Legislature(2009 - 2010)

2010-07-09 Senate Journal

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2010-07-09                     Senate Journal                      Page 2616
SB 10                                                                                                                         
Message dated July 1 was received, stating:                                                                                     
Dear President Stevens:                                                                                                         
On this date I have signed the following bill and am transmitting the                                                           
engrossed and enrolled copies to the Lieutenant Governor's Office for                                                           
permanent filing:                                                                                                               
         CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 10(HSS)(efd del) "An                                                                            
         Act requiring health care insurers to provide                                                                          
         insurance coverage for medical care received by a                                                                      
         patient during certain approved clinical trials                                                                        
         designed to test and improve prevention, diagnosis,                                                                    
         treatment, or palliation of cancer; directing the                                                                      
         Department of Health and Social Services to provide                                                                    
         Medicaid services to persons who participate in those                                                                  
         clinical trials; and relating to experimental                                                                          
         procedures under a state plan offered by the                                                                           
         Comprehensive Health Insurance Association."                                                                           
                           Chapter 117, SLA 2010                                                                               
                          Effective Date: 9/29/10                                                                              

2010-07-09                     Senate Journal                      Page 2617
This legislation will help Alaskan patients with costs of routine care                                                          
incurred while enrolled in an approved clinical trial for cancer                                                                
treatment. When insurance rules prevent individuals from enrolling in                                                           
approved clinical trials for cancer it will take longer to get medical                                                          
answers that are needed now.                                                                                                    
Where the benefits of this bill are potentially life-saving; where                                                              
overwhelming support was demonstrated by constituents, physicians,                                                              
nonprofits, and the legislature; and where little to no meaningful fiscal                                                       
impact was demonstrated on the state or to private health care plans, I                                                         
have signed this bill into law.                                                                                                 
Sean Parnell