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2017-06-27 House Journal

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2017-06-27                     House Journal                      Page 1703
HB 57                                                                                                                         
The following memorandum dated June 26 was received from Laura                                                                  
Duval, Enrolling Secretary, Division of Legal and Research Services,                                                            

2017-06-27                     House Journal                      Page 1704
    CONFERENCE CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 57                                                                                         
    "An Act making appropriations for the operating and loan                                                                    
    program expenses of state government and for certain programs;                                                              
    capitalizing funds; repealing appropriations; making supplemental                                                           
    appropriations and reappropriations; making appropriations under                                                            
    art. IX, sec. 17(c), Constitution of the State of Alaska, from the                                                          
    constitutional budget reserve fund; and providing for an effective                                                          
"In accordance with Rule 43, Uniform Rules of the Alaska State                                                                  
Legislature, I am reporting the following manifest errors in CCS                                                                
HB 57, which have been corrected in enrolling:                                                                                  
Page 94, line 1, following "SECS.":                                                                                             
    Insert "1 - 4 AND"                                                                                                          
Page 94, line 2, following "secs.":                                                                                             
    Insert "1 - 4 and"                                                                                                          
Page 94, line 4, following "secs.":                                                                                             
    Insert "1 - 4 and"                                                                                                          
Page 104, line 16, following "fund":                                                                                            
    Insert "(AS 37.14.700)"                                                                                                     
Page 116, line 9:                                                                                                               
    Delete "$9,671,508"                                                                                                         
    Insert "$9,404,219"                                                                                                         
Page 117, line 15, following the second occurrence of "the":                                                                    
    Insert "special"                                                                                                            
Page 117, line 16, following the second occurrence of "the":                                                                    
    Insert "special"                                                                                                            
Page 123, line 3:                                                                                                               
    Delete "41(a) - (d) and (g)"                                                                                                
    Insert "41(a), (b), (d), and (h)"                                                                                           

2017-06-27                     House Journal                      Page 1705
Page 123, line 4:                                                                                                               
    Delete "41(e) and (f)"                                                                                                      
    Insert "41(f) and (g)""