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03/26/2009 01:30 PM House FINANCE

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-- Public Testimony --
                  HOUSE FINANCE COMMITTEE                                                                                       
                      March 26, 2009                                                                                            
                         1:38 p.m.                                                                                              
1:38:48 PM                                                                                                                    
CALL TO ORDER                                                                                                                 
Co-Chair Hawker called the House Finance Committee meeting                                                                      
to order at 1:38 p.m.                                                                                                           
MEMBERS PRESENT                                                                                                               
Representative Mike Hawker, Co-Chair                                                                                            
Representative Bill Stoltze, Co-Chair                                                                                           
Representative Bill Thomas Jr., Vice-Chair                                                                                      
Representative Allan Austerman                                                                                                  
Representative Harry Crawford                                                                                                   
Representative Anna Fairclough                                                                                                  
Representative Richard Foster                                                                                                   
Representative Les Gara                                                                                                         
Representative Reggie Joule                                                                                                     
Representative Mike Kelly                                                                                                       
Representative Woodie Salmon                                                                                                    
MEMBERS ABSENT                                                                                                                
ALSO PRESENT                                                                                                                  
Dave Newton,  Director of Student Services,  Juneau School                                                                      
District; Peggy Brown, Executive Director, Alaska Network on                                                                    
Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault; Ann Gifford, Attorney,                                                                      
Juneau;  Woody  Wilson,  Superintendent,  Wrangell  Public                                                                      
Schools; Nancy DeCherney, Executive  Director, Juneau Arts                                                                      
and Humanities; Aaron Elmore, Artistic Director, Theater in                                                                     
the Rough, Juneau; Andi Story, School Board Member, Juneau                                                                      
School  District;  Barb  Angaiak, President,  NEA  Alaska,                                                                      
Juneau; Kyle Pickett, Music Director, Juneau Symphony; Ryan                                                                     
Conarro,  Theater  Artist,  Juneau;   Sara  Conarro,  Arts                                                                      
Educator, Juneau;  Ray  DePriest, Director  of Career  and                                                                      
Technical Education, Mat-Su School District; Patricia Hull,                                                                     
Trustee, Juneau Arts and Humanities Council; Lorrie Heagy,                                                                      
Librarian  and Music  Teacher,  Glacier Valley  Elementary                                                                      
School, Juneau.                                                                                                                 
PRESENT VIA TELECONFERENCE                                                                                                    
Tom Griffiths, President,  Kenai Peninsula Food Bank; Ginger                                                                    
Baim, Executive Director, S.A.F.E.,   Dillingham; Michelle                                                                      
DeWitt,  Executive  Director,  Tundra  Women's  Coalition,                                                                      
Bethel; Gayle Eastwood,  Petersburg; Jessica Clark, Infant                                                                      
 Learning Program, Ketchikan; Jill Showman, President, Mat-Su                                                                   
 Education Association, Wasilla; Billie Haan, Mat-Su School                                                                     
 District, Palmer;  Rebecca Blohm,  Wasilla; Carl  Crosman,                                                                     
 Glennallen; Michael Johnson, Superintendent, Copper River                                                                      
 School District, Glennallen; Candace Winkler, Alaska Child                                                                     
 Care Resource Network, Anchorage; Eugene Paul, Holy Cross;                                                                     
 Jessie  Menkens,  Anchorage;  Nelson   Augapak  Sr,  Vice                                                                      
 President, Alaska Federation of Natives, Anchorage; Leslie                                                                     
 Hajdukovich, President,    Fairbanks School  Board; Nancy                                                                      
 Wagner, Superintendent, Fairbanks North Star Borough School                                                                    
 District; Tom  Morgan, State  Director of  Communities in                                                                      
 Schools Alaska, Eagle River;  Sarah Scanlan, Rural  Alaska                                                                     
 Community Action Program, Anchorage; Judy Cordell,  AWAIC,                                                                     
 Anchorage;  Pat    Holmes,   Kodiak;   Stewart   McDonald,                                                                     
 Superintendent, Kodiak  Island  Borough  School  District,                                                                     
 Kodiak; Amelia  Topkok,  College of  Rural  and  Community                                                                     
 Development Health  Programs,  UA  Fairbanks;  Bob  Beach,                                                                     
 Fairbanks; Don  Shircel, Director  of Client  Development,                                                                     
 Tanana  Chiefs  Conference, Fairbanks;  Dr.  Norman  Eck,                                                                      
 Superintendent, NW Arctic Borough School District, Kotzebue;                                                                   
 Brenda Stanfield, Interior Center  for Nonviolent  Living,                                                                     
 Fairbanks; Stephanie Burglund, Anchorage; Jackie  Stewart,                                                                     
 Catalyst Business Consulting,  Anchorage; Rhonda  Hubbard,                                                                     
 Fisheries, Seward; Britney Goodnight, Chugiak.                                                                                 
 GENERAL SUBJECT(S):                                                                                                          
The  following  overview was  taken  in  log  note  format.                                                                     
Handouts will be  on file with the House  Finance Committee                                                                     
through  the 26th  Legislative Session,  contact  465-6814.                                                                     
After the 26th  Legislative Session they will be  available                                                                     
through the Legislative Library at 465-3808.                                                                                    
 HB 199   "An Act making supplemental appropriations and                                                                        
          capital appropriations; amending appropriations;                                                                      
          and providing for an effective date."                                                                                 
 PUBLIC TESTIMONY                                                                                                               
 TIME        SPEAKER        DISCUSSION                                                                                      
 1:41:29 PM DAVE NEWTON,    Voiced his support for education and                                                              
             DIRECTOR OF    special education funds. He stressed                                                                
             STUDENT        immediate and critical needs for                                                                    
