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CS SB 311(JUD)(efd fld)                                                                                                         
          An  Act   providing  for  a  special   deposit  for                                                                   
          workers'  compensation  insurers;  relating to  the                                                                   
          board   of  governors   of  the  Alaska   Insurance                                                                   
          Guaranty  Association;  stating the  intent of  the                                                                   
          legislature,    and   setting   out    limitations,                                                                   
          concerning  the interpretation,  construction,  and                                                                   
          implementation   of  workers'  compensation   laws;                                                                   
          relating  to  restructuring   the  Alaska  workers'                                                                   
          compensation   system;   eliminating   the   Alaska                                                                   
          Workers'   Compensation   Board;   establishing   a                                                                   
          division   of  workers'  compensation   within  the                                                                   
          Department  of Labor and Workforce  Development and                                                                   
          assigning  certain   Alaska  Workers'  Compensation                                                                   
          Board functions to the  division and the Department                                                                   
          of Labor and Workforce  Development; establishing a                                                                   
          Workers'    Compensation     Appeals    Commission;                                                                   
          assigning certain functions  of the Alaska Workers'                                                                   
          Compensation  Board  to the  Workers'  Compensation                                                                   
          Appeals  Commission and  the Workers'  Compensation                                                                   
          Hearings   Board;  relating   to  agreements   that                                                                   
          discharge    workers'    compensation    liability;                                                                   
          providing for hearing  examiners and hearing panels                                                                   
          in workers'  compensation proceedings;  relating to                                                                   
          workers'   compensation  awards;  relating   to  an                                                                   
          employer's  failure to insure  and keep  insured or                                                                   
          provide   security;  providing  for   appeals  from                                                                   
          compensation    orders;   relating    to   workers'                                                                   
          compensation  proceedings;  providing  for  supreme                                                                   
          court  jurisdiction  of appeals  from the  Workers'                                                                   
          Compensation  Appeals Commission;  providing  for a                                                                   
          maximum  amount for  the cost-of-living  adjustment                                                                   
          for workers'  compensation benefits;  providing for                                                                   
          administrative  penalties  for employers  uninsured                                                                   
          or   without   adequate   security   for   workers'                                                                   
          compensation;  and relating to assigned  risk pools                                                                   
          and insurers.                                                                                                         
          CS  SB  311(JUD)(efd  fld) was  SCHEDULED  but  not                                                                   

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