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2017-06-16 House Journal

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2017-06-16                     House Journal                      Page 1660
     Lord, today may we be open to others' ideas and beliefs,                                                                   
     respectful of our differences, not threatened by them.  May we                                                             
     grow in understanding of our own motives, knowing that                                                                     
     people often act out of their own fears.  May we be a force for                                                            
     replacing fear with insight, helping us all to be patient and                                                              
     kind as we talk.  Strength, real strength, can always find                                                                 
     compromise.  Working together may we find a common                                                                         
     ground; enable us to move forward with a shared purpose.                                                                   
     May we see what is truly important and unites us, focusing on                                                              
     that, to banish road blocks of ego and fear.  Today, may we be                                                             
     open to others' ideas and beliefs.  Amen.                                                                                  
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Representative Reinbold.                                                                    
                        MESSAGES FROM THE GOVERNOR                                                                           
The following Governor's proclamation dated June 16 was read:                                                                   
"Under the authority of Article II, Section 9, and Article III, Section                                                         
17, Constitution of the State of Alaska, and in the public interest, I call                                                     
the Thirtieth Legislature of the State of Alaska into its second special                                                        
session at the legislative chambers in Juneau, Alaska, at 1:00 p.m., on                                                         
June 16, 2017, to consider passage of the following bill:                                                                       
     1. SCS CSHB 57(FIN) am H - An Act making appropriations                                                                    
         for the operating and loan program expenses of state                                                                   
         government and for certain programs; capitalizing funds;                                                               
         repealing appropriations; making supplemental appropriations                                                           
         and reappropriations; making appropriations under art. IX,                                                             
         sec. 17(c), Constitution of the State of Alaska, from the                                                              
         constitutional budget reserve fund; and providing for an                                                               
         effective date.                                                                                                        
Dated this 16 day of June, 2017                                                                                                 
Time:  11:17 a.m.                                                                                                               
                                                  Bill Walker