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03/03/2010 01:30 PM House FINANCE

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Heard & Held
-- Public Testimony --
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HOUSE BILL NO. 300                                                                                                            
     "An  Act making appropriations for  the operating and                                                                      
     loan program expenses of state government, for certain                                                                     
     programs, and to capitalize funds; making supplemental                                                                     
     appropriations; making  appropriations under art. IX,                                                                      
     sec. 17(c), Constitution of the State of Alaska; and                                                                       
     providing for an effective date."                                                                                          
HOUSE BILL NO. 302                                                                                                            
     "An  Act making appropriations for  the operating and                                                                      
     capital    expenses   of   the   state's    integrated                                                                     
     comprehensive mental health program; and providing for                                                                     
     an effective date."                                                                                                        
 TIME        SPEAKER        DISCUSSION                                                                                      
 1:39:3 PM   JAKE METCALFE, Addressed  the   Department  of  Public                                                           
             EXECUTIVE      Safety budget. He testified in support                                                              
             DIRECTOR,      of 15 new Village Public Safety Officer                                                             
             PUBLIC  SAFETY (VPSO)   positions.  He   stated   that                                                             
             EMPLOYEE       additional   oversight   troopers   are                                                             
             ASSOCIATION    necessary. He pointed out that VPSO                                                                 
             (PSEA),        increases   are    a   valuable   crime                                                             
                            deterrent,  but  add to  the  need  for                                                             
                            state troopers.                                                                                   
 1:43:9 PM   Representative Asked  about  the  number  of  troopers                                                           
             Gara           requested and how it was decided upon.                                                            
 1:44:3 PM   Mr. Metcalfe   Suggested that the numbers of statewide                                                           
                            VPSOs are eighty or greater. Testimony,                                                             
                            and    department  study    about   the                                                             
                            appropriate    number   of    necessary                                                             
                            troopers   has   occurred.   Additional                                                             
                            troopers  provide a deterrent to  crime                                                             
                            and  allow for better  investigation of                                                             
 1:46:9 PM   Representative Appreciated  the  information regarding                                                           
             Foster         the impact of state troopers. He asked                                                              
                            if  the  numbers of  troopers requested                                                             
                            will continue to rise.                                                                            
 1:47:2 PM   Mr. Metcalfe   Suggested  that  the troopers  must  be                                                           
                            trained  to perform  the investigations                                                             
                            as  some of the cases will  not warrant                                                             
                            persecution. He noted that VPSOs do not                                                             
                            have    the   training   necessary   to                                                             
                            investigate felony crimes. The need for                                                             
                            oversight will exist as  the trooper is                                                             
                            the trained investigator.                                                                           
 1:49:4 PM   PRICILLA RICE, Testified in support of the Cooperative                                                           
             4-H,           Extension Service and the finance                                                                   
             FAIRBANKS,     budget. She stated that she utilizes                                                                
             TANANA         the Cooperative Extension Service. She                                                              
             DISTRICT       explained that she is active with the                                                               
             LEADERS   (via Cooperative   Extension   Service   4-H                                                             
 1:50:7 PM   FRED  SCHLUTT, Testified in support of the Cooperative                                                           
             UNIVERSITY  OF Extension Service  and the University's                                                             
             ALASKA         energy outreach efforts. He wished to                                                               
             FAIRBANKS      reduce dependence on fuel and increase                                                              
             (UAF)          efficiency of utilities. He was in                                                                  
             DIRECTOR,      favor of funding the Marine Advisory                                                                
             COOPERATIVE    Program (MAP) service.                                                                            
             SERVICE   (via                                                                                                     
 1:52:1 PM   JEFF   TUCKER, Testified in support of funding for the                                                           
             FIRE    CHIEF, Alaska Line Mobile Radio System budget.                                                             
             NORTH     STAR He encouraged that the house include                                                                
             FIRE           full funding of the local share into                                                                
             DEPARTMENT     the final budget.                                                                                 
 1:53:8 PM  KIMBERLEE       Testified in support of HB 302. She                                                               
             JONES,         shared a story about a suicidal                                                                     
             CARELINE       gentleman. A phone call to Careline                                                                 
             CRISIS         Crisis    Intervention   resulted    in                                                             
             INTERVENTION   prevention of  suicide. She highlighted                                                             
             (via           the strengths of the program.                                                                     
 1:56:3 PM   Representative Asked   about  the  waitlist  navigated                                                           
             Gara           through the intervention process.                                                                 
 1:56:9 PM  Ms. Jones       Responded that unless a caller is                                                                 
                            acutely suicidal, they are  placed on a                                                             
                            mental health  care waitlist, which can                                                             
                            span   weeks.   Follow  up   care   and                                                             
                            connection  with Careline is  performed                                                             
                            until  an appointment with  a clinician                                                             
