 House Journal

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2009-03-30                     House Journal                      Page 0640
HB 193                                                                                                                        
The Speaker added a Finance Committee referral for the following:                                                               
    HOUSE BILL NO. 193                                                                                                          
    "An Act relating to representation by a legislator or legislative                                                           
    employee of another person in an administrative hearing; relating                                                           
    to charity events under the Legislative Ethics Act; requiring                                                               
    compensation of public members of the Select Committee on                                                                   
    Legislative Ethics; exempting certain information from disclosure                                                           
    requirements of the Legislative Ethics Act; relating to the                                                                 
    selection of alternate members and the participation of members                                                             
    and alternate members in formal proceedings of the Select                                                                   
    Committee on Legislative Ethics and its subcommittees; and                                                                  
    defining 'constituent,' 'constituent service,' 'legislative purpose,'                                                       
    'nonlegislative purpose,' and 'private benefit' for the purposes of                                                         
    the Legislative Ethics Act."                                                                                                
HB 193 is in the Judiciary Committee.