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01:36:15 PM HB83
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Heard & Held
-- Public Testimony --
Heard & Held
-- Public Testimony --
1:30 - 3:00 pm Juneau Public Testimony
3:00 - 3:45 pm Bethel, Kotzebue, Barrow,
Nome, Delta Junction, Offnets
4:00 - 5:30 pm Fairbanks
- Public Testimony limited to 2 min. each
- Please arrive 15 min. prior to end of
allotted time or Testimony will be closed
HB  81-APPROP: OPERATING BUDGET/LOANS/FUNDS                                                                                     
HB  83-APPROP: MENTAL HEALTH BUDGET                                                                                             
     Statewide Public Testimony                                                                                                 
The  following  overview was  taken  in  log  note  format.                                                                     
Handouts will be  on file with the  House Finance Committee                                                                     
through  the 26th  Legislative  Session, contact  465-6814.                                                                     
After the  26th Legislative Session they will  be available                                                                     
through the Legislative Library at 465-3808.                                                                                    
TIME        SPEAKER         DISCUSSION                                                                                      
1:36:15 PM                  JUNEAU                                                                                            
1:40:46 PM  Dorothy  Green, Urged support for behavioral health                                                               
            Director,       services grants, which were reduced                                                                 
            Polaris House   by  43 percent from  the governor's                                                                 
                            proposed increment. She  urged full                                                                 
                            funding for  mental health services                                                                 
                            and   substance  abuse   grants  as                                                                 
                            submitted by the Governor.                                                                        
1:45:56 PM  Scott  Ciambor, Testified in  support of affordable                                                               
            United Way of housing in Southeast Alaska.                                                                        
1:48:43 PM  Matt     Felix, Testified in support of funding for                                                               
            National        alcohol   treatment  programs.   He                                                                 
            Council      on emphasized that the needs are so                                                                    
            Alcoholism      great for this program that there is                                                                
                            no   wasted  money.  He   spoke  in                                                                 
                            appreciation    of   Representative                                                                 
                            Joule's support.                                                                                  
1:51:29 PM Carl       Rose, Spoke in support of funding for K-12                                                              
            Executive       education programs. The school's                                                                    
            Director,       promise is to improve quality                                                                       
            Association  of statewide,  but  this takes  money.                                                                 
            Alaska   School There is a need for early childhood                                                                 
            Boards          financial    help   and    training                                                                 
                            innovation for the future.                                                                        
1:56:18 PM  Representative  Asked  about  reductions to  school                                                               
            Gara            services. He noted that school                                                                      
                            districts have  indicated  that the                                                                 
                            $100 increase  to the  student base                                                                 
                            allocation will not be sufficient to                                                                
                            prevent  reductions  for  districts                                                                 
                            that are not getting extra funds for                                                                
                            cost  differentials. He  questioned                                                                 
                            what would be  needed to hold those                                                                 
                            districts   (such   as   Anchorage)                                                                 
1:58:10 PM Carl Rose        Noted that the only way the                                                                       
                            Anchorage  School   District  could                                                                 
                            benefit would be through an increase                                                                
                            in the base student allocation. The                                                                 
                            foundation formula  is  designed to                                                                 
                            distribute funds  across the state.                                                                 
                            The  Anchorage  school district  is                                                                 
                            also   the   largest  provider   of                                                                 
                            intensive needs.  In response  to a                                                                 
                            question  by,  Representative Gara,                                                                 
                            Mr. Rose noted that Anchorage is the                                                                
                            base at 1.0.                                                                                      
1:58:40 PM  Cathy  Johnson, Urged support for behavioral health                                                               
            Board        of services grants. She spoke in                                                                       
            Directors       support of full funding for the                                                                     
            Aware Shelter   Council  on  Domestic Violence  and                                                               
                             Sexual Assault.                                                                                  
 2:00:27 PM Co-Chair         He did not believe the base for                                                                  
             Hawker          behavior health grants were being                                                                  
 2:00:44 PM Vice-Chair       Questioned if there was a spike in                                                               
             Thomas          domestic    violence    when    the                                                                
                             Kensington mine was shut.                                                                        
 2:01:16 PM  Cathy Johnson   Felt that lost jobs and homelessness                                                             
                             leads    to    domestic    violence                                                                
                             throughout the state.                                                                            
 2:01:48 PM Vice-Chair       Wanted    to     emphasize     that                                                              
             Thomas          unemployment is one of the greatest                                                                
