Legislature(2009 - 2010)HOUSE FINANCE 519

03/02/2010 01:30 PM FINANCE

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Heard & Held
-- Public Testimony --
Heard & Held
-- Public Testimony --
1:30 - 2:30pm Juneau Public Testimony
2:45 - 3:45pm Bethel, Kotzebue, Barrow,
Nome, Delta Junction, Offnets
4:00 - 5:15pm Anchorage
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 HOUSE BILL NO. 300                                                                                                           
     "An Act making appropriations for the operating and                                                                        
     loan program expenses of state government, for certain                                                                     
     programs, and to capitalize funds; making supplemental                                                                     
     appropriations; making appropriations under art. IX,                                                                       
     sec. 17(c), Constitution of the State of Alaska; and                                                                       
     providing for an effective date."                                                                                          
HOUSE BILL NO. 302                                                                                                            
     "An Act making appropriations for the operating and                                                                        
     capital   expenses    of   the   state's    integrated                                                                     
     comprehensive mental health program; and providing for                                                                     
     an effective date."                                                                                                        
TIME        SPEAKER         DISCUSSION                                                                                      
1:36:25 PM  Co-Chair        Explained that the testimony will be                                                              
            Hawker          from the operating budgets HB 300 and                                                               
                            HB  302. This  meeting was  noticed for                                                             
                            the public in a timely manner.                                                                    
1:38:39 PM  DARREN  SNYDER, Thanked the finance committee for their                                                           
            COOPERATIVE     continued    support   of    the    UAF                                                             
            EXTENSION       cooperative extension service programs.                                                             
            AGENT, UAF,     The  program hosts outreach  efforts to                                                             
                            youths and community sustainability and                                                             
                            economic efforts.  Testified in support                                                             
                            of the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory                                                             
                            Program  (MAP).  He  heard  that  their                                                             
                            funding is in jeopardy or has been cut.                                                           
            Co-Chair        Reported that the MAP program funding                                                               
            Hawker          has not been cut or taken out of the                                                                
                            budget. The only  issue is one expiring                                                             
                            federal grant.                                                                                    
1:41:51 PM  Representative  Asked   about  the   university's  $4.5                                                           
            Munoz           million in undesignated funds and asked                                                             
                            if  the  MAP  program  would apply  for                                                             
                           those funds.                                                                                       
            Co-Chair        Specified that the university makes its                                                             
            Hawker          own   decisions   on   their   priority                                                             
            Vice-Chair      Understood that the university would                                                                
            Thomas          absorb the MAP program.                                                                             
1:43:08 PM  Representative  Concerned   about  Northwestern  Alaska                                                           
            Foster          district with positions that may be                                                                 
                            affected if funding  was cut. He wanted                                                             
                            to clarify this issue.                                                                            
1:44:06 PM  WALTER          Thanked the House Finance Committee for                                                           
            MAJOROS,        the support of the Bring The Kids Home                                                              
            EXECUTIVE       Initiative. He noted the importance of                                                              
            DIRECTOR     OF the  peer navigator position. Testified                                                             
            JUNEAU    YOUTH in  support  of  community needs  based                                                           
             SERVICES,       services,     outpatient      services,                                                            
                             transition   services,   foster    care                                                            
                             services.  Medicaid will  not  pay  for                                                            
                             these  services.   Requested  help   to                                                            
                             finish the job.                                                                                  
 1:46:48 PM  AL      DWYER, Talked to the Petersburg MAP position                                                             
             MAYOR       OF and was concerned about university                                                                  
             PETERSBURG,     making  this  decision.  He  asked  the                                                            
                             chair  to   send   a  letter   to   the                                                            
                             university in support of this position.                                                            
                             He  referred to  the  written  document                                                            
                             signed by  the Southeast Conference  of                                                            
                             Mayors (copy  on  file). This  was  for                                                            
                             three positions in DCCED.                                                                        
 1:49:38 PM  Representative  Presented an  alternative view  of  the                                                          
             Gara            MAP program. He would be surprised to                                                              
                             see any  expansion in  the MAP  program                                                            
                             with the present budget.                                                                         
 1:50:45 PM  BOB     JANES, Introduced his mission to bring science                                                           
             GASTINEAU       into their tourism mission. The MAP                                                                
             GUIDING         program offered help and support. He                                                               
             COMPANY,        spoke in support of the MAP field                                                                  
             JUNEAU,         positions that provided so much help.                                                              
                             He added the program could be  added to                                                            
                             continuing education at the university.                                                            
                             This     would     provide     economic                                                            
                             opportunity, workforce development, and                                                            
 1:53:06 PM  SHEILA   WRAY,  Supported early  education funding  for                                                          
             EARLY  LEARNING ages 3 to  5 years old. The  quality of                                                            
             SERVICES        care by teachers in the profession is                                                              
             COORDINATOR,    so important.                                                                                    
