Legislature(2009 - 2010)

2010-02-24 House Journal

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2010-02-24                     House Journal                      Page 1585
HB 378                                                                                                                        
Representative Ramras added his name as cosponsor to:                                                                           
    HOUSE BILL NO. 378                                                                                                          
    "An Act amending the powers and duties of the Alaska Railroad                                                               
    Corporation and the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation related                                                              

2010-02-24                     House Journal                      Page 1586
    to the exercise of authority to purchase, transport, and sell natural                                                       
    gas produced on the North Slope for in-state use, and transferring                                                          
    exclusive and primary responsibility for the initiation and                                                                 
    development of that project from the Office of the Governor and                                                             
    the Department of Natural Resources to those corporations; and                                                              
    providing for an effective date."