                             problems   leading   to    domestic                                                                
 2:02:25 PM  Representative  Asked for clarification of the $1.7                                                              
             Austerman       million cut in behavioral grant                                                                    
                             programs and if this included in the                                                               
 2:02:55 PM Co-Chair         Clarified that the base was left                                                                 
             Hawker          intact. There was a request to                                                                     
                             increase the base by $1.75 million;                                                                
                             $1  million  of  the  increase  was                                                                
                             accepted. There  was a  43  percent                                                                
                             reduction of the requested increase,                                                               
                             not a reduction from the base.                                                                   
 2:03:45 PM Brad      Cure, Urged support for behavioral health                                                               
             resident        services grants. He urged full                                                                     
                             funding for mental  health services                                                                
                             and spoke in personal terms of loss                                                                
                             of friend who did not get  the help                                                                
 2:06:11 PM Joy       Lyon, Spoke in support of funding for K-12                                                              
             Alaska          education programs. She observed                                                                   
             Association     that 1 in 88 Alaskans are in prison,                                                               
             for      Young which reflects the need to help                                                                     
           Children        children succeed early.                                                                            
 2:08:48 PM  Pamela  Watts,  Urged support for behavioral health                                                              
             Administrator,  services grants.  Community  mental                                                                
             Juneau          health statewide is struggling with                                                                
             Alliance   for long waiting periods for help.                                                                    
             Mental Health                                                                                                      
 2:10:50 PM  Representative  Asked if grants are  different from                                                              
             Gara            the earlier $1.75 million increment.                                                             
 2:11:12 PM  Pamela Watts    Understood  that   there  are   two                                                              
                             increments:  substance  abuse   and                                                                
                             mental health; each was  reduced to                                                                
                             $1 million.                                                                                      
 2:11:39 PM Walter           Urged support for behavioral health                                                              
             Majores,        services grants. He stressed the                                                                   
             Executive       need for full funding for mental                                                                   
             Director,       health services and substance abuse                                                                
             Juneau   Youth  grants as submitted by the Governor.                                                             
            Services        He indicated programs were losing                                                                   
                            staff and running a deficit.                                                                      
2:14:44 PM Vice-Chair       Pointed out there is a difference                                                                 
            Thomas          between cuts to the base and                                                                        
                            increments that were not accepted in                                                                
2:15:49 PM Tina Young       Urged support for behavioral health                                                               
                            services grants. She has young child                                                                
                            in  need of  professional help  and                                                                 
                            fears a loss  of funding will hurt.                                                                 
                            She stressed that there are children                                                                
                            in community that are in need.                                                                    
2:17:41 PM  Mandy    O'Neil Spoke in support of full funding for                                                              
            Cole,    Direct the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                                
            Services        Sexual Assault. She pointed to                                                                      
            Manager,        overwhelming needs in the community                                                                 
            Aware, Inc.     as money continues to be decreased.                                                                 
                            The $1.2 million hardly keeps pace,                                                                 
                            and  does not  help  to move  these                                                                 
                            programs forward.                                                                                 
2:20:28 PM  Andi     Story, Stressed  the  importance  of  high                                                               
            Member,  Juneau quality  education   to  employers.                                                                 
            School Board    Spoke in support of funding for K-12                                                                
                            education programs.  She maintained                                                                 
                            that increase funding is not keeping                                                                
                            pace with  the costs  of education.                                                                 
                            Schools need highly skilled teachers                                                                
                            with good pay. She pointed out that                                                                 
                            arts  are  being  cut and  size  of                                                                 
                            classes increased with less money.                                                                
2:25:25 PM  Jayne  Andreen, Expressed support  for  the Obesity                                                               
            President,   AK Prevention and Control program. She                                                                 
            Public   Health noted that Alaska is experiencing an                                                                
            Association     epidemic of obesity among the young                                                                 
                            and adults.  She added that  27% of                                                                 
                            high school students are overweight.                                                                
                            Alaska is spending over $200 million                                                                
