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04/16/2010 10:47 AM House FIN

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CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 230(FIN)                                                                                               
     "An Act  making and amending  appropriations, including                                                                    
     capital  appropriations,  supplemental  appropriations,                                                                    
     and  other  appropriations;  making  appropriations  to                                                                    
     capitalize  funds;  and   providing  for  an  effective                                                                    
10:47:34 AM                                                                                                                   
Vice-Chair Thomas MOVED to ADOPT the work draft of the                                                                          
Committee Substitute (CS) SB 230, 26-GS2824\T, Kane,                                                                            
4/16/10 as a working document.                                                                                                  
Co-Chair Stoltze OBJECTED for discussion.                                                                                       
JAMES ARMSTRONG,  STAFF, CO-CHAIR STOLTZE, stated  that over                                                                    
the last  4 years,  the Alaska Legislature's  Capital Budget                                                                    
Submission  and Information  System  (CAPSIS) had  undergone                                                                    
upgrades.  However,  an  existing technical  glitch  in  the                                                                    
program had  caused redundant information to  be transmitted                                                                    
between the two  bodies. The error had  affected 8 different                                                                    
projects, which would need to be corrected.                                                                                     
ROBERT  CARPENTER,   FISCAL  ANALYST,   LEGISLATIVE  FINANCE                                                                    
DIVISION,   LEGISLATIVE   AFFAIRS  AGENCY,   confirmed   Mr.                                                                    
Armstrong's testimony.                                                                                                          
Mr. Armstrong  pointed out to  the committee that  the first                                                                    
major change to  the bill could be found in  Section 10. The                                                                    
grants   discussed  in   section  10   now  refer   only  to                                                                    
municapalities.  A new  Section  13 covers  the other  named                                                                    
recipients. The effective date for  Section 10 was April 19,                                                                    
2010. The  effective date for  Section 13 was July  1, 2010.                                                                    
He assured  the committee that  each office affected  by the                                                                    
technical errors would be informed immediately.                                                                                 
10:52:40 AM                                                                                                                   
Representative  Gara inquired  of  the  total additions  and                                                                    
deletions reflected in  the newest version of  the bill. Mr.                                                                    
Armstrong  responded that  $6 million  had  been taken  from                                                                    
governor's  mansion   refurbishment  request.  Approximately                                                                    
$148,557,000  in  general  fund requests  were  removed  and                                                                    
$21,620,000 in other funds. He  added that the numbers would                                                                    
change when the  8 project errors were  rectified. He shared                                                                    
that the figures  could be found on  the Legislative Finance                                                                    
Representative  Gara  expressed  interested in  funding  for                                                                    
Medicare clinics, reportedly found  in the latest version of                                                                    
the bill.  Mr. Armstrong replied  that the project  could be                                                                    
found in Section 13.                                                                                                            
Co-Chair  Stoltze WITHDREW  his  OBJECTION.  There being  NO                                                                    
further OBJECTION,  Committee Substitute  26-GS2824\T, Kane,                                                                    
4/16/10 was ADOPTED as a working document.                                                                                      
Mr. Armstrong recommended that  any questions or suggestions                                                                    
concerning the legislation be submitted to him via email.                                                                       
CSSB 230(FIN) was set aside until after the recess.                                                                             
10:55:42 AM              RECESSED                                                                                             
2:08:48 PM               RECONVENED                                                                                           
2:08:55 PM                                                                                                                    
CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 230(FIN)                                                                                               
     "An Act  making and amending  appropriations, including                                                                    
     capital  appropriations,  supplemental  appropriations,                                                                    
     and  other  appropriations;  making  appropriations  to                                                                    
     capitalize  funds;  and   providing  for  an  effective                                                                    
7:55:16 PM                                                                                                                    
Co-Chair  Stoltze  announced that  there  would  be a  brief                                                                    
presentation  on the  progress of  SB 230,  which was  still                                                                    
undergoing  technical  changes.  He informed  the  committee                                                                    
that  the  physical document  was  still  in the  office  of                                                                    
legislative finance.                                                                                                            
JAMES  ARMSTRONG,  STAFF,  CO-CHAIR STOLTZE,  discussed  the                                                                    
