Legislature(2015 - 2016)

2015-02-25 House Journal

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2015-02-25                     House Journal                      Page 0310
HB 126                                                                                                                        
HOUSE BILL NO. 126 by the House Judiciary Committee, entitled:                                                                  
    "An Act relating to the administration of military justice; relating                                                        
    to the adoption of a code of military justice by the adjutant                                                               
    general; relating to the authority of the adjutant general; relating to                                                     
    appeals of convictions and sentences of courts-martial;                                                                     
    establishing the Military Appeals Commission; relating to the                                                               
    detention and incarceration of members of the militia; relating to                                                          

2015-02-25                     House Journal                      Page 0311
    the jurisdiction of the court of appeals; relating to involuntary                                                           
    commitment for evaluation or treatment of a mental disease or                                                               
    defect before court-martial proceedings; and providing for an                                                               
    effective date."                                                                                                            
was read the first time and referred to the House Special Committee on                                                          
Military & Veterans' Affairs and the Judiciary Committee.