             FOR EDUCATION                                                                                                      
             OF       YOUNG                                                                                                     
 1:54:48 PM  SHILO   VALLE,  Supported keeping  the  increments  the                                                          
             SELF,           same in Foster Care in Alaska. He was                                                              
                             part of  the  transitional program  and                                                            
                             would  not  be  here  if  not  for  the                                                            
                             program. The program helped  him become                                                            
                             a contributing member of society.                                                                
 1:56:23 PM  ANTHONY         Supported the Foster Care Program in                                                             
             BARRIL, SELF,   Alaska and keeping the program to Bring                                                            
                             The Kids Home.                                                                                   
 1:58:35 PM  SHERRI    WES,  Thanked  the  legislature  for  funding                                                          
             SELF,           mental health programs. Spoke to her                                                               
                             personal experience with her daughter.                                                           
 2:01:23 PM  TRAVIS  LEWIS,  He spoke  for the  support of  attorney                                                          
             VICE-CHAIRMAN,  aid for small  communities without city                                                            
             ELFIN     COVE attorneys or legal help.                                                                          
 2:02:51 PM    A.     MILLE Supported the funding for training                                                                
               SCHOONOVER,  advisors for newly elected officials in                                                             
               MAYOR     OF rural communities.                                                                                
2:04:19 PM     LINDA  SNOW, Spoke   for  the   increase  of   three                                                           
               BOARD MEMBER government  specialist positions.  Many                                                             
               OF        SE small    communities   are   struggling                                                             
               CONFERENCE   economically and  cannot hire a  lot of                                                             
               AND CO-CHAIR staff.   It   is   important  to   have                                                             
               OF       THE expertise and help.                                                                               
2:06:14 PM     HENRICH      Supported the Southeast Mayors letter                                                               
               KADAKE, CITY and   testified  how   important  these                                                             
               OF KAKE,     positions are in Kake.                                                                            
2:07:32 PM     SONJA        Thanked the committee for their support                                                             
               KOUKEL,      of the cooperative extension program.                                                               
               ASSISTANT    Testified in support of the funding for                                                             
               PROFESSOR,   the  six  coastal  extension agents  in                                                             
               EXTENSION    MAP. They have  been funded in the past                                                             
               PROGRAM,     by grants and donations, but funding by                                                             
               UAF,         the legislature is needed so the                                                                    
                            positions are not lost. The community                                                               
                            relies on these programs.                                                                         
2:09:48 PM     CARL         Thanked the committee for the support                                                               
               BRODERSEN,   of   4H,   the   cooperative  extension                                                             
               PRESIDENT,   service. These programs have a positive                                                             
               JUNEAU YOUTH effect on many lives.                                                                               
2:11:57 PM     ANDI  STORY, Spoke in  support of foundation formula                                                           
               JUNEAU       increases. She noted that the PERS and                                                              
               SCHOOL       TRS funding liability are crucial.                                                                  
               BOARD,       Testified    in    support    of    the                                                             
                            recommendation of the joint legislative                                                             
                            task force. Intent on deep professional                                                             
                            schooling for teachers.                                                                           
2:14:26 PM     CARL   ROSE, Supported and  thanked the subcommittee                                                           
               EXECUTIVE    and committee for HB 300. The three top                                                             
               DIRECTOR  OF association  priorities   are  funding,                                                             
               THE          innovation,    and    early   childhood                                                             
               ASSOCIATION  development.  This  budget fully  funds                                                             
               OF    ALASKA the  foundation for  FY2011. The  early                                                             
               SCHOOL       childhood pilot funding is especially                                                               
               BOARDS,      important and Best Beginnings.                                                                    
2:16:36 PM     JEREMY       Supported the MAP program that has been                                                           
               GEEZER,      instrumental within their company for                                                               
               DIRECTOR  OF giving   cruise  ship   passengers  the                                                             
               TOURS,       opportunity to learn science in Alaska.                                                             
               GASTINEAU    Spoke   of  the  Cruise   with  Purpose                                                             
               GUIDING      created by Holland America Line to give                                                           
               COMPANY,      passengers a chance to give back to the                                                            
                             communities they visit.                                                                            
 2:18:57 PM    PATRICIA      Thanked the committee for the addition                                                           
               DOBBINS, CO-of    $275,000  of  general  fund  mental                                                            
               PRESIDENT,    health funding for the  peer navigation                                                            
               NATIONAL      program. Supported this program that                                                               
               ALLIANCE  OF  trains and teaches others.  Suggested a                                                            
               MENTAL        reconsideration to adopt the governor's                                                            
               ILLNESS,      budget amounts for mental health. She                                                              
               (NAMI)        spoke in support of Bring the Kids Home                                                            
               ALASKA,       program.                                                                                         
 2:20:46 PM    MAXINE        Spoke on behalf of the Community and                                                             
               THOMPSON,     Regional Affairs request for additional                                                            
               ANGOON,       local government specialists. These                                                                
               PRESIDENT OF  programs are necessary for  training of                                                            
               THE           newly elected officials in smaller                                                                 
               SOUTHEAST     communities. She sees  a breakdown  and                                                            
               CONFERENCE,   unnecessary frustration when the proper                                                            
