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2010-01-19 Senate Journal

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2010-01-19                     Senate Journal                      Page 1232
SB 216                                                                                                                        
SENATE BILL NO. 216 BY THE SENATE RULES COMMITTEE                                                                               
BY REQUEST OF THE GOVERNOR, entitled:                                                                                           
            "An Act relating to grants to victims of a disaster in                                                             
          this state; and providing for an effective date."                                                                     
was read the first time and referred to the State Affairs and Finance                                                           
The following fiscal information was published today:                                                                           
 Fiscal Note No. 1, Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs                                                                
Governor's transmittal letter dated January 8:                                                                                  
Dear President Stevens,                                                                                                         
Under the authority of Art. III, Sec. 18, of the Alaska Constitution, I                                                         
am transmitting a bill that increases the existing limit on State grants                                                        
for major disaster victims in the State of Alaska.                                                                              
This bill would change an existing limitation on the Governor's                                                                 
authority to issue assistance grants to victims of a major disaster in this                                                     
state, which has not been updated for nearly 20 years. Under current                                                            
law, when the Governor declares a disaster emergency, a grant can                                                               
only be provided to a victim of the disaster in this state in an amount                                                         
not to exceed $5,000. After witnessing the widespread disaster of the                                                           

2010-01-19                     Senate Journal                      Page 1233
2009 spring floods, it has become obvious that the maximum amount                                                               
of $5,000 per household is not enough to cover incurred costs from                                                              
damages in today's economy. It is clearly time to revise the limit and                                                          
give the State the ability to provide improved relief to victims of major                                                       
disasters in this state.                                                                                                        
This proposed legislation increases the maximum amount that can be                                                              
granted to a household in 2010 to $14,950 for a State-declared                                                                  
disaster. This is calculated by setting it at half of the amount of a                                                           
federally declared disaster. The amount will be adjusted each year                                                              
based upon the consumer price index.                                                                                            
I urge your prompt and favorable action on this bill.                                                                           
Sean Parnell