             SERVICES,      special education funds, which he felt                                                              
             JUNEAU SCHOOL  the stimulus package could meet.                                                                    
 1:43:32 PM Representative Asked if there were strings to the                                                                 
             Gara           special education stimulus money.                                                                 
 1:44:08 PM Mr. Newton      Replied that the stipulations are                                                                 
                            similar to current Part B money. This                                                               
                            is to offset local or state special                                                                 
                            education funds.                                                                                  
1:44:47 PM  Representative  Questioned  what   kind   of   special                                                            
            Gara            education programs would be implemented                                                             
                            with the stimulus funds.                                                                          
1:44:58 PM Mr. Newton       Emphasized critical understaffing in                                                              
                            speech and language.  He indicated the                                                              
                            need in  the  area of  assessments. In                                                              
                            addition there  are renewal  issues in                                                              
                            the districts  in consistent materials                                                              
                            and assessment of site  levels in each                                                              
                            school and mentoring for new teachers.                                                            
1:46:27 PM Co-Chair         Asked about his desire for hiring more                                                            
            Hawker          people and wondered what would happened                                                             
                            to them  in  18 months  when  money no                                                              
                            longer there.                                                                                     
1:46:36 PM Mr. Newton       Remarked that it depends on a number of                                                           
                            different  issues. In  the  mentoring,                                                              
                            looking at using funds for structuring                                                              
                            for next few years then existing staff                                                              
                            after that. Speech and language will be                                                             
                            student dependent.                                                                                
1:47:36 PM Co-Chair         Questioned if Mr. Newton understood the                                                           
            Hawker          stimulus money is one time money and no                                                             
                            commitment from state to continue it.                                                             
            Mr. Newton      Replied he understood.                                                                            
1:47:56 PM Co-Chair         Asked if his school district would sign                                                           
            Hawker          a paper stating they would not come                                                                 
                            back to the state to ask for additional                                                             
            Mr. Newton      Replied that he could not speak for the                                                             
                            school district.                                                                                  
1:48:33 PM Co-Chair         Counseled that the legislature needs                                                              
            Hawker          assurance that people understand this                                                               
                            is one-time money.                                                                                
1:48:49 PM  Representative  Agreed with Co-Chair  Hawker on making                                                            
            Fairclough      sure this is a one-time appropriation.                                                              
                            She voiced her concern on new programs                                                              
                            being developed  with this  money. She                                                              
                            asked how much money the Juneau school                                                              
                            district received  last year  and what                                                              
                            improvements had  been made  with that                                                              
1:50:04 PM Mr. Newton       Replied he would have to refer to the                                                             
                            school district finance officer.                                                                  
1:50:32 PM  Representative  Declared  that  any   school  district                                                            
            Fairclough      coming before the legislature asking                                                                
                            for  stimulus   money   to  get   this                                                              
1:50:58 PM Co-Chair         Suggested that school reinvestment                                                                
            Hawker          began two years ago not seven years.                                                              
1:51:09 PM  Representative  Assumed  that  school districts  grant                                                            
            Joule           money and not just rely on the state to                                                             
                            run  programs.   He   believed  school                                                            
                            districts  are  accustomed  to  getting                                                             
                            short   term  funds   and  making   the                                                             
             Mr. Newton     Agreed.                                                                                           
 1:51:50 PM Representative Concurred with asking for things like                                                              
             Gara           curriculum upgrades. He did not believe                                                             
                            the  legislature could  ask schools  to                                                             
                            not come back in  two years and ask for                                                             
                            more  money. Schools present their need                                                             
                            and the legislature decides how much to                                                             
 1:53:00 PM Representative Urged    remembering   FY09   and   FY10                                                           
             Kelly          projections for $2 billion deficits                                                                 
                            while   spending  stimulus  funds.   He                                                             
                            believed the  school district has grown                                                             
                            dramatically   in  recent   years   and                                                             
                            wanted assurances that  schools did not                                                             
                            think  they  had been  handed a  credit                                                             
                            card to grow the budget further.                                                                  
 1:55:50 PM PEGGY BROWN,    Requested that federal stimulus funds                                                             
             EXECUTIVE      be accepted for the Council on Domestic                                                             
             DIRECTOR,      Violence and Sexual Assault and Public                                                              
             ALASKA NETWORK Safety.  She  indicated the  strain  of                                                             
             ON DOMESTIC    economic   distress   and   accelerated                                                             
             VIOLENCE &     domestic    violence.   She   requested                                                             
             SEXUAL ASSAULT stimulus   funds   to   fill   existing                                                             