                             training is not given.                                                                           
 2:23:01 PM    JOY    LYON, Supported investing in early childhood                                                            
               EXECUTIVE     education. She  believed it is  cheaper                                                            
               DIRECTOR,     to  invest in  children when  they  are                                                            
               ALASKA        young. This results in prevention in                                                               
               ASSOCIATION   crime in the future. The first  5 years                                                            
               FOR      THE of a child's life is so important. She                                                              
               EDUCATION OF  emphasized that  money spent  now  will                                                            
               YOUNG         translate into money saved by the state                                                            
               CHILDREN      in the future.                                                                                   
 2:25:54 PM    NIKKI         Thanked the committee for the increase                                                           
               MORRIS,       in the child care reimbursement rates.                                                             
               FAMILY        Asked for an increase in the parent                                                                
               SERVICES      eligibility rates to enable more                                                                   
               COORDINATOR,  families   to    access   child    care                                                            
               AEYC,         assistance. In Juneau parents of two                                                               
                             young children  could look  at a  $1345                                                            
                             per month in child  care. She indicated                                                            
                             when  child  care  assistance  is   not                                                            
                             available parents may  seek child  care                                                            
                             that is not regulated or safe.                                                                   
 2:28:03 PM    LAURA         Supported basic foster care in Alaska.                                                           
               HAYWOOD,      She supported the volunteer mentorship                                                             
               PRESIDENT,    program for children in  state custody.                                                            
               FRIENDS   OF  The  group advocates  for  children  in                                                            
               ALASKA CASA,  state  custody.  These   children  have                                                            
                             often lost their families or help from                                                             
                             stable adults in their lives and need                                                              
                             guidance from adults.                                                                            
 2:30:16 PM    BETH WEIGEL, Supported the MAP programs and the                                                                
               DIRECTOR,     ocean  adventures curriculum  to  small                                                            
               DISCOVERY     Southeast communities.                                                                           
2:31:46 PM     GREGORY      Supported Mental Health programs for                                                              
               PEARCE,      children.                                                                                         
2:33:54 PM     AT EASE                                                                                                        
2:52:13 PM     RECONVENED                                                                                                     
2:52:19 PM     GEOFF        Testified in support of mental health                                                             
               CARROLL,     issues in the state. Recently, he had                                                               
               SELF, BARROW traveled   to  Juneau   to   meet  with                                                             
               (via         legislators on the issue. He requested                                                              
               teleconferenadequate  funding for the Bring the Kids                                                             
               ce),         Home Initiative, in particular; full                                                                
                            funding   for   the   Peer   Navigation                                                             
                            increment. A short time ago, his 15 y/o                                                             
                            son  had a  sudden psychological break,                                                             
                            triggered by Dramamine. He  told of the                                                             
                            challenges faced in finding proper help                                                             
                            for his  son. The family discovered the                                                             
                            Alaska  Family and  Youth  Network, who                                                             
                            directed  the   family  in  a  Wellness                                                             
                            Recovery  Action   Plan,  which  proved                                                             
                            helpful.  The family  has been  able to                                                             
                            navigate the challenge through the Peer                                                             
                            Navigation  program.   Co-Chair  Hawker                                                             
                            replied   that   the   programs   would                                                             
                            continue to be funded.                                                                            
2:56:52 PM     MARIE        Urged support for the continued funding                                                           
               CARROLL,     of the Peer Navigations program under                                                               
               SELF, BARROW the Bring the Kids Home Initiative. She                                                             
               (via         reiterated the story told by Mr.                                                                    
               teleconferenCarroll   concerning their  son's mental                                                             
               ce),         challenges.       She      specifically                                                             
                            highlighted  the  challenges  faced  in                                                             
                            rural    communities    when    seeking                                                             
                            resources  and help  for  mental health                                                             
3:04:02 PM     PAULA        Testified in support of funding for                                                               
               CULLENBERG,  Marine  Advisory  Programs  (MAP).  She                                                             
               PROGRAM      opined the closing of the Nome Marine                                                               
               LEADER,      Advisory Office. The office had been                                                                
               MARINE       funded by private funds from the Norton                                                             
               ADVISORY     Sound Economic Development Corporation,                                                             
               PROGRAM,     and had initiated successful programs                                                               
               UNIVERSITY   in  Nome and 15 villages  in the Bering                                                             
               OF   ALASKA, Straits region. The  program was in the                                                             
               NOME    (via Board   of  Regent's  request   to  the                                                             
               teleconferengovernor.  The  governor removed most of                                                             
               ce),         the   priority    programs   from   the                                                             
                            university  budget  request,  including                                                             
                            MAP.   She  requested  funding   for  6                                                             
                            positions    in    Nome,    Dillingham,                                                             
                            Unalaska,    Kodiak,     Cordova    and                                                             
                            Petersburg.   She  clarified   that  if                                                           