                            is available.                                                                                     
 1:57:0 PM  TY      TIGNER, Testified in support of the Bring the                                                             
             PROGRAM        Kids Home initiative. He stressed that                                                              
             DIRECTOR,      the initiative is crucial. He spoke to                                                              
             PRESBYTERIAN   the  quality  of  care at  Presbyterian                                                             
             HOSPITALITY    Hospitality House and the importance of                                                             
            HOUSE     (via having the kids in Alaska.                                                                         
 1:58:5 PM   ASHLEY NUKWAK, Testified in  support of the  Bring the                                                           
             MEMBER      OF Kids Home initiative. She spoke of her                                                              
             PRESBYTERIAN   positive experience in the Presbyterian                                                             
             HOSPITALITY    Hospitality House.                                                                                
             HOUSE     (via                                                                                                     
 1:59:3 PM   MIKE   SEXTON, Testified in support of ongoing funding                                                           
             PHA,           for the Bring the Kids Home program. He                                                             
             PRESBYTERIAN   advocated for living in state as family                                                             
           HOSPITALITY    connections aid in success.                                                                         
             HOUSE     (via                                                                                                     
 2:02:7 PM  CHERYL          Testified in support of the rate change                                                           
             KEEPERS,       made last year by the legislature.                                                                  
             FAIRBANKS      Working parents and their employers                                                                 
             NORTHSTAR      will benefit from the change. The                                                                   
             BOROUGH (FNSB) income guidelines have not been updated                                                             
             CHILD     CARE since 2002 and many parents cannot make                                                             
             ASSISTANT (via use  of  the  program.  She  encouraged                                                             
             teleconferenceadditional   funding for  Department  of                                                             
             ),             Health and Social Services allowing the                                                             
                            necessary update.                                                                                 
 2:03:8 PM   ROBIN   FRANK, Spoke  in support of the  Department of                                                           
             TANANA   CHIEF Labor    and    Workforce   Development                                                             
             CONFERENCES    funding. She mentioned that the funding                                                             
             (via           increased apprenticeship opportunities                                                              
             teleconferencefor Alaskans.                                                                                      
 2:05:4 PM   MARLA  LOWDER, Expressed gratitude for the Cooperative                                                           
             UAF,           Extension Service budget. She stated                                                                
             COOPERATIVE    that 4-H reaches 15 thousand children                                                               
             EXTENSION      per year with informal education and 2                                                              
             SERVICE,   4-H to  3 thousand through  the traditional                                                             
             (via           4-H clubs.                                                                                        
 2:07:3 PM  BRENDA          Testified in support of the governor's                                                            
             STANFILL,      initiative to reduce the rates of                                                                   
             INTERIOR       domestic violence and sexual assault.                                                               
             ALASKA  CENTER Victim's  services  provide  prevention                                                             
             FOR NONVIOLENT services  which  require  funding.  She                                                             
             LIVING   (IAC) spoke  about  targeted education  as  a                                                             
             (via           form of prevention. She stated that                                                                 
             teleconferencethere    is  a   deficit  for   victim's                                                             
             ),             services of $350 thousand this year.                                                              
 2:12:2 PM  Co        Chair Stated that he wished to make 2010 the                                                            
             Hawker         year of public safety. He stated that                                                               
                            the committee recognizes the need for a                                                             
                            balanced       approach       including                                                             
                            preventative  efforts.   He  recognized                                                             
                            that   Representative Kelly   has  been                                                             
                            instrumental in retaining the  focus of                                                             
                            the committee.                                                                                    
 2:13:4 PM  MICHAELLA       Testified in support of the Cooperative                                                           
             RICE,     SELF Extension Service. She explained that                                                               
             (via           she recently visited Juneau with 4-H                                                                
             teleconferenceand    learned  about   the  legislative                                                             
             ),             process.                                                                                          
 2:14:8 PM  ANGEL           Testified in support of the governor's                                                            
             DOTOMAIN,      initiative on domestic violence and                                                                 
             PRESIDENT,  AK sexual assault. She spoke in support of                                                             
             NATIVE  HEALTH funding  for  prevention  and  programs                                                             
             BOARD     (via that reach various Alaskans. Community                                                              
             teleconferencesupport is crucial.                                                                                
 2:17:6 PM  Co        Chair Stated that he looked forward to a                                                                
             Hawker         comprehensive    approach    to     the                                                             
                            governor's initiative.                                                                            
 2:18:8 PM  RECESS                                                                                                            
 3:01:9 PM  RECONVENED                                                                                                        
 3:02:0 PM  JACKIE          Testified for the full funding of the                                                             
             DEBEVEC,       university request in the budget, the                                                               
             CAREER         Life Sciences Facility, in particular.                                                              
             SERVICES       The current lack of space and outdated                                                              
             COORDINATOR,   equipment   weakens  the   university's                                                             
             CAREER         ability to attract top students,                                                                    
             SERVICES       faculty, and researchers. She thought                                                               
             DEPARTMENT,    that the facility could bring in more                                                               