                            positions  and  provide employment  and                                                             
                            training   in    urban   areas,   rural                                                             
                            villages,     and     small     Alaskan                                                             
                            communities. The money will not be used                                                             
                            to  expand services, but to  absorb the                                                             
                            impact  of  domestic  violence  in  the                                                             
                            state. She urged funding the Stop Grant                                                             
                            and CDVSA. She appreciated the increase                                                             
                            in law enforcement.                                                                               
 2:00:37 PM ANN GIFFORD,    Encouraged acceptance of all federal                                                              
             ATTORNEY,      stimulus funds for arts and education.                                                              
             JUNEAU         Many school districts are looking at                                                                
                            cuts,   which  can   be  prevented   by                                                             
                            stimulus money. She  also urged support                                                             
                            for    funding    special    education,                                                             
                            especially for teacher training.                                                                  
 2:02:47 PM Co-Chair        Commented that the legislature can not                                                            
             Hawker         compel the governor to receive or spend                                                             
                            the money; it is  100 percent up to the                                                             
                            governor  to apply  for, received,  and                                                             
                            spend the money.                                                                                  
 2:03:35 PM Representative Agreed it is up to the executive branch                                                            
             Gara           but also up to the public to put                                                                    
                            pressure on the government.                                                                       
2:04:15 PM  WOODY WILSON,   Urged acceptance  of  federal stimulus                                                            
            SUPERINTENDENTfunding   for education. He would like to                                                             
            , WRANGELL      employ a special education teacher to                                                               
            PUBLIC SCHOOLS  assist in long-range plans and to train                                                             
                            regular education teachers for the next                                                             
                            two years. He  would like to reimburse                                                              
                            the  tuition  for teachers  to  become                                                              
                            endorsed in special education, to hire                                                              
                            a   coordinator   for   career-learning                                                             
                            programs  and  to  offer  programs  to                                                              
                            smaller communities, to hire a reading                                                              
                            coordinator,  and   use  stabilization                                                              
                            funds  for   career   development.  He                                                              
                            declared short-time money could be used                                                             
                            to replace  equipment and  improve the                                                              
                            technology infrastructure. Wrangell is                                                              
                            working  on  distance  education;  the                                                              
                            stimulus money could be used for this.                                                              
                            In   addition,   math    and   science                                                              
                            coordinators could be  hired. He noted                                                              
                            increases in  salary  and  health care                                                              
2:12:00 PM Co-Chair         Asked if Mr. Wilson and the school                                                                
            Hawker          board would be willing to sign an                                                                   
                            affidavit  acknowledging the  one-time                                                              
                            nature of  the funds  and not  ask for                                                              
                            more money next year.                                                                               
            Mr. Wilson      Replied that his school board, as                                                                   
                            elected officials, would have to answer                                                             
                            the question.                                                                                     
2:13:10 PM NANCY            Advocated acceptance of all money for                                                             
            DECHERNEY,      arts and education. The money asked for                                                             
            EXECUTIVE       is   very   specific  with   stringent                                                              
            DIRECTOR,       guidelines.       She        mentioned                                                              
           JUNEAU ARTS     infrastructure as one use.                                                                         
            AND HUMANITIES                                                                                                      
2:14:31 PM  Representative  Asked if all  the arts  money is under                                                            
            Gara            one grant item.                                                                                   
            Ms. Decherney   Replied that $300,000 is in one grant.                                                            
2:15:12 PM  TOM GRIFFITHS,  Described concerns of the food bank in                                                            
            PRESIDENT,      Soldotna. He related the project and                                                                
            BOARD OF        mission to serve the hungry in the                                                                  
            DIRECTORS,      peninsula. He declared that food is                                                                 
            KENAI           provided to 65 different agencies and                                                               
            PENINSULA FOOD  noted  an  increase of  those  needing                                                              
            BANK            help. He discussed a construction                                                                   
2:18:13 PM Co-Chair         Did not believe the bill applies to                                                               
             Hawker         this type of request. He described a                                                                
                            legislative clearinghouse for community                                                             
                            organizations  to   find  what   direct                                                             
                            funding  might  be   available  in  the                                                             
                            stimulus package.                                                                                 
 2:19:28 PM  Representative Provided  the  phone   number  for  the                                                           
             Fairclough     Alaska Clearinghouse at 1-888-480-4321                                                              
                           on Friday.                                                                                         
 2:20:07 PM  GINGER BAIM,   Asked  that state accept all  the funds                                                           
             EXECUTIVE      for public safety and sexual assault                                                                
             DIRECTOR,      programs. She urged understanding that                                                              