                             granted,  the  funding  would  be  used                                                            
                             exclusively for the 6 positions.                                                                 
 3:06:24 PM    JOHN          Urged support for full funding of the                                                            
               BOCKMAN,      University of Alaska budget.                                                                     
               COLLEGE   OF                                                                                                     
               RURAL    AND                                                                                                     
               OF    ALASKA,                                                                                                    
               NOME    (via                                                                                                     
 3:07:08 PM  ROSE FOSDICK, Expressed support for full funding of                                                              
             NATURAL         the   University   of   Alaska   budget                                                            
             RESOURCE        request, specifically for the Marine                                                               
             DIVISION,       Advisory Program. She stressed that                                                                
             KAWERAK         access to educational services and                                                                 
             INCORPORATED,   programs in  rural  areas should  be  a                                                            
             NOME      (via priority. The community would like to                                                               
             teleconferencesee    the  program  continue  to   teach                                                            
             ),              skills, such as; survival skills in the                                                            
                             water, near  shore fisheries  research,                                                            
                             coordinating   the    Western    Alaska                                                            
                             Interdisciplinary  Science  Conference,                                                            
                             and   high   school    summer   science                                                            
                             programs. She concluded  urging support                                                            
                             for  the university  operating  request                                                            
                             with  the  budget  for  FY11:  Economic                                                            
                             Sustainability;     Application      of                                                            
                             University  Research  and  Response  to                                                            
                             Community Needs in Costal Alaska- MAP.                                                           
 3:09:12 PM  ERIC OSBORNE, Spoke in support of the Marine Advisory                                                            
             SELF,     NOME Program (MAP). He shared his experience                                                             
             (via            as a commercial fisherman and urged                                                                
             teleconferencefunding   for the School of Fisheries and                                                            
             ),              Ocean Sciences. He shared that the                                                                 
                             money   generated  through   commercial                                                            
                             fisheries  that  began  as  experiments                                                            
                             under MAP  was exponentially more  than                                                            
                             the cost of funding the MAP program. He                                                            
                             thought that zoning of the seas  by the                                                            
                             federal   government   would    require                                                            
                             knowledge at the local level to protect                                                            
                             residential   use    of   the    marine                                                            
                             environment.   Representative    Foster                                                            
                             requested  that   Ms.   Cullenberg   to                                                            
                             contact  his   office  for  follow   up                                                            
                             questions. She replied that she would.                                                           
 3:12:43 PM  GEORGE          Spoke in favor of funding programs that                                                          
             PROVOST, YOUTH  focus   on   suicide   prevention.   He                                                            
             SUICIDE         expressed the desire to see more money                                                             
             PREVENTION,     allocated to combat suicide throughout                                                           
            BEHAVIORAL      the state. He expressed particular                                                                  
            HEALTH          concern for Alaska Native males as a                                                                
            DEPARTMENT,     demographic susceptible to suicide.                                                               
            KOTZEBUE (via                                                                                                       
3:14:27 PM  CALVIN          Testified about the extreme difference                                                            
            SCHAEFFER,      in the cost of living between rural and                                                             
            MANAGER,        urban areas and how that related to the                                                             
            KOTZEBUE        state's geographical differential or                                                                
            AIRPORT,        subsistence pay scale. People in                                                                    
            KOTZEBUE   (via Kotzebue pay more  than double the cost                                                             
            teleconferenceof   fuel  than in Anchorage. This raises                                                             
            ),              the cost of living by double. A two to                                                              
                            three  bedroom  house  costs  $400  per                                                             
                            month  to   heat  in  the  winter.  All                                                             
                            commodities shipped  into the community                                                             
                            need  to be  flown in  from  October to                                                             
                            July,  which results  in high  food and                                                             
                            supply  costs.  For  instance,  a  half                                                             
                            gallon of  milk in  Kotzebue costs over                                                             
                            $6.00. He  felt that wage increases for                                                             
                            employees in  the city, at  the airport                                                             
                            in  particular, should  be  raised. Co-                                                             
                            Chair  Hawker   asked  if  the  airport                                                             
                            employees had union representation. Mr.                                                             
                            Schaeffer replied yes. Co- Chair Hawker                                                             
                            suggested  that the  employees talk  to                                                             
                           their union.                                                                                       
3:19:28 PM  MIKE HOFFMAN, Spoke in support of the governor's                                                                  
            ASSOCIATION  OF request to  add 15 fully funded Village                                                             
            VILLAGE         Public Safety Officer (VPSO) positions                                                              
            COUNCIL         to the FY11 budget. Approximately two-                                                              
            PRESIDENTS      thirds of the remote villages in the                                                                
            (AVCP),  BETHEL state  have   no  form  of   local  law                                                             
