Legislature(2003 - 2004)

03/12/2003 01:44 PM FIN

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 HOUSE BILL NO. 75                                                                                                            
      An Act making appropriations for the operating  and loan                                                                  
      program  expenses  of  state  government,  for   certain                                                                  
      programs,    and    to    capitalize    funds;    making                                                                  
      appropriations under art.  IX, sec. 17(c), Constitution                                                                   
      of the State of  Alaska, from the constitutional  budget                                                                  
     reserve fund; and providing for an effective date.                                                                         
 Co-Chair Harris  stated that  SS HB  75 was  the new  amended                                                                  
 version, which the  Governor had proposed  for the operating                                                                   
 budget.  He advised  that it would  now be available for  the                                                                  
 subcommittees to discuss in full detail.                                                                                       
 SS HB 75 was HELD in Committee for further consideration.                                                                      

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