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2018-04-30 House Journal

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2018-04-30                     House Journal                      Page 3499
SB 155                                                                                                                        
The following was read the second time:                                                                                         
    CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 155(FIN)                                                                                             
    "An Act relating to the registration and regulation of real estate                                                          
    appraisal management companies; relating to the establishment of                                                            
    fees by the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic                                                                 
    Development; relating to the Board of Certified Real Estate                                                                 
    Appraisers; relating to real estate appraisers; and providing for an                                                        
    effective date."                                                                                                            
with the:                                                  Journal Page                                                         
 L&C RPT HCS(L&C) 2DP 1DNP 4NR 3005                                                                                             
 FN2: (CED) 3006                                                                                                                
 FIN RPT HCS(L&C) 4DP 2DNP 4NR 3235                                                                                             
 FN2: (CED) 3236                                                                                                                
Representative Tuck moved and asked unanimous consent that the                                                                  
following committee substitute be adopted in lieu of the original bill:                                                         
    HOUSE CS FOR CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 155(L&C)                                                                                
    (same title)                                                                                                                
There being no objection, it was so ordered.                                                                                    
Amendment No. 1 was offered  by Representative Guttenberg:                                                                       
Page 6, following line 20:                                                                                                      
    Insert a new section to read:                                                                                               
         "Sec. 08.87.142. Statement of fees. (a) When reporting to a                                                          
    client, an appraisal management company shall separately state                                                              
    the fees                                                                                                                    

2018-04-30                     House Journal                      Page 3500
             (1)  paid to an appraiser for the completion of an                                                                 
    appraisal; and                                                                                                              
             (2)  charged to the client for appraisal management                                                                
    services by the appraisal management company.                                                                               
         (b)  An appraisal management company may not                                                                           
             (1)  prohibit an appraiser from recording in the body of                                                           
    the report submitted by the appraiser to the appraisal management                                                           
    company the fee that the appraiser was paid by the appraisal                                                                
    management company; or                                                                                                      
             (2)  include any fees for appraisal services listed in (a)(1)                                                      
    of this section as charges for an appraisal management service                                                              
    listed in (a)(2) of this section."                                                                                          
Representative Guttenberg moved and asked unanimous consent that                                                                
Amendment No. 1 be adopted.                                                                                                     
Representative Wilson objected.                                                                                                 
The question being:  "Shall Amendment No. 1 be adopted?"  The roll                                                              
was taken with the following result:                                                                                            
HCS CSSB 155(L&C)                                                                                                               
Second Reading                                                                                                                  
Amendment No. 1                                                                                                                 
YEAS:  21   NAYS:  17   EXCUSED:  2   ABSENT:  0                                                                              
Yeas:  Claman, Drummond, Edgmon, Foster, Gara, Guttenberg,                                                                      
Josephson, Kawasaki, Kreiss-Tomkins, LeDoux, Lincoln, Ortiz,                                                                    
Parish, Pruitt, Reinbold, Seaton, Spohnholz, Stutes, Tarr, Tuck,                                                                
Nays:  Birch, Chenault, Eastman, Grenn, Johnson, Johnston, Kito,                                                                
Kopp, Millett, Neuman, Rauscher, Saddler, Sullivan-Leonard,                                                                     
Talerico, Tilton, Wilson, Wool                                                                                                  
Excused:  Knopp, Thompson                                                                                                       
And so, Amendment No. 1 was adopted.                                                                                            
Representative Tuck moved and asked unanimous consent that HCS                                                                  
CSSB 155(FIN) am H be considered engrossed, advanced to third                                                                   
reading, and placed on final passage.                                                                                           

2018-04-30                     House Journal                      Page 3501
There was objection.                                                                                                            
HCS CSSB 155(FIN) am H will advance to third reading on                                                                         
tomorrow's calendar.