             S.A.F.E.,      non-profits    are    used    to    the                                                             
             DILLINGHAM     stipulations of one-time funding. She                                                               
                            stressed that her organization is ready                                                             
                            and able to accept the funds.                                                                     
 2:22:55 PM Co-Chair        Asserted that the governor does not                                                               
             Hawker         make much time for the legislature so                                                               
                            suggested that people reach out  to her                                                             
 2:23:24 PM MICHELLE        Urged acceptance of funds for public                                                              
             DEWITT,        safety. She has been inundated with                                                                 
             EXECUTIVE      requests for help from shelters. She                                                                
             DIRECTOR,      reported that most grant agreements are                                                             
             TUNDRA WOMEN'S one-year grants.                                                                                  
 2:25:08 PM GAYLE           Urged    acceptance   of   funds    for                                                           
             EASTWOOD,      fertilizer for agriculture. Waste from                                                              
             PETERSBURG     fish processing can be turned into                                                                  
                            fertilizer providing  new jobs as  well                                                             
                            as  help  for farmers.  The quality  of                                                             
                            grain and feed would improve.                                                                     
             Co-Chair       Referred her to the clearinghouse.                                                                
 2:27:49 PM  JESSICA CLARK, Urged  support  for education  funding.                                                           
             EARLY LEARNING She believed there could be an increase                                                             
             PROGRAM,       in professionalism with training. She                                                               
             KETCHIKAN      noted that money spent from birth-3                                                                 
                            years  pays  off later  in life;  early                                                             
                            intervention makes a big difference for                                                             
                            young people. She  indicated she is not                                                             
                            in  the position to say they  would not                                                             
                            be  back  to ask  for  more funds,  but                                                             
                            would like this money available now.                                                              
 2:30:20 PM  AARON ELMORE,  Encouraged   support   for   arts   and                                                           
             ARTISTIC       education funding. He believed arts and                                                             
             DIRECTOR,      education makes people human and better                                                             
             THEATER IN THE citizens. He urged the use of the money                                                             
             ROUGH, JUNEAU  to change young people's lives.                                                                   
 2:33:18 PM ANDI STORY,     Urged acceptance of the stimulus funds                                                            
             SCHOOL BOARD   for education. She listed possible uses                                                             
             MEMBER, JUNEAU for  the  funding:  staff  development,                                                             
             SCHOOL         including    a   science   coach    for                                                           
            DISTRICT        elementary teachers and training for                                                                
                            reading and  writing; capital funding,                                                              
                            including        for        technology                                                              
                            infrastructure; one-time  expenditures,                                                             
                            including   for   drug   and   alcohol                                                              
                            counselors; and other programs that are                                                             
                            slated to  be cut.  She commented that                                                              
                            increases  in  education  funding  are                                                              
                            still resulting in cuts in districts.                                                             
2:36:48 PM  BARB ANGAIAK,   Thanked the efforts of the legislature                                                            
            PRESIDENT, NEA  for funding education in the past. She                                                              
            ALASKA, JUNEAU  has contacted  the governor  to accept                                                              
                            all   funds    for    education.   She                                                              
                            appreciated   the   increased   school                                                              
                            funding, but pointed  out that  it has                                                              
                            not enabled school districts to develop                                                             
                            programs  and  staff development.  The                                                              
                            money will  be  re-allocated to  other                                                              
                            states if not accepted.                                                                           
2:40:11 PM Co-Chair         Agreed money will be reallocated, but                                                             
            Hawker          cautioned that taking the money could                                                               
                            leave  schools in  a  more  precarious                                                              
                            financial situation in future.                                                                    
            Ms. Angaiak     Did not think that investing in                                                                     
                            training and curriculum materials could                                                             
                            ever  put   school   districts  in   a                                                              
                            precarious situation.                                                                             
2:40:56 PM Co-Chair         Referred to hiring new employees that                                                             
            Hawker          would need to be paid after the funds                                                               
                            ran  out. He  asked  if  NEA would  be                                                              
                            willing to demand that school districts                                                             
                            put   the    money   into   curriculum                                                              
                            development,  maintenance,  equipment,                                                              
                            and training, and not use the money for                                                             
                            expanding employment.                                                                             
2:42:41 PM  Ms. Angaisak    Reminded the committee that she has no                                                            
                            way of compelling a school district to                                                              
                            do what  they do not  want to  do. She                                                              
                            believed the funds were for these types                                                             
                          of projects.                                                                                          
                            Ms. Angaisak explained she did not have                                                             
                            a  way  to  control  school  districts                                                              
                            actions.  Co-Chair Hawker  appreciated                                                              