             UNIVERSITY  OF federal  dollars for grant  funding and                                                             
             ALASKA,        eventually support a pharmacy, vet                                                                  
             FAIRBANKS (via school  or  nursing  program.  Co-Chair                                                             
             teleconferenceHawker   pointed  out  funding  for  the                                                             
             ),             projects mentioned would be found in                                                                
                            that stand alone appropriation bills or                                                             
                            the capital budget, and not in the                                                                  
                            operating budget.                                                                                 
 3:06:9 PM                  Sitka,       Wrangell,      Petersburg,                                                           
                            Dillingham, Cordova                                                                               
 3:06:5 PM  ANNETTE         Urged support for the Bring the Kids                                                              
             BECKER,        Home Initiative. She relayed funding                                                                
             EXECUTIVE      for the program keeps the youth, and                                                                
             DIRECTOR,      the money spent, in the state.                                                                    
             SITKA     (via                                                                                                     
 3:08:9 PM  CHRIS BAUMAN, Urged      support   for   child    abuse                                                           
             EXECUTIVE      prevention programs. He stressed the                                                                
             DIRECTOR,      need for Primary Prevention efforts in                                                              
             SITKANS        order to prevent victimization and                                                                  
             AGAINST FAMILY perpetration  from occurring. With  the                                                             
             VIOLENCE       states commitment and investment in                                                                 
             (SAFV),  SITKA Primary Prevention efforts,  both rural                                                             
             (via           and urban communities throughout the                                                                
             teleconferencestate,  could  experience lower rates of                                                             
             ),             domestic, sexual and teen dating                                                                    
                            violence in Alaska.                                                                               
 3:10:5 PM  JERRY DZUGAN, Testified in support for full funding                                                               
             DIRECTOR,      of the university request for the 6                                                               
             ALASKA  MARINE positions   for  the   Marine  Advisory                                                             
             SAFELY         Program (MAP). He opined the closing of                                                             
             EDUCATION      program offices in the state. He                                                                    
             ASSOCIATION,   stressed   that  MAP   agents  were   a                                                             
             SITKA     (via valuable gift to Alaska.                                                                          
 3:12:8 PM  JULIANNE        Urged support for full funding of the                                                             
             CURRY,         university request in the budget. She                                                               
             EXECUTIVE      strongly supported funding for the                                                                  
             DIRECTOR,      Marine Advisory Program, and detailed                                                               
             PETERSBURG     the many ways the program had enhanced                                                              
             VESSEL OWNERS the community of Petersburg.                                                                       
 3:14:9 PM  LIZ    CABRERA, Strongly encouraged support for the 6                                                             
             PETERSBURG     Marine Advisory Positions listed under                                                              
             ECONOMIC       the university request in the budget.                                                               
             DEVELOPMENT    She considered the program a smart                                                                  
             COUNCIL,       investment for the marine education of                                                              
             PETERSBURG     the youth of Alaska.                                                                              
 3:15:1 PM  BARRY BRACKEN, Advocated support for the Marine                                                                   
             PETERSBURG     Advisory Program. He detailed the many                                                              
             MARINE  MAMMAL partnership programs that the community                                                             
             CENTER,        had benefited from because of the                                                                   
             PETERSBURG     program. He felt it that the program                                                                
             (via           was a bastion of high quality marine                                                                
             teleconferenceresearch    information  and   was   too                                                             
             ),             valuable to lose.                                                                                 
 3:18:1 PM  ROBERT          Testified to the positive impact the                                                              
             THOMASON,      Marine Advisory Program had benefited                                                               
             SUPERINTENDENTthe   aquamarine and  fisheries programs                                                             
             ,   PETERSBURG within  the Petersburg school district.                                                             
             CITY  SCHOOLS, The   opportunities  provided  by   the                                                             
             PETERSBURG     program were unique and important. He                                                               
             (via           urged full support for the university                                                               
 3:19:1 PM  FRITZ JOHNSON, Expressed strong support for university                                                            
             REGIONAL       funding   for   the   Marine   Advisory                                                             
             FISHERIES      Program. The Bristol Bay Economic                                                                   
             COORDINATOR,   Development  Corporation works  closely                                                             
             BRISTOL    BAY with  the  program. The  program  is  a                                                             
             ECONOMIC       critical   function   in    the   state                                                             
             DEVELOPMENT    commercial fishing industry.                                                                      
 3:22:4 PM  GINGER    BAIM, Urged full funding of the governor's                                                              
             DIRECTOR, SAFE request   for  domestic  violence   and                                                             
             AND FEAR  FREE sexual  assault  programs.  She  stated                                                             
             ENVIRONMENT,   that  Primary Prevention programs  were                                                             
             (SAFE),        the most effective way to end domestic                                                              
             DILLINGHAM     violence and sexual assault in the                                                                  
             (via           state. She said that Primary Prevention                                                             
             teleconferencewas  making a difference in the state by                                                             
             ),             preventing the first incident of                                                                    
                            victimization   or    perpetration   of                                                             
                            violence.  Co-Chair  Hawker   said  the                                                             