                            in obesity issues.                                                                                
2:29:34 PM  Louise  Galvan, Urged support for behavioral health                                                               
            Polaris House   services  grants and  mental health                                                                 
                            services. She revealed  it was hard                                                                 
                            to  get services  in  the area  and                                                                 
                            noted long waits for appointments.                                                                
2:32:27 PM  Mary    Hakala, Spoke in support of funding for K-12                                                              
            parent          education programs. She spoke in                                                                    
                            support  of funding  for vocational                                                                 
                            education training  programs. These                                                                 
                            programs have been forced out of the                                                                
                            school system. She noted the need to                                                                
                            promote stimulation in the minds of                                                                 
                            the young.                                                                                        
2:35:54 PM  Carol   Comeau, Thanked  members  for increases  in                                                               
            Superintendentsome    programs  recommended by  the                                                               
             ,    Anchorage  Education Funding  Task Force.  She                                                                
             School          spoke in support of the initiative                                                                 
             District        to reverse childhood obesity trends                                                                
                             and Dr.  Butler's work.  She  noted                                                                
                             good  health   influences   student                                                                
 2:37:49 PM Co-Chair         Thanked Ms. Comeau on her help with                                                              
             Hawker          the obesity program in the schools.                                                                
                             Appreciated the  well  thought  out                                                                
                             plan for helping children.                                                                       
 2:38:55 PM  Carol Comeau    Noted that  she wanted to  continue                                                              
                             working with the  state. She  noted                                                                
                             that school districts do not see the                                                               
                             benefit in daylight savings time and                                                               
                             would like to return to 1980s time,                                                                
                             prior  to   the  present   daylight                                                                
                             savings time.                                                                                    
 2:40:10 PM Vice-Chair       Questioned what school districts are                                                             
             Thomas          doing to reduce the drop out rate.                                                               
 2:40:24 PM  Carol Comeau    In Anchorage, with increase funding,                                                             
                             the goal is to  hire new graduation                                                                
                             coaches. She stressed that the need                                                                
                             for  more   help  with   vocational                                                                
                             education programs and pointed  out                                                                
                             that  school  needs   to  be   more                                                                
                             stimulating for children.                                                                        
 2:41:50 PM Vice-Chair       Would like to see the program moving                                                             
             Thomas          toward changing the drop-out rate.                                                               
 2:43:13 PM AT EASE                                                                                                           
 3:08:24 PM RECONVENED                                                                                                        
                             BETHEL,  KOTZEBUE,  BARROW,   NOME,                                                              
                             DELTA JUNCTION, OFFNETS                                                                       
 3:08:56 PM Nancy            Urged support for the Board of                                                                   
             Mendenhall,     Regent's  increment   request   for                                                                
             Chair,          Energy  Engineering   and   Climate                                                                
             Cooperative     Change program, which was removed by                                                               
             Extension       the subcommittee. There is a need to                                                               
             Advisory        assist households with energy costs.                                                               
             Council, Nome   This is part of the outreach program                                                               
                             in the  University. She  emphasized                                                                
                             that they  are  looking for  better                                                                
                             outreach and communication with the                                                                
                             rural villages.                                                                                  
 3:13:23 PM  Maureen Nolan,  Spoke in support of funding for the                                                              
             Early Learning  Infant Learning  Program  and  K-12                                                                
             and     Family education programs. She believed all                                                                
             Program,        programs for the young will be                                                                     
             Kotzebue        beneficial.                                                                                      
 3:14:51 PM  Representative  He asked  what  was in  the  infant                                                              
             Gara            learning program. He wanted to know                                                                
                             what the program did.                                                                            
 3:15:27 PM  Maureen Nolan   She  explained   that  the   Infant                                                              
                            Learning   Program  is   an   early                                                                 
                            learning  and  intervention program                                                                 
                            such as physical therapy.                                                                         
3:16:11 PM  Representative  He asked if  this was for more than                                                               
            Gara            children with disabilities.                                                                       
3:16:32 PM  Maureen Nolan   Explained that the children that are                                                              