document  "2010 Legislature-Capital  Budget Project  Compare                                                                    
by  Agency-House  Structure  (copy on  file).  The  document                                                                    
lists  the  technical changes  that  had  been made  to  the                                                                    
legislation. The  first correction  was the miscoding  of an                                                                    
appropriation  to  the  renewable energy  fund.  The  second                                                                    
change  was  at  the  request  of a  house  member  and  put                                                                    
$300,000   in  the   Alaska   Association  of   Conservation                                                                    
Districts-Land Development and  Project Management. The next                                                                    
change was for $40,000 to  fund the Alaska Humanities Forum,                                                                    
followed by  one-third of  a request  for the  Alaska Public                                                                    
Telecommunications, Inc. for $50,000.  The next change added                                                                    
$125,000  to the  Bering Sea  Fishermen's Association.  Next                                                                    
was $500,000  for the Ketchikan  Indian Community-Vocational                                                                    
Training School. A new request  for $2,000,000 by the Naknek                                                                    
Electric   Association,    Inc.   would   be    matched   by                                                                    
congressional funds.  Co-Chair Hawker  noted that  the match                                                                    
be made was requested by  Senator Murkowski, who stated that                                                                    
the money  will free  $12.5 million  in federal  funding for                                                                    
the project.                                                                                                                    
Representative  Joule  asked  if  this was  the  effort  for                                                                    
geothermal. Co-Chair Hawker replied yes.                                                                                        
Mr.  Armstrong continued.  The request  for  the North  Star                                                                    
Volunteer  Fire Department  had been  raised by  $100,000 to                                                                    
$245,000.  Another correction  was made  to funding  for the                                                                    
Abbot  Loop  Traffic  Calming Improvements,  which  was  now                                                                    
$120,000.  The next  change  was per  the  request from  the                                                                    
mayor  in Anchorage;  the change  would be  detailed in  the                                                                    
language  section  of the  new  bill  version. Two  separate                                                                    
appropriations  or Anchorage  Local Road  Rehabilitation had                                                                    
been  removed   from  the  bill   and  added   the  existing                                                                    
appropriation.  He noted  that  the  two combined  repayment                                                                    
equaled net zero.  Next, $25,000 had been  added for Bethel-                                                                    
Electric Utility  Acquisition Study. Per the  request of the                                                                    
sponsor  2 projects  were reversed,  Craig-Community Streets                                                                    
Improvements was  added, Craig-Public Works  Heavy Equipment                                                                    
Purchase and  Replacement was  deleted. The  $230,000 Hooper                                                                    
Bay-Boat  Harbor and  Barge  Landing Reconnaissance  request                                                                    
was  added.  The  Mat-Su Horseshoe  Lake  Road  Upgrade  was                                                                    
reduced  by  $300,000, per  the  request  of the  districts.                                                                    
Another  net zero  switch  of projects  was  the Mat-Su  New                                                                    
Generator for  Swanson Elementary  School was added  and the                                                                    
Trapper Creek Fire Service Area  was deleted as there is not                                                                    
a fire  service area  in Trapper Creek.  One of  the largest                                                                    
technical  corrections was  a  $12,000,000 appropriation  to                                                                    
the  Northwest Arctic  Borough-Northwest  Magnet School  and                                                                    
Kotzebue High School. He stated  that $85,000 had been added                                                                    
for the Ninilchik -Senior Center  Preservation. The last two                                                                    
changes were the  addition of $2,000,000 for  the Nome State                                                                    
Office  Building Design  and Construction,  which was  taken                                                                    
from the  Nome Courthouse  Deferred Maintenance  and Remodel                                                                    
appropriation  for $4,700,000,  leaving that  at $2,700,000,                                                                    
and providing  a net  zero. He  shared that  the Legislative                                                                    
Finance  Website includes  the  language section  amendments                                                                    
and  side by  side  comparisons between  the  house and  the                                                                    
senate requests.                                                                                                                
8:03:53 PM                                                                                                                    
Co-Chair   Stoltze   clarified    that   the   website   was                                                                    
Representative  Gara asked  about  the  amount allocated  to                                                                    
fund  the Medicare  clinic. Mr.  Armstrong  replied that  $1                                                                    
million  had been  added for  the clinic,  with accompanying                                                                    
intent language.                                                                                                                
Representative Fairclough explained that the duplicated                                                                         
funds   found   in   the    original   bill   version   were                                                                    
intergovernmental changes.                                                                                                      

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