                            committee was working diligently on the                                                             
 3:27:8 PM  SUSAN           Testified in support of funding for the                                                           
             FLENSBURG,     Marine Advisory Program through full                                                                
             BRISTOL    BAY funding   for  the   university  budget                                                             
             NATIVE         request. She shared the benefits                                                                    
             ASSOCIATION,   brought to the community by the program                                                             
             DILLINGHAM     agent placed in Dillingham. The program                                                             
             (via           has generated both educational and                                                                  
             teleconferenceeconomic growth in the community.                                                                  
 3:32:5 PM  RJ     KOPCHAK, Urged full funding for the university                                                             
             DEVELOPMENT    budget request, the Marine Advisory                                                                 
             DIRECTOR,      Program in particular. The Marine                                                                   
             PRINCE WILLIAM Advisory Program plays  a critical role                                                             
             SOUND  SCIENCE in  coastal communities.  He said  that                                                             
             CENTER,        the program out of Cordova had been                                                                 
             CORDOVA   (via instrumental in establishing the Prince                                                             
             teleconferenceWilliam    Sound  Science  Center.   The                                                             
             ),             program has assisted the community in                                                               
                            begin  fully involved in  the fisheries                                                             
                            management and governance. The  port of                                                             
                            Dutch Harbor  generates huge amounts of                                                             
                            money   for  the  state,   and  greatly                                                             
                            benefits from the program.                                                                        
 3:36:5 PM  ROCHELLE    VAN Testified in support for the full                                                                 
             DEN     BROEK, funding of the university request in                                                                
             CORDOVA        the FY11 budget. She detailed several                                                               
             DISTRICT       ways that the local MAP agent had                                                                   
             FISHERMEN      helped the community. The program has                                                               
             UNITED (CDFU), helped with fleet safety, efficiency of                                                             
             CORDOVA   (via operations,       fishing      business                                                             
             teleconferencemanagement,      sustainable    business                                                             
             ),             practices, and economic development.                                                                
                            She  said that  the  program introduced                                                             
                            the  CDFC to the Alaska Young Fisheries                                                             
                            Summit, which proved to be fruitful for                                                             
                            the  fishing fleet. She  said that  she                                                             
                            typically  checks  in  with  the  local                                                           
                            agent  once a  week. She  stressed that                                                             
                            the   collaborative   nature   of   the                                                             
                            relationship cannot be  duplicated from                                                             
                            an office outside the community.                                                                  
 3:39:1 PM  BETH     POOLE, Spoke in support of full funding for                                                              
             EXECUTIVE      costal Marine Advisory Program offices                                                              
             DIRECTOR,      through the full funding of the                                                                     
             COPPER   RIVER university   request.   She   expressed                                                             
             DELTA,  PRINCE appreciation  for   the  role  of   the                                                             
             WILLIAM SOUND, program   in   Cordova,  and   in   the                                                             
             MARKETING      commercial    fishing    and    seafood                                                             
             ASSOCIATION    industry.                                                                                         
 3:41:1 PM  EILEEN          Spoke in support for funding to end                                                               
             SYLVESTER,     domestic violence and child abuse. She                                                              
             VICE           mentioned the specific needs of Alaska                                                              
             PRESIDENT,     Native people in rural and native                                                                   
             SOUTH  CENTRAL communities. She said that  the goal of                                                             
             FOUNDATION     the foundation was to end domestic                                                                  
             (via           violence, child abuse, and child                                                                    
             teleconferenceneglect    in   this   generation.   The                                                             
             ),             grassroots program is over 10 years                                                                 
                            old.  She requested  specific funds  of                                                             
                            $200,000 for  the implementation of the                                                             
                            program  in the Bristol Bay  Region and                                                             
                            another $200,000 to provide training in                                                             
                            other  regions of  the state.  Co-Chair                                                             
                            Hawker  assured her that  the committee                                                             
                            would continue to discuss the issue.                                                              
 3:45:9 PM  GREG     WHITE, Testified in favor of funding for the                                                             
             SITKA          Bring the Kids Home program. He                                                                     
             PREVENTION,    mentioned the Alaska Youth Initiative,                                                              
             SITKA     (via and the positive impact it has had on                                                               
             teleconferencemembers   of his community.  He strongly                                                             
             ),             advocated    continued   funding    for                                                             
                            programs that help at-risk children. He                                                             
                            expressed his  belief that the children                                                             
                            should be allowed to stay in their home                                                             
                            communities  to receive  the help  that                                                             
                           they need.                                                                                         
 3:49:8 PM  JONI JOHNSON, Urged support for continued funding for                                                             
             STUDENT,       the Marine Advisory Program. She spoke                                                              
