Legislature(2015 - 2016)

2016-05-23 House Journal

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2016-05-23                     House Journal                      Page 2955
         appropriations, repealing appropriations, and making                                                                   
         appropriations under Article IX, Section 17(c), Constitution of                                                        
         the State of Alaska, from the constitutional budget reserve                                                            
     2. HB 257 or a similar act relating to making appropriations for                                                           
         the operating and capital expenses of the state's integrated                                                           
         comprehensive mental health program;                                                                                   
     3. SB 138 or a similar act relating to making appropriations,                                                              
         including capital appropriations, reappropriations, and other                                                          
         appropriations; and making appropriations to capitalize funds;                                                         
     4. HB 245 or SB 128 or a similar act relating to the Alaska                                                                
         permanent fund and the earnings reserve account for purposes                                                           
         of a sustainable draw; relating to the Alaska Permanent Fund                                                           
         Dividend; and relating to the Alaska Permanent Fund                                                                    
     5. HB 247 or a similar act relating to interest applicable to                                                              
         delinquent tax; relating to the oil and gas production tax, tax                                                        
         payments, and credits; relating to exploration incentive                                                               
         credits; relating to refunds for the gas storage facility tax                                                          
         credit, the liquefied natural gas storage facility tax credit, and                                                     
         the qualified in-state oil refinery infrastructure expenditures                                                        
         tax credit; relating to the confidential information status and                                                        
         public record status of information in the possession of the                                                           
         Department of Revenue; relating to oil and gas lease                                                                   
         expenditures and production tax credits for municipal entities;                                                        
         requiring a bond or cash deposit with a business license                                                               
         application for an oil or gas business;                                                                                
     6. An act relating to a personal income tax, the motor fuel tax,                                                           
         the excise tax on alcoholic beverages, the mining license tax                                                          
         and fees, the mining exploration incentive tax credit, the                                                             
         fisheries business tax, the fishery resource landing tax, the                                                          
         annual base fee for entry or interim-use permits, the                                                                  
         administration and enforcement of the marijuana tax, and                                                               
         relating to refunds to local governments and to taxes on                                                               
         tobacco products;