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2015-04-01 Senate Journal

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2015-04-01                     Senate Journal                      Page 0760
HJR 4                                                                                                                         
SENATE CS FOR HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 4(RES)                                                                                 
Urging the United States Congress to provide a means for consistently                                                           
and equitably sharing with all oil and gas producing states adjacent to                                                         
federal outer continental shelf areas a portion of revenue generated                                                            
from oil and gas development on the outer continental shelf to ensure                                                           
that those states develop necessary infrastructure to support outer                                                             
continental shelf development and preserve environmental integrity;                                                             
urging the United States Congress to reject any proposal to divert or                                                           
otherwise reduce revenue sharing to the coastal states and their                                                                
political subdivisions under the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act                                                             
of 2006; and urging the President of the United States to direct, to the                                                        
maximum extent possible, federal funds received from outer                                                                      
continental shelf development, and not dedicated to states or other                                                             
federal programs, to federal infrastructure in the affected states, was                                                         
engrossed, signed by the President and Secretary and returned to the                                                            
House for consideration.