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2016-03-16 House Journal

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2016-03-16                     House Journal                      Page 1842
HCR 17                                                                                                                        
The Transportation Committee considered:                                                                                        
    HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 17                                                                                          
    Supporting the aviation industry; and urging the governor to make                                                           
    state-owned land available to the unmanned aircraft systems                                                                 
    industry for the management and operation of unmanned aircraft                                                              
    systems and related research, manufacturing, testing, and training.                                                         
and recommends it be replaced with:                                                                                             
    CS FOR HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 17(TRA)                                                                              
    (same title)                                                                                                                
The report was signed by Representatives Hughes and Foster, Co-                                                                 
chairs, with the following individual recommendations:                                                                          
Do pass (5):  Nageak, Stutes, Claman, Hughes, Foster                                                                            
No recommendation (1):  Ortiz                                                                                                   
The following fiscal note(s) apply to CSHCR 17(TRA):                                                                            

2016-03-16                     House Journal                      Page 1843
1.  Zero, Legislative Agency                                                                                                    
HCR 17 was referred to the Rules Committee for placement on the