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  HOUSE BILL 106                                                               
       "An Act relating  to art in public  places requirements                 
       and the art in public places fund."                                     
  SYBIL DAVIS, SELF,  JUNEAU, testified in support  of keeping                 
  the  1%  for art.   Representative  Parnell asked  if public                 
  buildings   had  been  funded  for  art   prior  to  the  1%                 
  allocation.  Ms. Davis  responded that the 1% for  art would                 
  insure  that some aspect of  aesthetics would be placed into                 
  each  public  facility  which  did   not  exist  before  the                 
  mandatory allocation.                                                        
  CORDOVA, urged the Committee not to  pass HB 106 and pleaded                 
  for continued support of art in public places.                               
  FAIRBANKS, echoed that art daily  enriches peoples lives who                 
  use public buildings.  She urged  the Committee to not adopt                 
  HB 106.                                                                      
  Representative  Brown referenced the summary of an amendment                 
  to HB  106.   [Attachment #1].   The  amendment provides  an                 
  alternative approach  which would  offer the private  sector                 
  incentives to fund the Percent for Art Program.  She pointed                 
  out her support of  the current program, noting that  it has                 
  been   important   and  valuable.      Representative  Brown                 
  recommended using another approach which  would work the art                 
  percentage  into the bidding process, while emphasizing that                 
  the  amendment  would provide  greater accountability.   All                 
  Percent for Art Funds would be  disbursed through the Art in                 
  Public Places Fund, making it easier  to track and report on                 
  procurement activity.  Because so  many departments now have                 
  construction authority,  the current  process makes it  very                 
  difficult to track  projects and compliance.   The amendment                 
  would solve that problem.                                                    
  DIRECTOR, ALASKA COUNCIL  ON THE  ARTS, ANCHORAGE, spoke  to                 
  the bid  preference approach.   He noted that  the amendment                 
  does  have  merit  and warrants  consideration  by  the Arts                 
  Council.   He requested  that the  amendment be referred  to                 
  subcommittee in order  to provide more time  to consider the                 
  effects.  He elaborated that members of the Arts Council are                 
  currently  being  elected  and the  issue  deserves  the new                 
  body's consideration.                                                        
  Mr.  Wilson  commented  that  the  proposed amendment  would                 
  effect  how  the  Percent  for   Art  procurement  would  be                 
  implemented.  He  noted that currently, 75% of  all projects                 
  for public art are done by Alaskan artists and that there is                 
  preference given to  Alaskan artists.  That  percentage rate                 
  was  based on the  actual executions of  commissions and not                 
  the income generated.                                                        
  Representative Martin voiced his  legal concerns in limiting                 
  the program to  only Alaskan artists.   Representative Brown                 
  advised that the  amendment did  not represent any  interest                 
  group and that she provided the  changes as suggested in the                 
  amendment  in  order  to  save   the  program  although  she                 
  supported the current program.                                               
  Mr.  Wilson noted  before the 1%  art allocation  funding in                 
  public   buildings,   there   was   little   activity    and                 
  participation in the  arts.  The  law has provided a  public                 
  art   incentive  and   with  extra  attention   provided  to                 
  participate  by  municipalities  and  corporations  in   the                 
  private sector.                                                              

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