                            targeted will need  extra help, but                                                                 
                            all children receive screening, such                                                                
                            as    vision   screening,   reading                                                                 
                            programs,   as    well   as   early                                                                 
3:17:52 PM  Thor  Williams, Spoke in support of funding for K-12                                                              
            Bethel          education programs. He urged funding                                                                
                            for  public   safety  and  juvenile                                                                 
                            justice programs. He emphasized the                                                                 
                            need for full  the VPSO program and                                                                 
                            funding for  mental health services                                                                 
                            and substance abuse grants.                                                                       
3:19:24 PM  Monica  Charles Spoke in support of full funding for                                                              
            Leinberger,     the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                                
            Bethel          Sexual   Assault.  Supported   more                                                                 
                            funding for  housing for  women and                                                                 
                            children in need. She noted that the                                                                
                            need for night shelters is growing.                                                               
3:21:11 PM Co-Chair         Indicated they were looking for                                                                   
            Hawker          alternative funding.                                                                              
3:21:29 PM Michelle         She believed the governor's increase                                                              
            Dewitt,         was well justified.                                                                               
3:22:40 PM Dan              Urged support of revenue sharing for                                                              
            Leinberger,     rural communities.                                                                                
            Vice Mayor of                                                                                                       
3:23:25 PM Co-Chair         Noted that revenue sharing was fully                                                              
            Hawker          funded.                                                                                           
3:23:40 PM  Dan Leinberger  Wanted expansion  for all  users of                                                               
                            energy in  Alaska. He  testified in                                                                 
                            support  of  full funding  for  the                                                                 
                            Power Cost Equalization Program.                                                                  
3:24:30 PM Co-Chair         Observed that PCE was fully funded                                                                
            Hawker          at $32 million.                                                                                   
3:24:50 PM  Dan Leinberger  Spoke of HB 310 that included money                                                               
                            for  service patrol, which  was not                                                                 
                            included in this year's budget. This                                                                
                            project may have  to be terminated.                                                                 
                            He urged the committee to find other                                                                
                            funding sources. He understood there                                                                
                            was  a funding  cut for  ADA and  a                                                               
                             director position and urged this to                                                                
                             be  changed.  He   also  spoke   of                                                                
                             business license fees being cut  in                                                                
                             half and  urged reinstating  higher                                                                
                             fees for funding source.                                                                         
 3:28:39 PM Alvin        B. Observed that the work in the                                                                     
             Jimmie,    Sr.  villages by  village public  safety                                                                
             VPSO            officers is difficult and there has                                                                
             Coordinator,    been  a   lot   of   burn-out.   He                                                                
             Bethel          encouraged more money to increase                                                                  
                             the number of village public safety                                                                
                             officers in the villages.                                                                        
 3:31:58 PM Co-Chair         Appreciated this information because                                                             
             Hawker          of his concern for lack of public                                                                  
                             safety in the villages.                                                                          
 3:32:48 PM Co-Chair         Agreed that this is a challenging                                                                
             Stoltze         problem in Alaska. There is a                                                                      
                             commitment for more hearings during                                                                
                             the summer  to try  to improve  the                                                                
                             VPSO program. The  goal is to  hire                                                                
                             good people with great training.                                                                 
 3:35:33 PM  Ann  Applebee,  Thanked the governor's increment for                                                             
             Board,  Infant  a $2 million increase in the Infant                                                                
             Learning        Learning Program and encouraged that                                                               
             Program,        this be kept in by the legislature.                                                                
             Bethel          She observed the difficulty in                                                                     
                             recruiting good people to Bethel.                                                                
 3:37:32 PM Co-Chair         Observed that the money has been                                                                 
             Hawker          kept in the budget.                                                                              
 3:37:49 PM Elizabeth        Spoke in support of full funding for                                                             
             Roll,     Dr., the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                                
             President   of  Sexual  Assault.   She   noted   an                                                                
             Tundra Woman's  increase in domestic violence due to                                                               
             Coalition,      the hard economic times. She spoke                                                                 
