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2016-05-14 Senate Journal

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2016-05-14                     Senate Journal                      Page 2802
HB 247                                                                                                                        
2d CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 247(RLS) am BY THE HOUSE                                                                               
RULES COMMITTEE, entitled:                                                                                                      
               "An Act amending the powers of the board of                                                                      
               trustees of the Alaska Retirement                                                                                
               Management Board to authorize purchase and                                                                       
               sale of transferable tax credit certificates                                                                     
               issued in conjunction with the production tax                                                                    
               on oil and gas; relating to interest applicable                                                                  
               to delinquent tax; relating to the oil and gas                                                                   
               production tax, tax payments, and credits;                                                                       
               relating to exploration incentive credits;                                                                       
               relating to refunds for the gas storage facility                                                                 
               tax credit, the liquefied natural gas storage                                                                    
               facility tax credit, and the qualified in-state                                                                  
               oil refinery infrastructure expenditures tax                                                                     
               credit; relating to the confidential information                                                                 
               status and public record status of information                                                                   
               in the possession of the Department of                                                                           
               Revenue; relating to oil and gas lease                                                                           
               expenditures and production tax credits for                                                                      
               municipal entities; requiring a bond or cash                                                                     
               deposit with a business license application for                                                                  
               an oil or gas business; establishing a                                                                           
               legislative working group to study the fiscal                                                                    
               regime and tax structure and rates for oil and                                                                   
               gas produced south of 68 degrees North                                                                           
               latitude; and providing for an effective date."                                                                 
was read the first time and referred to the Finance Committee.