                            her non answer.                                                                                   
            Co-Chair        Indicated  that   he   was   extremely                                                              
            Hawker          troubled that she could not give an                                                                 
                            answer  to  the  question.  He  wanted                                                              
                            commitment to utilizing this money for                                                              
                            its intended use. He asked again if she                                                             
                            would go to schools with his request.                                                             
2:43:03 PM  Representative  Disagreed  with  Co-Chair  Hawker  and                                                            
            Gara            believed the school districts have the                                                              
                            most knowledge and ability to spend the                                                           
                            money to best educate the children over                                                             
                            the long run.                                                                                     
             Co-Chair       Stressed that the governor has the                                                                  
             Hawker         authority to spend the money and he was                                                             
                            trying to  coach those requesting money                                                             
                            on  how to  get the  governor on  their                                                             
 2:44:14 PM  KYLE PICKETT,  Urged   acceptance  of  the  arts   and                                                           
             MUSIC          education funding. He described the                                                                 
             DIRECTOR,      possibility of up to 30,000 arts groups                                                             
             JUNEAU         folding in the country due to lack of                                                               
             SYMPHONY       funds. He stressed the importance of                                                                
                            money  for the  arts. He  explained how                                                             
                            National  Endowment for the Arts  money                                                             
                            is  dispersed;  small  groups  are  not                                                             
                            usually on the map. He stressed how the                                                             
                            arts are supported by grants from state                                                             
                            arts councils.                                                                                    
 2:48:49 PM  JILL SHOWMAN,  Testified  in  support of  funding  for                                                           
             PRESIDENT,     education. The MatSu schools anticipate                                                             
             MAT-SU         the    elimination   of   four    nurse                                                             
             EDUCATION      positions; the stimulus money would                                                                 
             ASSOCIATION,   allow them to stay on staff and prepare                                                             
             WASILLA        for the next two years. The schools                                                                 
                            need nurses  to keep children safe. The                                                             
                            money   would  also   allow  additional                                                             
                            security staffing. The district is also                                                             
                            looking  at  Title  1 funds  and  using                                                             
                            funds for professional development.                                                               
 2:51:51 PM  BILLIE HAAN,   Testified  in  support of  funding  for                                                           
             MAT-SU SCHOOL  education. She would lose her job                                                                   
             DISTRICT,      without the stimulus money and this                                                                 
             PALMER         would help her family, even if it was                                                               
                            only for two years. She understood this                                                             
                            was   one-time  money  and  urged   the                                                             
                            committee to accept the full amount.                                                              
 2:53:19 PM  REBECCA BLOHM, Spoke in support of using the education                                                           
             WASILLA        stimulus money. She detailed the                                                                    
                            benefits  of funding  special programs.                                                             
                            She spoke of  the use of Title 1 funds.                                                             
                            She presently volunteers in the school,                                                             
                            but the stimulus money may allow her to                                                             
                            be  employed,  even  if  only  for  two                                                             
 2:55:30 PM  CARL  CROSMAN, Thought  the stimulus  money should  be                                                           
             GLENNALLEN     spent on self-sustaining renewable                                                                  
                            energy   projects.  He   listed   three                                                             
                            potential projects.                                                                               
 2:57:48 PM MICHAEL         Urged   caution   for   the   long-term                                                           
             JOHNSON,       consequences of using the stimulus                                                                  
             SUPERINTENDENTfunds   for the state and  its children.                                                             
             , COPPER RIVER However,  he  supported  acceptance  of                                                             
             SCHOOL         education funds because it is temporary                                                           
            DISTRICT,       money. He noted that all children will                                                              
            GLENNALLEN      pay the consequences of the bill in the                                                             
                            future so  it  was important  to allow                                                              
                            Alaskan children to  benefit from what                                                              
                            they will one day pay for. His district                                                             
                            focused    on    staff    development,                                                              
                            instructional technology, and enhancing                                                             
                            summer and after school activities.                                                               
3:00:08 PM  RYAN CONARRO,   Spoke  in  support   of  the  one-time                                                            
            THEATER         funding for the arts in the stimulus                                                                
            ARTIST, JUNEAU  package.  He  spoke  of  the  National                                                              
                            Endowment for  the  Arts.  He stressed                                                              
                            that he was "job ready" and listed the                                                              
                            benefits   to   students   from   arts                                                              
3:03:08 PM  SARA CONARRO,   Echoed  support for  federal  economic                                                            
            ARTS EDUCATOR,  stimulus money for the arts. She spoke                                                              
            JUNEAU          of the benefits to children from the                                                                
3:04:38 PM CANDACE          Testified in support of the early care                                                            
            WINKLER,        and education program in the stimulus                                                               