             Bethel          in   support  of   the   governor's                                                                
                             increment.  She  agreed  the  VPSOs                                                                
                             offer a great  deal of help in  the                                                                
 3:40:16 PM  Representative  Questioned what would happen if more                                                             
             Gara            money was given or what would not                                                                  
                             happen  if  there  was  less  money                                                                
 3:40:58 PM Dr. Roll         Observed that the greatest problem                                                               
                             is the lack  of staff and the  need                                                                
                             for help with paying general bills,                                                                
                             such as  energy  and  housing.  She                                                                
                             noted that  Bethel has the  largest                                                                
                             domestic abuse in the country.                                                                   
 3:42:41 PM  Representative  Noted that the integration back into                                                             
             Herron          the community of those who have                                                                    
                             served  overseas  is   increasingly                                                                
 3:43:51 PM  Carol Piscoya,  Thanked   the    legislature    for                                                              
            Norton    Sound services.  She   agreed   that  the                                                                 
            Health          integration of National guardsmen                                                                   
            Corporation,    going  overseas returning  home has                                                                 
            Nome            been a problem. She urged support                                                                   
                            for   behavioral  health   services                                                                 
                            grants and  encouraged more support                                                                 
                            for  VPSO  funding.  She  requested                                                                 
                            upgrade and educational training for                                                                
                            technical systems in the area.                                                                    
3:50:15 PM  Louisa   Riley, Spoke in support of full funding for                                                              
            Chair       for the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                                
            North     Slope Sexual  Assault.  She  acknowledged                                                                 
            Shelter,        that funding covers the minimum, but                                                                
            Barrow          stressed that the need is great.                                                                    
                            There are  an increasing  number of                                                                 
                            victims that need shelter and care,                                                                 
                            and   without  funding   they  will                                                                 
3:52:41 PM  Ginny    Walch, Spoke of the great need for help for                                                              
            Barrow          those needing help. Spoke in support                                                                
                            of full funding  for the Council on                                                                 
                            Domestic   Violence    and   Sexual                                                                 
3:54:13 PM Carolyn          Spoke in support of full funding for                                                              
            Sholley,        the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                                
            Counselor   for Sexual  Assault.  She   urged  more                                                                 
            Arctic    Women support for  staffing and  help for                                                                 
            in      Crisis, women and children.                                                                               
3:55:43 PM  Rosie  Saganna, Spoke in support of full funding for                                                              
            Counselor,      the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                                
            Barrow          Sexual Assault.                                                                                   
3:56:35 PM  Cheryl   Humme, Spoke in support of full funding for                                                              
            Barrow          the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                                
                            Sexual Assault. She spoke in support                                                                
                            of healthy  families for Alaska and                                                                 
                            urged support for behavioral health                                                                 
                            services grants.  She stressed that                                                                 
                            without funding  many services will                                                                 
                            have to shut down.                                                                                
3:58:42 PM  Jan  Wrentmore, Spoke   in   support  for   tourism                                                               
            Skagway         funding. She indicated tourism is                                                                   
                            down  this  summer  and  the  great                                                                 
                            impact   it  will   have  on   many                                                                 
4:00:10 PM Co-Chair         Agreed that tourism revenue will be                                                               
            Hawker          down this summer and agreed of its                                                                  
4:01:18 PM AT EASE                                                                                                            
4:09:30 PM RECONVENED                                                                                                         
 4:11:02 PM  Kara   Carlson  Spoke in support of full funding for                                                             
             Interior    AK  the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                               
             Canter     for Sexual Assault. She in support of a                                                                 
             Non-Violent     raised minimum wage.                                                                             
 4:13:37 PM  Don Billings    Urged full funding for mental health                                                             
             National        services and substance abuse grants                                                                
             Alliance   for  as submitted  by  the Governor.  He                                                                
             the   Mentally  requested  support   for   families                                                                
             Ill, Fairbanks  facing  mental  health  issues  and                                                                
                             urged support for behavioral health                                                                
                             services grants.                                                                                 
 4:20:51 PM Dick Farris      Urged support for behavioral health                                                              
             National        services grants.                                                                                 