             PETERSBURG     of the benefits of the program within                                                               
             HIGH   SCHOOL, her  community. She  stressed that  the                                                             
             PETERSBURG     program was multi-faceted and was                                                                   
             (via           important in many circles of her                                                                    
 3:51:8 PM  MICHELLE        Spoke in support for funding of the                                                               
             DEWITT, BETHEL Domestic   Violence   Initiative.   She                                                             
             (via           encouraged the legislature to invest in                                                           
             teleconferenceprevention   programs.  She   felt  that                                                             
             ),             effective prevention programs would                                                                 
                            greatly serve her  region to bring down                                                             
                            the high rates of domestic violence and                                                             
                            sexual   assault.  The   Teens   Acting                                                             
                            Against  Violence program, which  began                                                             
                            in 1996, had not received state funding                                                             
                            since  2002.  She  hoped the  committee                                                             
                            would consider making  an investment in                                                             
                            the program and others like it.                                                                   
 3:54:4 PM  CYNTHIA BERNS, Thanked the committee for the increased                                                            
             OLD    HARBOR, funding  for Best Beginnings. She  said                                                             
             ALASKA    (via that  parents  in  her  community  were                                                             
             teleconferencereading   more to their children due  to                                                             
             ),             the Imagination Library Program offered                                                             
                            by Best Beginnings. She felt that rural                                                             
                            areas   often  had  difficulty  getting                                                             
                            books to  their youth and that the Best                                                             
                            Beginnings program had been helpful.                                                                
 3:56:7 PM  AT EASE                                                                                                           
 4:18:8 PM  RECONVENED                                                                                                        
                            Homer,    Kenai,   Valdez,   Ketchikan,                                                           
                            Kodiak, Seward, Matsu, Glennallen, Tok                                                          
 4:19:5 PM  JEFF STEPHAN, Urged support of the MAP program. He                                                                
             MANGER, UNITED testified in  support of the governor's                                                             
             FISHERMAN'S    original budget for this funding. He                                                                
             MARKETING      supported the inclusion of $614,000 in                                                              
             ASSOCIATION,   the university of Alaska budget for the                                                             
             KODIAK,        marine advisory program. He noted the                                                               
                            position in Kodiak has been unfunded 13                                                             
                            years. He explained the MAP program and                                                             
                            the importance of this program to local                                                             
                            communities.  He stated the  importance                                                             
                            to  the five positions affected by this                                                             
                            funding.   He   noted  MAP   works   in                                                             
                            partnership  with   local  communities,                                                             
                            residents, organizations, businesses on                                                             
                            subjects relevant  to cultural, social,                                                             
                            and   economic   well  being   of   the                                                             
 4:23:9 PM  Co-Chair        Wondered why this was not in the                                                                  
             Stoltze        commercial fisheries section of the                                                                 
                            Department of Fish and Game budget.                                                               
 4:24:3 PM  DESIREE         Thanked the subcommittee for increasing                                                           
             COMPTON,  BEST the  Best Beginnings budget. She  noted                                                             
             BEGINNINGS,    the importance of the investment in                                                                 
             MAT-SU    (via young people  increase their chance for                                                             
             teleconferencesuccess   in school and life.  They want                                                             
             ),             to focus on the youngest members and                                                                
                            their families.                                                                                   
 4:26:1 PM  LINDA CONOVER, Thanked the subcommittee for increasing                                                            
             MAT-SU    (via the  funding for Best Beginnings in the                                                             
             teleconferencegovernor's   budget. She also  supported                                                             
             ),             the Imagination Library and noted that                                                              
                            by  reading to children in  their early                                                             
                            years will  give them the biggest boost                                                             
                            to future success.                                                                                
 4:27:3 PM  JAMES GARHART, Supported a forward funded budget. He                                                              
             MAT-SU    (via believed    in    a   smaller    fiscal                                                             
             teleconferenceconservative  government. He thought the                                                             
             ),             Department of Revenue funding should be                                                             
                            cut because of its inaccuracy. He found                                                             
                            mistakes in  their revenue forecasting.                                                             
                            He  indicated that a phone number given                                                             
                            to  him by Co-Chair Stoltze  had proved                                                             
                            unproductive with no response.                                                                    
             Co-Chair       Apologized that his calls have not been                                                             
             Stoltze        returned. He will straighten this                                                                   
                            problem out for him.                                                                              
             Co-Chair       Offered if questions had been sent to                                                               
             Hawker         the DOR that have not been returned,                                                                
                            please contact his office.                                                                        