            (via            enforcement. Geographic constraints,                                                                
            teleconferenceinclement   weather and  heavy case loads                                                             
            ),              contribute to the inability of troopers                                                             
                            stationed  in   the  regional  hubs  to                                                             
                            respond to  issues for hours, sometimes                                                             
                            days.  According to  a report  from the                                                             
                            Alaska Native Commission: 30 percent of                                                             
                            all  child abuse,  neglect,  and injury                                                             
                            reports    involve   native   children.                                                             
                            Violence  against native  women was  an                                                             
                            epidemic and the  native murder rate in                                                             
                            the  state  was  4  times the  national                                                             
                            average.  The suicide  rate  for native                                                             
                            males  ages  20-24   is  30  times  the                                                             
                            national suicide rate.  The presence of                                                             
                            a  village  based  VPSO  deters  crime.                                                           
                             Public  safety should  be  the  highest                                                            
                             priority to provide for a  good quality                                                            
                             of life.                                                                                         
 3:23:08 PM  TIM     ANDREW, Expressed   dismay   that   the   ports                                                          
             DIRECTOR    OF  coordinator position  had not  been  in                                                            
             NATURAL         the budget allocation for the community                                                            
             RESOURCES,      of Bethel. He felt that there was a                                                                
             AVCP,   BETHEL  great  need  for  assistance  with  the                                                            
             (via            regulatory process concerning natural                                                              
             teleconferenceresources    in  Bethel.  He   said  that                                                            
             ),              Bethel had the highest per capita                                                                  
                             harvest of  wild  foods in  the  state,                                                            
                             which drives the community  interest to                                                            
                             navigate  the   process  in  order   to                                                            
                             challenge competing  interests  in  the                                                            
                             game resources.                                                                                  
 3:25:36 PM  LISA ELLANNA, Expressed concern with the closing of                                                              
             SELF,     NOME the Alaska Legal Services office in                                                                 
             (via            Nome. She felt the service was                                                                     
             teleconferencenecessary    and gave  some  examples  of                                                            
             ),              cases that Alaska Legal Services had                                                               
                             assisted within the community.                                                                   
 3:27:20 PM  MARGARET        Testified in support of more funding                                                             
             THOMAS,  SELF,  for the Nome branch of the Alaska Legal                                                            
             NOME      (via Services. She said that an additional                                                               
             teleconference$150,000   appropriation would be helpful                                                            
             ),              to offset the programs expenses. Co-                                                               
                             Chair Hawker  said the  issue would  be                                                            
 3:30:19 PM  KELLY MORGAN, Spoke in support of the budget for                                                                 
             SELF,   JUNEAU  children's services. She pointed out to                                                            
             (via            the committee that the family income                                                               
             teleconferenceand     contribution  schedule   on   the                                                            
             ),              application had not been updated since                                                             
                             2002.  She   urged   the  increase   of                                                            
                             childcare  assistance  funds  so   that                                                            
                             families were able  to keep their  jobs                                                            
                             and pay the high cost of childcare.                                                              
 3:32:18 PM  HERMAN MORGAN,  Spoke in support of programs that                                                                
             ANIACK    (via  enhance the lives  of people living  in                                                            
             teleconferencerural    areas.  He  stressed  that  food                                                            
             ),              production practices and subsistence                                                               
                             living  should be  supported.  He  also                                                            
                             suggested    alternative    red    meat                                                            
                             production; bison,  musk ox,  reindeer,                                                            
                             and arctic cattle. He expressed concern                                                            
                             with  subsistence   living  along   the                                                            
                             Yukon/Kuskoquim. He listed a variety of                                                            
                             ways in  which Alaskans can grow  their                                                            
                             own food, raise their own livestock and                                                            
                             subsist successfully.                                                                            
 3:39:01 PM  JOHN CONWELL, Voiced support for funding the Marine                                                              
            SUPERINTENDENTAdvisory    Program   in  the  university                                                             
            ,    CITY    OF request.  The  direction and  expertise                                                             
            UNALASKA        provided by the MAP agent in Unalaska                                                               
            SCHOOL          has enriched the lives and education of                                                             
            DISTRICT,       student for the last 6 years. The MAP                                                               
            UNALAKSA   (via agent  has   also  become  an  endeared                                                             
            teleconferencemember of the community.                                                                            
3:39:05 PM  KERRIE          Urged support for continued funding for                                                           
            KINISON,  SELF, the  Long   Term  Care  Ombudsman.  She                                                             
            HAINES     (via relayed  her   personal  struggle  with                                                             
            teleconferencecaring   for  her elderly parents and the                                                             
            ),              help offered by her Long Term Care                                                                  
                            Ombudsman.  She  expressed concern  for                                                             
                            the  abuse  of the  elderly in  nursing                                                             