             Alliance   for                                                                                                     
             the   Mentally                                                                                                     
             Ill, Fairbanks                                                                                                     
 4:21:55 PM Co-Chair         Pointed out that there have been no                                                              
             Hawker          cuts to the base level in the mental                                                               
                             health budget.                                                                                   
 4:22:33 PM Val Dewey        Urged support for behavioral health                                                              
             For-Get-Me-Not  services   grants   and   requested                                                                
             Inc.,           support for mentally ill adults in                                                                 
             Fairbanks       particular. She stressed the need to                                                               
                             pass SB 21, funding  tuition relief                                                                
                             for  mental  health   providers  in                                                                
                             Northern AK, and to renegotiate gold                                                               
                             royalty rates to fund an endowment.                                                              
 4:26:12 PM Co-Chair         Wondered   about   the    mentioned                                                              
             Hawker          document.                                                                                        
 4:26:34 PM Shayle           Spoke in support of full funding for                                                             
             Hutchison       the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                               
             Weed  &  Seed,  Sexual   Assault.   She   requested                                                                
             Fairbanks       competitive  wages   for   domestic                                                                
                             violence, sexual assault, and mental                                                               
                             health employees.                                                                                
 4:28:34 PM Brenda           Spoke in support of full funding for                                                             
             Stanfill        the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                               
             Interior    AK  Sexual Assault.  She spoke  of  the                                                                
             Center     for need for health insurance for                                                                       
             Non-Violent     victims in order to receive quality                                                                
             Living,         services and urged full funding for                                                                
             Fairbanks       mental health services and substance                                                               
                             abuse grants  as  submitted by  the                                                                
                             Governor. She expressed support for                                                                
                             continued funding for child advocacy                                                               
                             centers and  asked to  restore  the                                                                
                             funding increase.                                                                                
 4:33:17 PM Pete Pinney      Spoke in support of funding for K-12                                                             
             FNSB       HSS education programs. He expressed                                                                    
             Commission/UAFappreciation    for   the   Community                                                              
           , Fairbanks     Matching Grant Program.                                                                            
4:35:06 PM Jeanette         Urged support for behavioral health                                                               
            Grasto,   NAMI, services grants.  She believed that                                                                 
            Fairbanks       proper treatment leads to recovery                                                                  
                            and not  providing the correct care                                                                 
                            lead to more costs for Alaska. There                                                                
                            is  a  need to  take  care of  more                                                                 
                            vulnerable people.                                                                                
4:38:50 PM  David   Weaver, Spoke  in  support of  funding  for                                                               
            Chairman,       books for children. He noted that                                                                   
            Northstar       most of the funding for their                                                                       
            Imagination     program has been raised locally, but                                                                
            Library,        state funding.                                                                                    
4:42:17 PM Co-Chair         Spoke that this was high on the list                                                              
            Hawker          when more funding available.                                                                      
4:42:59 PM  Angie    Ellis, Spoke in support of full funding for                                                              
            Forensic        the Council on Domestic Violence and                                                                
            Nursing         Sexual Assault. She spoke in support                                                                
            Service,        of the public safety budget.                                                                        
4:45:05 PM Co-Chair         Spoke in support of forensic nurses                                                               
            Hawker          in communities.                                                                                   
4:45:26 PM Jay              Spoke in support of the Regent's                                                                  
            Quankenbush,    request  for full  funding for  the                                                                 
            Fairbanks       University of Alaska. He spoke in                                                                   
                            support of energy relief for Alaska                                                                 
                            communities and stressed the need to                                                                
                            support   an   investment  in   the                                                                 
                            University engineering programs. He                                                                 
                            urged    funding    for    deferred                                                                 
                            maintenance for the university.                                                                   
4:49:04 PM Co-Chair         Expressed that Representative Foster                                                              
            Stoltze         helped in that area over the years.                                                                 
4:50:05 PM Co-Chair         Expressed that the university has                                                                 
            Hawker          received funding over the years to                                                                  
                            improve conditions.                                                                               
4:50:35 PM  Guy  Patterson, Urged support for behavioral health                                                               