 4:31:2 PM  PAT     HOLMES, Supported a need for additional funding                                                           
             KODIAK    (via for  ADFG. Over the past 12  years they                                                             
             teleconferencehave  gone from 12 state funded weirs to                                                             
             ),             4. There are serious problems with                                                                  
                            subsistence.  He  supported the  budget                                                             
                            request  for western  region sonar.  He                                                             
                            urged support  for the $100,000 funding                                                             
                            for  this sonar  and other funding  for                                                             
 4:34:4 PM  BARB            Testified for an increase in the budget                                                           
             ZIMMERMAN, 4-H for  the Cooperative  Extension Service                                                             
             CLUBS,  KODIAK program. She told of the success of the                                                             
             (via           4-H programs within the community. She                                                              
             teleconferencenoted  the importance of the 4-H program                                                             
             ),             in helping the children in smaller                                                                  
                            communities. She expressed delight with                                                             
                            the  help provided  by 4-H  information                                                             
                            pamphlets.  She  would  also  like  the                                                             
                            funding   of  the  agent   position  in                                                             
 4:37:7 PM  JULIE           Testified in support of the Cooperative                                                           
             KVANAUGH,      Extension Service program. She believed                                                             
             STAFF,         this was important to retain and                                                                    
             UNIVERSITY     capture local youth for Alaska's                                                                    
             COOPERATIVE    future. She referred to positions                                                                   
             EXTENSION      scheduled to be terminated due to lack                                                              
             SERVICE,       of funding. The governor's budget shows                                                             
             KODIAK    (via funding   for   these  positions.   The                                                             
             teleconferencelegislature   needs   to  look  at   the                                                             
             ),             positive aspect of these MAP positions                                                              
                            for  Alaska and  continue the  funding.                                                             
                            Kodiak wants to strengthen the UA bond.                                                           
 4:39:3 PM  MARIE     RICE, Supported the Cooperative Extension                                                               
             KODIAK    (via Service  program  with the  university.                                                             
             teleconferenceShe  related her personal experience and                                                             
             ),             help with this program. She helped get                                                              
                            the  program started in Kodiak and  the                                                             
                            use  of the agent was vital.  This full                                                             
                            time  agent position was lost 13  years                                                             
                            ago,  but would  really like that  full                                                             
                            time position refunded.                                                                           
 4:42:2 PM  AL       BURCH, Supported   the   testimony   for   the                                                           
             EXECUTIVE      Cooperative Extension Service program.                                                              
             DIRECTOR,      He supported the continued funding of                                                               
             ALASKA         the MAP program. He reported his                                                                    
             WHITEFISH      personal experience in his early years                                                              
             CRAWLERS       in Kodiak. He supported the research                                                                
             ASSOCIATION,   and  help with students over the years.                                                             
             KODIAK    (via He  has  heard  of more  offices  being                                                             
             teleconferenceclosed   and urged  support for them  to                                                             
             ),             reopen.                                                                                           
 4:44:5 PM  MURAT BALABAN, Spoke to the importance of the fish                                                                
             DIRECTOR    OF industry   to   Alaska.   He   strongly                                                             
             FISHERY        supported the MAP program by making the                                                             
             INDUSTRIAL     6 reported positions permanent. The                                                                 
             CENTER, KODIAK agents are the ears, eyes, and hands of                                                             
             (via           the    university   and    they    help                                                             
             teleconferencecommunities   sustain   an  economically                                                             
             ),             viable industry and a way of life. Co-                                                              
                            Chair Hawker spoke of the underutilized                                                             
                            office in Kodiak and  would like to see                                                             
                            more   people  working  with  it.   Mr.                                                             
                            Balaban  reported that all  the student                                                             
                            rooms  are full and  student apartments                                                             
                            are full.                                                                                         
 4:46:7 PM  BARBARA         Thanked the committee for the support                                                             
             BOLSON, KODIAK given   to  the  Cooperative  Extension                                                             
             COLLEGE   (via program with  the university and Kodiak                                                             
             teleconferenceCollege.    She   urged  the   committee                                                             
             ),             members to visit the college and the                                                                
                            good   works  being  accomplished.  She                                                             
                            noted workshops and programs available.                                                             
                            She  stated  that  they are  trying  to                                                             
                            improve  college readiness to  students                                                             
                            in high schools.                                                                                  
 4:49:6 PM  KAREN LAMBERT, Spoke in support for the Alaska Legal                                                              
             KODIAK    (via Services  Corporation. The best way  to                                                             
             teleconferencekeep  budgets in check  is to invest the                                                             
             ),             state's money wisely and she believed                                                               
                            that  the local legal  services program                                                             