                            homes  and  urged  protection  for  the                                                             
                            elderly  in the state.  Co-Chair Hawker                                                             
                            relayed that  the base funding remained                                                             
                            fully intact in the budget proposal.                                                              
3:42:17 PM  LORIE MORRIS, Expressed support for funding the Bring                                                             
            EXECUTIVE       the Kids Home program. She requested                                                                
            DIRECTOR,       that the committee fully fund the                                                                   
            ALASKA  BAPTIST governor's  request  to  help  children                                                             
            FAMILY          with behavioral health needs. Co-Chair                                                              
            SERVICES,       Hawker said that the committee would                                                                
           ANCHORAGE (via work to support the request.                                                                        
3:44:32 PM  PATTY    ELIAS, Urged support for full funding of the                                                             
            SELF,    TANANA University of Alaska budget request.                                                              
3:45:21 PM  SHIRLEY         Urged support for the continued funding                                                           
            MARQUARDT,      of the Marine Advisory Program. She                                                                 
            CITY         OF listed the ways in which the advisor                                                                
            UNALASKA   (via had  enhanced   the  education  of  the                                                             
            teleconferencechildren   in her  community. She said at                                                             
            ),              the Conference of Mayors in 2009, there                                                             
                            had  been a  consensus that  the Marine                                                             
                            Advisory  Program was necessary  in the                                                             
                            state. She urged support of funding for                                                             
                            the   Alaska  Marine   Highway  System,                                                             
                            especially service enhancements for the                                                             
                            Aleutian Islands.                                                                                 
3:50:28 PM  TRACEY          Urges support for funding for early                                                               
            SCHAEFFER,      childhood services specifically, Best                                                               
            BEST            Beginnings. Co-Chair Hawker said that                                                               
            BEGINNINGS      the governor's request had been doubled                                                             
           (via            by the budget subcommittee.                                                                        
3:52:50 PM  ZOYA JOHNSTON, Testified in support of funding for the                                                            
             DIRECTOR    OF  University of  Alaska in the  operating                                                            
             THE  MUSEUM OF  budget  request,  the  Marine  Advisory                                                            
             THE  ALEUTIANS, Program in  particular. She listed  the                                                            
             UNALASKA  (via  many   ways  that   the   program   had                                                            
             teleconferencebenefited   her community and surrounding                                                            
             ),              communities. She emphasized that the                                                               
                             programs were addressing questions from                                                            
                             all  areas  of  life.  Co-Chair  Hawker                                                            
                             spoke in appreciation for  the Aleutian                                                            
 3:57:00 PM  JEANNE          Urged support for the Peer Navigation                                                            
             GARHARDT, SELF  and the  Bring the Kids  Home programs.                                                            
             (via            She shared her personal experience in                                                              
             teleconferencedealing   with her son's  mental illness.                                                            
             ),              She encouraged the maintenance and                                                                 
                             continuation  of   services  to   rural                                                            
                             areas.  She  said  that  there  was   a                                                            
                             disproportionate   amount   of   Alaska                                                            
                             Native   Youth  falling   through   the                                                            
                             cracks. She said that the  funds needed                                                            
                             to continue in  order to keep the  kids                                                            
                             in  their  home  communities.  Lack  of                                                            
                             access  to support  services  in  rural                                                            
                             villages was a serious  issue. Co-Chair                                                            
                             Hawker said that an additional $275,000                                                            
                             had been  added to the  Peer Navigation                                                            
                             component of the budget.                                                                         
 4:02:42 PM  LYNNE OSHEIM, Encouraged the committee to take a                                                                 
             PARENTS     AS holistic view when examining early                                                                  
             TEACHERS,       childhood education. She spoke of the                                                              
             HOONAH    (via  Parents as Teachers program  within her                                                            
             teleconferencecommunity.   The group  works extensively                                                            
             ),              with parents and teachers to help with                                                             
                             the development of healthy  children in                                                            
                             the community.  The community  programs                                                            
                             are well  attended.  She believed  that                                                            
                             this  was  the  golden  era  for  early                                                            
                             childhood given all the  brain research                                                            
                             and  other studies  that have  come  to                                                            
                             light in the recent years. She believed                                                            
                             that paying for quality early childhood                                                            
                             education  would  create  children  who                                                            
                             would be functional members of society.                                                          
 4:09:35 PM  AT EASE                                                                                                          
 4:23:37 PM  RECONVENED      ANCHORAGE                                                                                        
 4:24:59 PM  JENNIFER CARD, Supported of intervention services that                                                           
             GOVERNOR'S      is also supported by the governor's                                                                
             COUNCIL     ON council. This team would respond to                                                                 
             DISABILITIES    children or adults  that are unable  to                                                            
             IN      SPECIAL stay at home due to behavioral, mental                                                             
             EDUCATION,      or developmental health issues. These                                                              
