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2015-04-13 Senate Journal

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2015-04-13                     Senate Journal                      Page 0948
HB 149                                                                                                                        
The Labor and Commerce Committee considered HOUSE BILL                                                                          
NO. 149 am "An Act relating to an amendment of the articles of                                                                  
incorporation of certain Native corporations to establish a lower                                                               
quorum requirement for shareholder meetings." Signing do pass:                                                                  
Senator Costello, Chair; Senators Giessel, Stevens.                                                                             
The following previously published fiscal information applies:                                                                  
     Fiscal Note No. 1, zero, Department of Commerce, Community                                                                 
      and  Economic Development                                                                                                 
The bill was referred to the Rules Committee.                                                                                   
                        Introduction and Reference of                                                                        
                              Senate Resolutions                                                                             
SCR 12                                                                                                                        
SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 12 BY THE                                                                                      
SENATE COMMUNITY AND REGIONAL AFFAIRS                                                                                           
          Suspending Rules 24(c), 35, 41(b), and 42(e),                                                                         
          Uniform Rules of the Alaska State Legislature,                                                                        
          concerning House Bill No. 146, relating to a                                                                          
          municipal tax exemption for certain subdivided                                                                        
was read the first time and held on the Secretary's desk.                                                                       
SCR 13                                                                                                                        
SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 13 BY SENATOR                                                                                  
              Proposing an amendment to the Uniform Rules of the                                                               
               Alaska State Legislature relating to voting and                                                                 
          abstention from voting.                                                                                               
was read the first time and referred to the State Affairs and Judiciary