                            was a cost efficient program.                                                                     
 4:50:2 PM  WENDY GIERARD, Thanked the committee for support to                                                               
             ASSISTANT      the university. She urged the committee                                                             
             DIRECTOR,      to reconsider the governor's budget for                                                             
             UNIVERSITY  OF funding  the university in  Alaska. The                                                           
             ALASKA         university helps students prepare to be                                                             
             SOUTHEAST,     the next generation of leaders for                                                                  
             KETCHIKAN (via Alaska.  The  university partners  with                                                             
             teleconferenceindustries  in  the region for workforce                                                             
             ),             placement    in   Alaska   jobs.    The                                                             
                            enrollment in  Ketchikan campus and the                                                             
                            university  as a  whole is  up and  the                                                             
                            benefits  are  becoming  more  evident.                                                             
                            Students  and  parents are  seeing  the                                                             
                            benefits   of  the   system  and   more                                                             
                            students  are choosing to  stay in  the                                                             
                            state  of  their  education.  They  are                                                             
                            training   for   jobs  that   will   be                                                             
                            beneficial to the state.                                                                          
 4:53:3 PM  SANDRA    RUSIN Urged support of the Bring the Kids                                                               
             MCCRAY,        Home program and related a personal                                                                 
             NATIONAL SALES story  of her step-child who had to  go                                                             
             MANAGER    FOR out  of state for  long term care.  Her                                                             
             CBS   TV   FOR daughter  was  gone over  4  years  and                                                             
             SOUTHEAST      moved to 3 different states to receive                                                              
             ALASKA,        the proper care. The long term effect                                                               
             KETCHIKAN (via of being away from home  has had a long                                                             
             teleconferenceterm   effect on her  and the family  as                                                             
             ),             well as the difficult financial costs.                                                              
                            She  added  that  regular communication                                                             
                            with  the child and family  was limited                                                             
                            and  often it is too  expensive for the                                                             
                            family  to travel and visit  the child.                                                             
                            She believed it made more sense to keep                                                             
                            the  money  in state.  She believed  it                                                             
                            would  be cheaper  in the  long run  to                                                             
                            keep the children home.                                                                           
 4:59:6 PM  Representative Questioned the cost of youth in state                                                              
             Gara           and asked how often Medicaid would                                                                  
                            approve  travel for a  parent to  visit                                                             
                           the child.                                                                                         
             Ms. Rusin      Answered that Medicaid approved 4                                                                   
                            visits  a  year for  no  longer than  3                                                             
                            days.  She added that it  is restricted                                                             
                            to one  parent and it must be in regard                                                             
                            to  working one on  one in  the child's                                                             
                            treatment.  It  is  not  for  a  family                                                             
                            visit. She noted that when the children                                                             
                            are  sent to these centers  the parents                                                             
                            cannot come for a visit during the fist                                                             
                            6 months.                                                                                         
 5:01:1 PM  NINA     ALLEN, Urged support of the Bring the Kids                                                               
             CEO   OF   THE Home   initiative   and   thanked   the                                                             
             MENTAL  HEALTH committee   for   their  support.   The                                                             
             CENTER,  HOMER program  is  successful  for  its  many                                                             
             (via           accomplishments. This program has been                                                              
             teleconferencesuccessful   due  to  its  multi-pronged                                                             
             ),             approach to the issue. She urged the                                                              
                            committee   to   adopt  in   full   the                                                             
                            governor's  full   increment  for  this                                                             
 5:03:8 PM  GLENN SEAMAN, Supported the MAP program. He related                                                               
             HOMER     (via his personal experiences in seeing the                                                              
             teleconferencehelp   the  program  has  done  for  the                                                             
             ),             coastal communities. He mentioned the                                                               
                            excellent help in the training programs                                                             
                            and the effectiveness of addressing the                                                             
                            needs of  the communities. He supported                                                             
                            the addition of the  new offices in the                                                             
 5:06:3 PM  JOHN    DEVENS, Urged support of the UAA budget as                                                                
             FOUNDING       presented by the Board of Regents. He                                                               
             PRESIDENT   OF also  wanted to  draw attention to  the                                                             
             THE     PRINCE value of the small rural colleges in                                                                
             WILLIAM  SOUND Alaska.  He related the  importance for                                                             
             COMMUNITY      rural students to have access to this                                                               
             COLLEGE,       higher leaning as a bridge to the                                                                   
             REPRESENTATIVE university.  These students  who go  to                                                             
             ON   THE   UAA school  in  Alaska  are the  ones  most                                                             
             ADVISORY       likely to stay in Alaska and contribute                                                             
