Legislature(2009 - 2010)

2010-04-05 House Journal

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2010-04-05                     House Journal                      Page 2032
SB 10                                                                                                                         
Representatives Petersen, Millett, and Gara added their names as cross                                                          
sponsors to:                                                                                                                    

2010-04-05                     House Journal                      Page 2033
    CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 10(HSS)(efd del)                                                                                     
    "An Act requiring health care insurers to provide insurance                                                                 
    coverage for medical care received by a patient during certain                                                              
    approved clinical trials designed to test and improve prevention,                                                           
    diagnosis, treatment, or palliation of cancer; directing the                                                                
    Department of Health and Social Services to provide Medicaid                                                                
    services to persons who participate in those clinical trials; and                                                           
    relating to experimental procedures under a state plan offered by                                                           
    the Comprehensive Health Insurance Association."