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2018-03-07 House Journal

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2018-03-07                     House Journal                      Page 2635
HB 79                                                                                                                         
The Speaker stated that, without objection, the following, which was                                                            
advanced to third reading from the March 5 calendar (page 2605),                                                                
would be held to the March 9 calendar:                                                                                          

2018-03-07                     House Journal                      Page 2636
    CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 79(FIN)                                                                                               
    "An Act relating to workers' compensation; relating to the second                                                           
    injury fund; relating to service fees and civil penalties for the                                                           
    workers' safety programs and the workers' compensation program;                                                             
    relating to the liability of business entities and certain persons for                                                      
    payment of workers' compensation benefits and civil penalties;                                                              
    relating to civil penalties for underinsuring or failing to insure or                                                       
    provide security for workers' compensation liability; relating to                                                           
    preauthorization and timely payment for medical treatment and                                                               
    services provided to injured employees; relating to incorporation                                                           
    of reference materials in workers' compensation regulations;                                                                
    relating to proceedings before the Alaska Workers' Compensation                                                             
    Board; relating to the authorization of the workers' compensation                                                           
    benefits guaranty fund to claim a lien; excluding independent                                                               
    contractors from workers' compensation coverage; establishing the                                                           
    circumstances under which certain nonemployee executive                                                                     
    corporate officers and members of limited liability companies may                                                           
    obtain workers' compensation coverage; relating to the duties of                                                            
    injured employees to report income or work; relating to                                                                     
    misclassification of employees and deceptive leasing; defining                                                              
    'employee'; relating to the Alaska Workers' Compensation Board's                                                            
    approval of attorney fees in a settlement agreement; and providing                                                          
    for an effective date."