Legislature(2015 - 2016)CAPITOL 106

04/12/2016 03:00 PM House HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES

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        SB 89-SCHOOLS: PARENT RTS;ABORT. PROVDRS LIMITS                                                                     
3:10:27 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR SEATON announced  that the next order of  business would be                                                               
CS FOR SENATE  BILL NO. 89(RLS) am(efd add), "An  Act relating to                                                               
a parent's right to direct  the education of a child; prohibiting                                                               
a  school district  from contracting  with  an abortion  services                                                               
provider;  prohibiting   a  school  district  from   allowing  an                                                               
abortion  services  provider  to   furnish  course  materials  or                                                               
provide instruction concerning  sexuality or sexually transmitted                                                               
diseases;  relating to  physical examinations  for teachers;  and                                                               
providing for an effective date."                                                                                               
CHAIR SEATON  reminded the members  that during the  last meeting                                                               
the  committee received  testimony from  the sponsor,  his office                                                               
staff,  a limited  amount of  public  testimony, quite  a bit  of                                                               
written  testimony, and  some calls  to his  office.   He advised                                                               
that testimony  would begin today  with the  state epidemiologist                                                               
and  to look  at  some of  the Department  of  Health and  Social                                                               
Services' considerations on this bill.                                                                                          
3:11:06 PM                                                                                                                    
JOE MCLAUGHLIN, M.D., Chief and  State Epidemiologist, Section of                                                               
Epidemiology,  Division of  Public Health,  Department of  Health                                                               
and  Social Services  (DHSS),  said he  was  available to  answer                                                               
CHAIR SEATON asked  Dr. McLaughlin to lead  the committee through                                                               
information  on epidemiology  and sexually  transmitted diseases,                                                               
teen pregnancies and, in the  doctor's opinion, how it relates to                                                               
education on those issues.                                                                                                      
DR.  MCLAUGHLIN   responded  that  Alaska  has   the  unfortunate                                                               
distinction  of  having one  of  the  highest  STD rates  in  the                                                               
country.  Historically over the  last decade and one-half, Alaska                                                               
has  been  number  one  or  two  in  the  country  for  chlamydia                                                               
infection, and in the past six  to seven years Alaska has been in                                                               
the top ten  for gonorrhea infection.  He  offered that chlamydia                                                               
is the  most commonly reported  sexually transmitted  bacteria in                                                               
the United States, and untreated  chlamydia infection can cause a                                                               
number  of  adverse  problems  down   the  road,  which  includes                                                               
miscarriage, pre-term  labor, low birth rate,  conjunctivitis and                                                               
pneumonia  in neo-nates,  pelvic inflammatory  disease which  can                                                               
cause infertility in women, chronic  pelvic pain, and problems in                                                               
men as  well.  As  for gonorrhea infection,  it can also  lead to                                                               
many  of  the  same  problems  faced  with  chlamydia  infection,                                                               
including   pelvic  inflammatory   disease  that   can  lead   to                                                               
infertility in  women which is  a major problem for  these women.                                                               
He offered  that Molly Rosier  was available to  answer questions                                                               
regarding birth rates.                                                                                                          
3:13:34 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR  SEATON   noted  that  Dr.  McLaughlin   had  provided  the                                                               
committee with a  number of charts and graphs  with public health                                                               
data and  asked whether  education on these  matters aids  in the                                                               
reduction of  rates, and  the rates in  areas where  education is                                                               
stressed versus areas not stressing education.                                                                                  
DR. MCLAUGHLIN  responded that a  research articles he  will send                                                               
to  the committee  was published  in 2008,  entitled, "Abstinence                                                               
only in comprehensive sex education  and the initiation of sexual                                                               
activity and  teen pregnancy."   He explained that the  upshot of                                                               
this publication  was that, teaching about  contraception was not                                                               
associated with  an increased risk of  adolescent sexual activity                                                               
or  STDs.    He  further  explained  that  adolescents  receiving                                                               
comprehensive  sexual education  have a  lower risk  of pregnancy                                                               
than adolescents receiving abstinence only or no sex education.                                                                 
3:15:14 PM                                                                                                                    
MOLLY  ROSIER,   Manager,  Child  and  Adolescent   Health  Unit,                                                               
Women's, Children's,  Family, Health Section, Division  of Public                                                               
Health, Department  of Health and  Social Services,  advised that                                                               
2014 data identifies for ages 15-19,  the rate was 27.8 per 1,000                                                               
years  which  is  about  the national  average.    Although,  she                                                               
related it  is striking  that in Alaska  there are  huge regional                                                               
disparities  which  can  be  the  result of  access  to  care  or                                                               
perceptions around pregnancy  and child birth.  At  the state and                                                               
national   level  it   is  known   that   evidenced  based,   age                                                               
appropriate,  health education  can reduce  teen pregnancy.   The                                                               
Office  of  Adolescent Health  identified  the  number of  health                                                               
education  curriculums that  have  evidence  of effectiveness  to                                                               