                             people are often sent out of state. She                                                            
                             commented that  the financial cost  and                                                          
                            impact on the family is immense.                                                                  
4:27:22 PM  FRANCES PURDY, Thanked the committee for keeping the                                                              
            DIRECTOR     OF peer  navigation money  in  the budget.                                                             
            ALASKA    YOUTH This   helps   families  connect   with                                                             
            AND      FAMILY services. She supported the Bring the                                                               
            NETWORK         Kids Home effort. The program works for                                                             
            (AYFN),         families and young people.                                                                        
            ANCHORAGE (via                                                                                                      
4:29:45 PM  JESSIE          Supported the peer navigation effort                                                              
            LAWRENCE,       for young people. This allows youth to                                                              
            YOUTH           know that someone is there to support                                                               
            NAVIGATOR FOR and help them.                                                                                      
            AYFN       (via                                                                                                     
4:30:38 PM  CATHY TAYLOR, Supported the governor's budget request                                                             
            SELF,     EAGLE for  the Bring  the Kids  Home program.                                                             
            RIVER      (via She shared her personal experience of                                                               
            teleconferencehow    the program  would  have benefited                                                             
            ),              her son earlier and how it is helping                                                               
                            him  now. The  costs outside  were very                                                             
4:34:19 PM  RENEE LEYLAND, Testified in support of the increments                                                             
            ANCHORAGE,      in the budgets for Bring the Kids Home                                                              
            SELF       (via program. She applauded the early care                                                               
            teleconferencefor    children  with  mother's who  have                                                             
            ),              substance abuse problems. She presented                                                             
                            a  personal story  of  the difficulties                                                             
                            these   children  would  have   in  the                                                             
                            future. She supported parent navigating                                                             
4:39:45 PM  AMANDA          Testified in support of the Foster Care                                                           
            METIVIER,       program in Alaska. She supported the                                                                
            STATEWIDE       budget increments in the Bring the Kids                                                             
            COORDINATOR,    Home program. Thanked the committee for                                                             
            FACING   FOSTER supporting  the  transportation funding                                                             
            CARE  IN ALASKA for  students  to  keep them  int  heir                                                             
            (via            schools. She noted that those that age                                                              
            teleconferenceout    of foster care  have a  30 percent                                                             
            ),              chance of being incarcerated, 40                                                                    
                            percent  end up  homeless in  the first                                                             
                            year, and 70 percent will reply on some                                                             
                            sort  of  public  assistance  in  their                                                             
                            lives.  She  asked  for a  doubling  of                                                             
                            tuition waivers the  state provides for                                                             
                            children aging  out of the  foster care                                                             
                            system   and   funding  of   vocational                                                             
4:42:38 PM  CANDICE         Testified in support of the Foster Care                                                           
            TUCKER,    SELF system  and  the  Bring the  Kids  Home                                                             
            (via            program. She related her personal                                                                 
             teleconferenceexperiences within the system.                                                                     
 4:43:51 PM  MARK     FISH, Cited a study on personal freedom in                                                              
             SELF      (via the    United    States   and    related                                                            
             teleconferencestatistics   from that study.  This study                                                            
             ),              relates the first comprehensive ranking                                                            
                             of  American states  on  public  policy                                                            
                             affecting   individual   freedoms    in                                                            
                             economic, social, and personal spheres.                                                            
                             He presented Alaska's ranking.                                                                   
 4:46:19 PM  GRANT   BAKER, Supported the engineering program in                                                              
             SELF,  ENGINEER Anchorage. He asked for money to be put                                                            
             PROFESSOR, UAA in the budget for this program.                                                                   
 4:48:29 PM  ANDY    VARNER, Testified in support of the Marine                                                               
             EXECUTIVE       Advisory program (MAP). They work with                                                             
             DIRECTOR,       youth and adults in coastal communities                                                            
             SOUTHWEST       to expand educational opportunities,                                                               
             ALASKA          building   workforce    capacity    and                                                            
             MUNICIPAL       enhancing participation by residents in                                                            
             CONFERENCE      the public processes. The MAP workers                                                              
             (via            are often the face of the university                                                               
             teleconferenceand   link local residents  to university                                                            
             ),              resources.                                                                                       
 4:50:36 PM  REBECCA SHIER, Supported funding for the Bring the                                                               
             STATEWIDE       Kids Home Program. She related her                                                                 
             REPRESENTATIVEpersonal     experiences    within    the                                                            
             ,       FACING program. She supported the increments                                                               
             FOSTER CARE IN in the governor's budget.                                                                         
             ALASKA    (via                                                                                                     
 4:51:50 PM  MELINDA MYERS, Testified in support of the early                                                                 
             SENIOR          childhood funding. She thanked the                                                                 
             MANAGER,  BEST  committee for  supported  the  $380,000                                                            
             BEGINNINGS      currently in the DEED budget for early                                                             
             (via            childhood    partnerships    and    the                                                            