            ALASKA CHILD    plan,  particularly  the   child  care                                                              
            CARE RESOURCE   development block grant fund.  She did                                                              
            NETWORK,        not see a problem with short-term                                                                   
            ANCHORAGE       funding.   She   described  child-care                                                              
                            programs and ways to  use the funding,                                                              
                            including   training    and   distance                                                              
                            delivery technology.                                                                              
3:07:29 PM  EUGENE PAUL,    Urged acceptance  of  federal stimulus                                                            
            TRIBAL CHIEF,   funding for education.   He also spoke                                                              
            HOLY CROSS      in support of federal economic stimulus                                                             
            TRIBAL COUNCIL  money for the  arts, especially native                                                              
                            crafts in the village. Funding is on a                                                              
                            yearly basis and the stimulus money is                                                              
                            needed in rural areas.                                                                            
3:09:04 PM JESSIE           Urged acceptance of federal stimulus                                                              
            MENKENS,        funding for education, especially for                                                               
            ANCHORAGE       child care development block grants.                                                                
                            She  stated  concerns about  childcare                                                              
                            assistance rates.                                                                                 
3:11:07 PM  NELSON AUGAPAK  Urged acceptance  of  federal stimulus                                                            
            SR, VICE        funding for education. He stated that                                                               
            PRESIDENT,      AFN is in support of accepting all ARRA                                                             
            ALASKA          funds. He testified in support of                                                                   
            FEDERATION OF   acceptance of federal economic stimulus                                                             
            NATIVES (AFN),  money for the arts.  He noted the high                                                              
            ANCHORAGE       rates of unemployment, especially for                                                               
                            Native   Alaskans.   He    asked   for                                                              
                            acceptance of federal stimulus funds to                                                             
                            address unemployment,  particularly in                                                              
                            rural Alaska.                                                                                     
3:17:44 PM LESLIE           Spoke in support of accepting education                                                           
            HAJDUKOVICH,    funds.  She  noted   the  district  is                                                            
             PRESIDENT,     looking for ways to spend the money                                                                 
             FAIRBANKS      without    expanding   programs.   Some                                                             
             SCHOOL BOARD   programs could be extended that are now                                                             
                            being cut. The point of the stimulus is                                                             
                            to  stimulate  the economy.  She  noted                                                             
                            that  the district regularly uses  one-                                                             
                            time  money;  the  district  will  look                                                             
                            carefully  at  programs that  will  not                                                             
                            expand future  funding, such as teacher                                                             
                            training and technology upgrades.                                                                 
 3:20:53 PM NANCY WAGNER,   Urged acceptance of federal stimulus                                                              
             SUPERINTENDENTfunding  for education. They are able to                                                             
             , FAIRBANKS    use funds without encumbering the                                                                   
             NORTH STAR     future. Title 1 funds will go a long                                                                
             BOROUGH SCHOOL way   to   address   some   of   needs,                                                             
             DISTRICT       especially   in    special   education.                                                             
                            Funding graduation coaches for two more                                                             
                            years  will   help  many  to  graduates                                                             
                            during the funding period. Funding will                                                             
                            increase the skills of teachers.                                                                  
 3:23:37 PM TOM MORGAN,     Urged acceptance of federal stimulus                                                              
             STATE DIRECTOR funding for  education. He stressed the                                                             
             OF COMMUNITIES importance  of  reading and  graduation                                                             
             IN SCHOOLS     results and urged funding for the                                                                   
             ALASKA, EAGLE  imagination library.                                                                              
 3:26:12 PM SARAH SCANLAN, Testified in support of accepting                                                                  
             RURAL ALASKA   various stimulus funds. She provided an                                                             
             COMMUNITY      overview of Rural CAP services, and                                                                 
             ACTION         spoke to two stimulus allocations.                                                                  
             PROGRAM,       First, she addressed $3.9 million in                                                                
             ANCHORAGE      community service block grant funds,                                                                
                            which  are  available to  Rural CAP  as                                                             
                            Alaska's  only   eligible  agency,  for                                                             
                            moving  low-income people  toward  self                                                             
                            sufficiently. She assured the committee                                                             
                            that  no new jobs  would be created  to                                                             
                            keep   these  programs.  She  addressed                                                             
                            details  regarding  the  $18.5  million                                                             
                            weatherization allocation. The stimulus                                                             
                            funds   address   immediate  short-term                                                             
                            needs with long-term impact.                                                                      
             Co-Chair       Assured her that the weatherization                                                                 
             Hawker         grants do not require statutory or                                                                  
                            regulatory change.                                                                                
 3:31:07 PM JUDY CORDELL,   Echoed support for federal economic                                                               
             AWAIC,         stimulus money for sexual assault and                                                               
             ANCHORAGE      domestic violence. The funds would be                                                               
                            used   for   one-time   purchases   and                                                             
                            building repairs.                                                                                 