reduce teen pregnancies, she said.                                                                                              
CHAIR SEATON asked  whether she has a listing of  those that have                                                               
been effective at reducing teen pregnancies.                                                                                    
MS.  ROSIER  advised  the  list  is provided  by  the  Office  of                                                               
Adolescent  Health,  and  also   a  number  of  other  nationally                                                               
searchable sites that she would be happy to share.                                                                              
CHAIR  SEATON  asked  her  to share  that  information  with  the                                                               
CHAIR SEATON opened public testimony on SB 89.                                                                                  
3:17:43 PM                                                                                                                    
JUDY  ANDREE said  she is  testifying on  behalf of  herself, her                                                               
family, and  her husband.  She  related that she and  her husband                                                               
have  five  children  that  graduated  from  Juneau-Douglas  High                                                               
School (JDHS), four of them were  enrolled in a health class when                                                               
it was  required and  it offered  sex education.   She  asked her                                                               
children whether anything had been  discussed about abortion, and                                                               
they responded  no and appeared  surprised that she  even brought                                                               
it up.   Subsequent  to last week's  hearing, she  researched the                                                               
Planned Parenthood  website and found the  information for teens,                                                               
educators, and parents to be  fair, non-judgmental, and unbiased.                                                               
She also  found references  to abstinence  and adoption  and that                                                               
the information urged people to  consider their religious beliefs                                                               
as they made choices about  reproductive health care.  Ms. Andree                                                               
stressed  that that  information was  important, as  she and  her                                                               
husband want their children, and  now grandchildren, to be taught                                                               
with solid  science based information  on something  as important                                                               
as  reproductive health.   She  expressed  that they  feel it  is                                                               
their right  as parents to  be certain everything that  is taught                                                               
in public schools, which they  support, contains solid fact based                                                               
education.   Reproductive health  is an  important area  of human                                                               
behavior  and  it can  have  a  big  impact on  teen-agers,  they                                                               
strongly urge the committee to vote no on SP 89, she expressed.                                                                 
REPRESENTATIVE  FOSTER noted  he has  a bill  hearing in  another                                                               
committee and will return after the hearing.                                                                                    
3:20:53 PM                                                                                                                    
TYLER  MORGAN,   Student,  advised   he  has  friends   who  have                                                               
experienced  teen  pregnancy  and   STDs.    He  described  these                                                               
problems  as real  and that  Planned Parenthood  aims to  prevent                                                               
these problems through education.   He pointed out that a student                                                               
would rather speak  with a professional rather than  a teacher or                                                               
parent who may  not know so much on the  topic.  Whereas, Planned                                                               
Parenthood has  been shown to  help students in health  class, in                                                               
retreats,  in student  groups, and  the  information provided  is                                                               
free of  charge and available  for everyone.  Supporters  of this                                                               
bill claim  that parents are  the only people who  should educate                                                               
their  teens  on the  topic;  however,  he has  personally  known                                                               
parents  who allow  their  teen-ager to  have  sex whenever  they                                                               
want.   Hearing  this, he  asked, does  this make  you feel  safe                                                               
about the parent  being the only person to educate  their teen on                                                               
the  topic.   He  further  asked,  what  if  the parent  was  not                                                               
educated correctly  during their  teen years  and how  that could                                                               
affect their youth  or, what if the parent  was sexually abusive,                                                               
or absent  due to jail  or work.  The  committee may think  he is                                                               
exaggerating, he  expressed, but  these are real  life situations                                                               
and they affect  students in Alaska every day.   In only allowing                                                               
parents to  teach their teens  means that  not all teens  will be                                                               
taught which could result in  an increase in unwanted pregnancies                                                               
and further spread of STDs, he pointed out.                                                                                     
3:22:48 PM                                                                                                                    
JAYNE ANDREEN,  Alaska Public Health Association,  Alaska Women's                                                               
Lobby,  said she  is testifying  on behalf  of the  Alaska Public                                                               
Health  Association, as  well as  the Alaska  Women's Lobby,  and                                                               
that both  organizations are opposed to  SB 89.  It  is important                                                               
to  recognize,  when reviewing  this  bill,  the issues  everyone                                                               
agrees  with,   including:  not  wanting  our   teens  to  become                                                               
pregnant; not  wanting them  to contracting  sexually transmitted                                                               
infections;  and  desperately  wanting  parents  to  be  actively                                                               
engaged  in their  children's education.   That  being said,  she                                                               
commented,  when reviewing  this  bill, people  have to  consider                                                               
that  children  are  receiving their  sex  education  information                                                               
through  the media  and the  internet.   Currently, studies  show                                                               
that 25  percent of  all web  searches are  looking for  sex, and                                                               
studies are showing  that the average age  children are accessing                                                               