             teleconferenceimagination      library.    There    are                                                            
             ),              communities forming partnerships to                                                                
                             advance local problems  and discovering                                                            
                             funding in  early childhood  education.                                                            
                             Families  need  this  support  for  the                                                            
                             future   of   Alaska    citizens.   She                                                            
                             explained  the   workings,  goals   and                                                            
                             services of  Best Beginnings.  Co-Chair                                                            
                             Hawker  noted  that  funding  has  been                                                            
                             doubled by the house. He commented that                                                            
                             all  need to  work  on the  best  route                                                            
                             forward  to  help  in  early  childhood                                                            
                             development, Best  Beginnings or  state                                                            
4:56:24 PM  BARBARA BROWN, Thanked      the     education    budget                                                           
            BEST            subcommittee for increased funding                                                                  
            BEGINNINGS      provided. She supported the Imagination                                                             
            (via            Library with its growth from 6                                                                      
            teleconferencecommunities    to   32  communities.  She                                                             
            ),              added that these libraries are needed                                                               
                            throughout  the   state.  This  program                                                             
                            provides a  year of free  books, once a                                                             
                            month,  for a  child's  early years  to                                                             
                            help  a  child  discover the  world  of                                                             
                            books.  She also  supported  Denali Kid                                                             
5:00:48 PM  SUSAN           Thanked the budget subcommittee for the                                                           
            ANDERSON,       increase    in    funding   for    Best                                                             
            VOLUNTEER       Beginnings. She commented that the                                                                  
            CHAIR,     BEST investment  in  early  learning is  the                                                             
            BEGINNINGS      best way money can be spent. The return                                                             
            (via            will be great for Alaska. This builds                                                               
            teleconferenceon   the  good work of the  state on this                                                             
            ),              subject. Co-Chair Hawker spoke in                                                                   
                            praise of Representative Fairclough for                                                             
                            her   hard   work   on  the   education                                                             
5:04:18 PM  KYLE GARDNER, Talked of the Family Value Services                                                                 
            DENALI   FAMILY that  deal  with  behavioral  problems.                                                             
            SERVICES   (via Supported   this  initiative   for  the                                                             
            teleconferenceprovision     of  these   services.  Also                                                             
            ),              supported the Bring the Kids Home                                                                   
5:06:31 PM  HEATHER         Related her personal experience with                                                              
            JACKSON,  BRING the Bring the Kids Home program and the                                                             
            HOME  THE  KIDS successes  that  have  evolved  in  her                                                             
            (via            life. She supported continued funding                                                               
            teleconferencefor this program.                                                                                   
5:09:57 PM  RAMONA    DUBY, Related   personal   stories   of   the                                                           
            SELF       (via difficulties in special treatment and                                                               
            teleconferencethe   financial costs  to the family. She                                                             
            ),              believed it was the government duty to                                                              
                            help  and treat those  with problems in                                                             
                            the state.  She testified in support of                                                             
                            the  Bring the  Kids Home  program. She                                                             
                            also  supported the  increments in  the                                                             
                            governor's  bill.  She appreciated  all                                                             
                            the hard work done by the committee.                                                              
5:12:25 PM  ROB CAPPUOZZO, Supported the early childhood programs.                                                            
            EARLY           He noted that the return on the                                                                     
            CHILDHOOD       investment far exceeds any other                                                                    
            TEACHER,    UAA return. The first 5  years are the most                                                             
            (via            important in a child's life. He urged                                                               
            teleconferencesupport    of   the  Imagination  Library                                                             
            ),              funding     increase    through    best                                                             
                            Beginnings.  Families  who   have  been                                                           
                             receiving books had far  better success                                                            
                             story for  their children's future.  He                                                            
                             urged  funding   for  early   childhood                                                            
                             education teacher's  education to  keep                                                            
                             them in the state and  give them higher                                                            
                             education degrees.                                                                               
 5:18:00 PM  AT EASE                                                                                                          
 5:19:24 PM  RECONVENED                                                                                                       
 5:20:49 PM  AT EASE                                                                                                          
 5:22:15 PM  RECONVENED                                                                                                       
 5:22:19 PM  JENNIFER        Testified in support of the increments                                                           
             O'NEAL,         to the Bring the Kids Home and                                                                     
             MANAGER,        increasing funds for individual aid                                                                
             ALASKA          grants. These children are trying to                                                               
             CHILDREN        gain the skills to transition into                                                                 
             SERVICES  (via  adulthood. She related personal success                                                            
             teleconferencestories   with additional  resources. She                                                            
             ),              related how the resource funding had                                                               
                             helped    a     young    woman     live                                                            

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