 3:33:16 PM PAT HOLMES,     Urged acceptance of federal stimulus                                                              
             KODIAK         funding for education, health, public                                                               
                            safety,  and  energy  conservation.  He                                                           
                            addressed items that  the governor did                                                              
                            not  want  included and  asked  for  a                                                              
                            specific  list. He  urged  looking  at                                                              
                            weatherization funding and funding for                                                              
                            special education.                                                                                
            Co-Chair        Referred to a list on the Office of                                                                 
            Hawker          Management and Budget website.                                                                    
3:38:36 PM STEWART          Urged acceptance of federal stimulus                                                              
            MCDONALD,       funding for education. He emphasized                                                                
            SUPERINTENDENTthat   Title 1 and Title  6B funds go up                                                              
            , KODIAK        and down each year and are outside the                                                              
            ISLAND BOROUGH  general fund  budget.  The funds  also                                                              
            SCHOOL          address unexpected needs for special                                                                
            DISTRICT,       education. The primary use for Title 6B                                                             
            KODIAK          money in the district would be to meet                                                              
                            No Child  Left Behind  requirements in                                                              
                            the  area of  special  education math.                                                              
                            Expenditures would focus on a two-year                                                              
                            emphasis. Some money would  be used in                                                              
                            the  developmental pre-school program.                                                              
                            He  assured  the  committee  that  the                                                              
                            school board has given the mandate not                                                              
                            to grow the budget.                                                                               
3:41:51 PM Co-Chair         Appreciated the understanding of the                                                              
            Hawker          temporal nature of the funds.                                                                     
3:42:19 PM  RAY DEPRIEST,   Spoke for the Mat-Su Superintendent of                                                            
            DIRECTOR OF     schools, who understands that the funds                                                             
            CAREER AND      sunset in 2011. He believed the funds                                                               
            TECHNICAL       will enhance the drop-out prevention                                                                
            EDUCATION,      program, special education programs,                                                                
            MAT-SU SCHOOL   the  workforce youth  program for  job                                                              
            DISTRICT        training,    and    early    childhood                                                              
                            education. The  district is accustomed                                                              
                            to  dealing   with  grant   funds  and                                                              
                            welcomes increased scrutiny of programs                                                             
                            for financial  audits. He  thought the                                                              
                            funding would  benefit the  economy in                                                              
                            the Mat-Su region as well as students.                                                            
            Co-Chair        Noted the superintendent's letter was                                                               
            Hawker          in the record.                                                                                    
3:45:40 PM  Representative  Wondered if  there was  specific money                                                            
            Gara            dedicated to vocational education.                                                                
            Mr. DePriest    Explained that money is in the stimulus                                                             
                            bill for vocational education under the                                                             
                            Workforce Investment Act Grant.                                                                   
3:46:49 PM  PATRICIA HULL,  Encouraged acceptance of funds for the                                                            
            TRUSTEE,        arts, specifically for the Alaska State                                                             
            JUNEAU ARTS     Council on the Arts. She pointed out                                                                
            AND HUMANITIES  the  experience  arts  and  humanities                                                              
            COUNCIL         groups have in dealing with short-term                                                              
                            and changing  funding. The  funds will                                                              
                            sustain   arts  groups   through   the                                                            
                            financial  crisis. Diverse groups  come                                                             
                            together    through   the   arts    and                                                             
                            humanities; groups and individuals work                                                             
                            together to  make the community better.                                                             
                            She  listed individuals and groups  who                                                             
                            have contributed to the larger good and                                                             
                            explained   that   often  the   largest                                                             
                            expense is fuel.                                                                                  
 3:50:05 PM LORRIE HEAGY,   Asked for acceptance of funds for the                                                             
             LIBRARIAN AND  arts  and education. She  described her                                                             
             MUSIC TEACHER, work  with parents  as a  non-profit to                                                             
             GLACIER VALLEY work with young people to bring artists                                                             
             ELEMENTARY     into the schools. After the first year,                                                             
             SCHOOL, JUNEAU reading  scores rose  dramatically. She                                                             
                            has  collected  data over  four  years,                                                             
                            including test scores, that demonstrate                                                             
                            how   partnering  arts  and   education                                                             
                            significantly helps at-risk  kids. Even                                                             
                            if  the money stopped in two  years, it                                                             
                            would have important impact.                                                                      
 3:54:41 PM AMELIA TOPKOK, Urged acceptance of federal stimulus                                                               
             COLLEGE OF     funding for education. She described                                                                
             RURAL AND      CRCD services through the university,                                                               
             COMMUNITY      including programs within rural high                                                                
             DEVELOPMENT    schools and a summer health academy.                                                                
             (CRCD) HEALTH  The   program  works   frequently  with                                                             
