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2009-03-25 Senate Journal

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2009-03-25                     Senate Journal                      Page 0654
SB 38                                                                                                                         
Senator French moved and asked unanimous consent to be shown as a                                                               
cosponsor on SENATE BILL NO. 38 "An Act relating to insurance;                                                                  
removing references, definitions, and confidentiality of information                                                            
provisions relating to managed care entities, substituting health care                                                          
insurers in the former role of managed care entities, and amending the                                                          
definitions of 'covered person,' 'managed care plan,' and 'utilization                                                          
review,' as those terms relate to the administration of managed care                                                            
insurance plans; authorizing persons to act as pharmacy benefits                                                                
managers subject to oversight by the division of insurance; and                                                                 
amending the definition of 'health care insurer' as it relates to health                                                        
care insurance." Without objection, it was so ordered.