             BOARD, VALDEZ to its future.                                                                                     
 5:08:9 PM  CARRIE BEEMAN, Testified in support of continued                                                                  
             CHAIR  OF  THE funding of  the Imagination Library. It                                                             
             UPPER   TANANA is  so important to all communities but                                                             
             IMAGINATION    especially in the small communities in                                                              
             LIBRARY,   TOK Alaska.  She communicated that  reading                                                             
             (via           to young children is the single most                                                                
             teleconferenceimportant   things  parents  can  do  to                                                             
             ),             insure their child success in school.                                                               
                            She  noted that Best Beginnings is  the                                                             
                            umbrella    organization    for     the                                                             
                            Imagination  Library  in   Alaska.  She                                                             
                            noted   that  over  100   children  are                                                             
                            enrolled  in  the  Upper Tanana  region                                                             
                            Imagination Library.                                                                              
 5:10:2 PM  DAVID SQUIRES, Reads from a letter by the City                                                                    
             FIRE    CHIEF, Manager.  He spoke  to the deletion  of                                                             
             SEWARD    (via $150,000    by   the    house   finance                                                             
             teleconferencesubcommittee  from  the state's proposed                                                             
             ),             Department of Administration budget for                                                             
                            maintaining  Alaska land  mobile  radio                                                             
                            system. The committee directed that the                                                             
                            funds be collected from local users. He                                                             
                            derided  the  inoperable  communication                                                             
                            between  public   safety  agencies.  He                                                             
                            continued  that  Alaska was  the  first                                                             
                            state  to adopt  an  operable statewide                                                             
                            communication   system,    ALMAR.   The                                                           
                            mandated  fees for  Seward would  force                                                             
                            the city to abandon plans to join ALMAR                                                             
                            or abandon the current use of the ALMAR                                                             
                            system and return to the legacy system.                                                             
                            This  would   endanger  the  future  of                                                             
                            emergency   communication   in   Alaska                                                             
                            causing  an overall  adverse impact  on                                                             
                            public safety  in Alaska. The estimated                                                             
                            cost  to  Seward would  be $28,800  per                                                             
                            year with additional yearly costs.                                                                
                            Co-Chair Hawker requested the City                                                                  
                            Manger testimony be faxed  to the house                                                             
                            finance committee.                                                                                
 5:15:6 PM  BILL    BURTON, Urged   support    of   the   Community                                                           
             OWNER   KODIAK Extension agent and the  help they have                                                             
             GAME     RANCH provided to his company and the                                                                     
             (via           community. He noted that the community                                                              
             teleconferencewelcomes  the  research and knowledge of                                                             
             ),             the agents working with the 4-H and                                                                 
                            local    residents.    He    encouraged                                                             
                            continued funding of this program.                                                                
 5:19:2 PM  DONN BENNICE, Thanked     the   committee   for   their                                                           
             PRESIDENT  FOR continued fiscal  responsibility to the                                                             
             ALASKA  FAMILY budget  process. He  reported that  the                                                             
             SERVICES    IN Alaska  Family  Services  is  a  multi-                                                             
             PALMER, MAT-SU dimensional  social service  agency  in                                                             
             (via           the MatSu borough and operates the only                                                             
             teleconferencedomestic  violence  emergency shelter in                                                             
             ),             the valley. He added they also operate                                                              
                            a    full   service   behavior   health                                                             
                            treatment center. He strongly supported                                                             
                            the    governor's   domestic   violence                                                             
                            initiative,   but  thought   a   strong                                                             
                            component is  to deal with  the problem                                                             
                            in  its  entirety  by adding  a  strong                                                             
                            preventative    component    to    that                                                             
                            initiative. He believed the need  for a                                                             
                            primary  local  planning process,  more                                                             
                            local  law enforcement and a  base line                                                             
                            for  data. He believed in education and                                                             
                            domestic  violence treatments and  that                                                             
                            substance  abuse   is  often  a   major                                                             
                            contributor to domestic violence.                                                                 
             Co-Chair       Related that the committee has had                                                                  
             Hawker         several long conversations on the                                                                   
                            consequence  and   causes  of  domestic                                                             
                            violence. The substance abuse issue was                                                             
                            probably one of the most causal effects                                                             
                            of domestic violence. He added jobs and                                                             
                            work opportunity plays a major role.                                                              

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