             PROGRAMS, UA   short-term   grants.  She   hoped   the                                                             
             FAIRBANKS      governor would accept the funds for the                                                             
                            future well-being of the young.                                                                   
 3:58:14 PM BOB BEACH,      Urged funding support for veterans. He                                                            
             FAIRBANKS      also wanted a metal smelter on the                                                                  
                            North  Slope  to  make  equipment  from                                                             
                            recycled metals.                                                                                  
 4:01:00 PM DON SHIRCEL,    Supported the AARA and urged acceptance                                                           
             DIRECTOR OF    of   federal   stimulus   funding   for                                                             
             CLIENT         education. He described the division's                                                              
             DEVELOPMENT,   education  department, which  addresses                                                             
             TANANA CHIEFS  employment,   training,    and   social                                                             
             CONFERENCE,    services. The funds could greatly help                                                              
             FAIRBANKS      for technology upgrades and teacher                                                                 
                            training.  He  expressed the  need  for                                                             
                            rural school district funding.                                                                    
 4:03:48 PM DR. NORMAN      Urged acceptance of federal stimulus                                                              
             ECK,           funding for education. The district is                                                              
             SUPERINTENDENTscheduled   to receive over  $600,000 in                                                             
             , NW ARCTIC    Title 1 special education funding both                                                              
             BOROUGH SCHOOL this year and next, which would be used                                                             
             DISTRICT,      for reading and math materials for                                                                  
             KOTZEBUE       special needs students, to purchase                                                                 
                            technology  infrastructure for distance                                                             
                            learning,  and for repairs  and teacher                                                             
                            housing.  He  understands the  one-time                                                             
                            use of the funds.                                                                                 
4:05:54 PM BRENDA           Urged accepting money for victims of                                                              
            STANFIELD,      violence and sexual assault. The money                                                              
            INTERIOR        could be used for staff training,                                                                   
            CENTER FOR      outreach in the communities, public                                                                 
            NONVIOLENT      service   announcements,    and   peer                                                              
            LIVING,         counseling groups.  The center is also                                                              
            FAIRBANKS       lacking a data system. She also urged                                                               
                            acceptance of federal stimulus funding                                                              
                            for education.                                                                                    
4:09:08 PM STEPHANIE        Urged acceptance of federal stimulus                                                              
            BURGLUND,       funding for education.                                                                              
4:10:21 PM JACKIE           Asked for acceptance of in the federal                                                            
            STEWART,        stimulus funds to address unemployment                                                              
            CATALYST        and job creation. She spoke of the                                                                  
            BUSINESS        weatherization program and the need to                                                              
            CONSULTING,     develop sustainable energy; fuel costs                                                              
            ANCHORAGE       are hurting businesses significantly.                                                               
                            She hoped for  a vision for  the state                                                              
                            helping businesses. While working with                                                              
                            the    Southeast     Small    Business                                                              
                            Development Center, she  was  the only                                                              
                            person  covering   all   of  Southeast                                                              
                            Alaska. The  program  has  always been                                                              
                            severely   underfunded.   She   echoed                                                              
                            support for  federal economic stimulus                                                              
                            money for all money allowed.                                                                      
4:16:44 PM RHONDA           Indicated her frustration with the ways                                                           
            HUBBARD,        the stimulus package is being used. She                                                             
            FISHERIES,      encouraged  not   taking   funds   for                                                              
            SEWARD          programs that can not be sustained. She                                                             
                            believed education funding is  a black                                                              
                            hole with child nutrition programs and                                                              
                            social issues. She did support funding                                                              
                            for  vocational  training.  She  hoped                                                              
                            legislators would  take  less  of  the                                                              
                            funds and use funds in discretion. She                                                              
                            supported sustainable programs dealing                                                              
                            with alcohol addiction.                                                                           
4:22:52 PM BRITNEY          Urged acceptance of federal stimulus                                                              
            GOODNIGHT,      funding for domestic violence and                                                                   
            CHUGIAK         education programs.                                                                               
            Co-Chair        Closed public testimony.                                                                          
4:30:09 PM  Representative  Wondered when the shovel-ready projects                                                           
            Kelly           might begin.                                                                                      
            Co-Chair        Believed April 19 would be the time it                                                              
            Hawker          was known what was on the street. He                                                                
                            expressed frustration  for the  record                                                              
                            with  being unable  to  meet with  the                                                              
4:31:55 PM  Representative  Expressed concern  about  running down                                                            
            Kelly           the clock and stressed the importance                                                             
                            of putting people to work now during                                                                
                            Alaska's short season.                                                                            
 ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 4:31 PM.                                                                            

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