            Director     of services  grants  and the  need  to                                                                 
            Behavioral      attract health professionals to the                                                                 
            Health          area. He stressed that increased                                                                    
            Services,       costs have offset funding.                                                                        
4:53:56 PM Lenetta          Thanked the legislature for an                                                                    
            Colbert,   Open increase   in    the   child   care                                                                 
            Arms            reimbursement rates to 50 percent.                                                                  
            Commission,     She spoke for young children and                                                                    
            Fairbanks       their parents who can not speak for                                                                 
                            themselves and in support of funding                                                                
                            for  K-12  education programs.  She                                                                 
                            urged support for behavioral health                                                                 
                            services  grants  and   noted  that                                                               
                             higher funding provides more quality                                                               
 4:58:07 PM  Jeff   Werner,  Spoke in support of funding for K-12                                                             
             Future Farmers  education programs. He spoke of help                                                               
             of    America,  he  received with  support  of  the                                                                
             Fairbanks       Palmer school system to achieve his                                                                
                             career path to stay and work in                                                                    
 5:00:54 PM Sue       Hull, Stressed that salary increases in                                                                 
             Fairbanks       the teacher contracts have put a                                                                   
             Northstar       strain on the budget. She spoke in                                                                 
             School          support   of   funding   for   K-12                                                                
             District,       education   programs   and    noted                                                                
             Fairbanks       reductions in staff and vocational                                                                 
                             improvements due to lack of money.                                                               
 5:03:44 PM Co-Chair         Observed that education was of the                                                               
             Stoltze         forward fund and wondered how                                                                      
                             important this was to the school                                                                   
 5:04:21 PM Ms. Hull         Expressed the extreme importance of                                                              
                             getting this funding.                                                                            
 5:05:03 PM  Mike   Kolasa,  Spoke of  the community  initiative                                                              
             Literacy        grant.                                                                                           
             Council     of                                                                                                     
 5:05:35 PM Co-Chair         Said that both are fully funding,                                                                
             Hawker          but not with inflation dollars.                                                                  
 5:06:28 PM Emily            Spoke in support of the Imagination                                                              
             Vockeroth,      Library and the importance of early                                                                
             North     Star reading for children.                                                                             
 5:07:03 PM Co-Chair         Said this program was on the radar                                                               
             Hawker          screen of the committee, but with                                                                  
                             lower funds this year, it may have                                                                 
                             to wait.                                                                                           
 5:07:54 PM  Bryon  Rogers,  Thanked the  legislature for  their                                                              
             Chancellor  of  support  and  noted  some  of   the                                                                
             University  of  funding issues for  the University.                                                                
             Fairbanks       He highlighted the energy program                                                                  
                             for communities in Alaska.                                                                       
 5:11:47 PM Co-Chair         Urged that the University not take                                                               
             Hawker          anything personally in the budget                                                                  
                             decisions. He noted this was a time                                                                
                             when funding would be lower.                                                                     
 5:12:44 PM  Dana   Thomas,  Supported the  words of  Chancellor                                                              
             University  of  Rogers and student drafted bills for                                                               
             Alaska          financial aid programs. She noted                                                                  
                            for low income participation in                                                                     
                            college studies.                                                                                  
5:14:57 PM AT EASE                                                                                                            
5:17:08 PM RECONVENED                                                                                                         
5:18:16 PM Ann Hooper       Urged support for behavioral health                                                               
                            services   grants.  She   expressed                                                                 
                            support for an increase in the human                                                                
                            resources   matching    grant   and                                                                 
                            community resource grants.                                                                        
5:20:18 PM Joe       Hayes, Urged support for behavioral health                                                               
            Alumni          services grants. He spoke in support                                                                
            Director,       of full funding for the Council on                                                                  
            University   of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault                                                                
            Alaska          and the Regent's request for full                                                                   
                            funding for the University of                                                                       
5:22:32 PM Representative Thanked Mr. Hayes for his university                                                                
            Foster          advocacy.                                                                                         
5:23:05 PM ADJOURNMENT      The meeting was adjourned at 5:22 PM                                                              

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