the free internet porn is 11 years  of age.  She repeated that 11                                                               
years old is the age they are  starting to see this and no matter                                                               
how well parents try to  protect their children from getting this                                                               
information on the internet, they  are still getting it.  Studies                                                               
consistently show, she  said, that the more  children are exposed                                                               
to and  looking at  this explicit internet  sex, the  greater the                                                               
chances  they  will become  sexually  active  at a  younger  age.                                                               
Internet  pornography is  not the  loving soft  sexual engagement                                                               
parents would like  their children to have, and  it is imperative                                                               
that parents provide them with  a counter-balance to what society                                                               
is making  accessible to them.   She extended that  public health                                                               
nursing  has been  referenced  as a  viable  option, but  between                                                               
state fiscal  year 2016 and  2017, twenty-five percent  of public                                                               
health  nursing  staff  are  being eliminated  so  they  are  not                                                               
available to teach, she related.                                                                                                
3:25:18 PM                                                                                                                    
LISA  LAGUQUIST said  she  is  a former  middle  school and  high                                                               
school  teacher, aunt  of four  teen-agers, and  a mother  of two                                                               
small children.   She pointed out that the  few people testifying                                                               
in favor of  the [related] bills are  actually testifying against                                                               
abortion,  but  these bills  do  not  have  anything to  do  with                                                               
abortion -  they are  about education.   She surmised  that these                                                               
bills  would  increase  the  rate  of  unplanned  pregnancy  and;                                                               
therefore,  increase  the  rate  of  abortion.    She  asked  the                                                               
legislators  in  the  room  how  many  have  attended  a  Planned                                                               
Parenthood presentation,  and stated  that she has  attended two,                                                               
and  that they  helped  clarify  her values  and  how to  present                                                               
values  for her  students.   She attested  that she  has been  to                                                               
Planned  Parenthood programs  for  adults and  described them  as                                                               
very  worthwhile.     Subsequent  to  testimonies   in  committee                                                               
hearings,   people  have   stopped   her   and  expressed   their                                                               
appreciation for  her testimony and  expressed that this  bill is                                                               
crazy.   Alaska  has numerous  funding problems  and there  isn't                                                               
enough  money  for  education,  yet this  is  free  education  in                                                               
schools and this  bill wants to cut it which  makes no sense, she                                                               
said.   She  pointed out  that Senator  Dunleavy and  others have                                                               
stated that they believe in  sex education and asked why teachers                                                               
can't teach  it.   She responded that  teachers are  not prepared                                                               
and  they  don't want  to,  students  don't want  their  teachers                                                               
teaching it,  and nurses  can't teach  it.   In attempting  to do                                                               
more, she produced over 120  signatures of students, teacher, and                                                               
private  citizens from  Juneau  who  want to  be  able to  invite                                                               
Planned Parenthood into Juneau schools.                                                                                         
3:28:44 PM                                                                                                                    
KYLER ROMME, Senior,  Thunder Mountain High School, said  he is a                                                               
senior and  a current  member of  the Juneau  Teen Council.   She                                                               
expressed strong opposition to SB  89, and advised it proceeds to                                                               
ban  educators, such  as Planned  Parenthood, from  being invited                                                               
into schools  or even providing  resources for teachers  or other                                                               
volunteers to  use.   The bill  makes it  harder for  students to                                                               
receive the education they not only  deserve, but need.  The opt-                                                               
in system is not only unnecessary,  but another waste of time and                                                               
resources because the opt-out system has  been used as long as he                                                               
can remember and  it has worked perfectly fine.   He said he does                                                               
not understand the  need to implement these rules  when there are                                                               
no problems.   He reminded the committee that this  is the second                                                               
year in a  row that people who care about  the education of their                                                               
youth  have had  to stand  up  and fight  a seemingly  impossible                                                               
battle,  a battle  that should  not  even be  happening.   Alaska                                                               
leads the  nation in a lot  of not so wonderful  categories, such                                                               
as  chlamydia rates  among  15-19 year  olds  and teen  pregnancy                                                               
rates.   He  related  that  he hopes  the  voices  of the  people                                                               
calling for  this heinous bill to  be stopped will be  heard, and                                                               
urged the  committee to vote no  on SB 89, so  their children and                                                               
the youth  of Alaska can  receive what they  need to grow  up the                                                               
safest and happiest that they can.                                                                                              
3:30:16 PM                                                                                                                    
ANALICIA  CASTANEDA,   Senior,  Thunder  Mountain   High  School,                                                               
advised that  for the past three  years she has been  a member of                                                               
the  Juneau   Teen  Council,  an  organization   through  Planned                                                               
Parenthood that  focuses on  spreading information  about healthy                                                               
relationships  and healthy  sexuality.   This group  of dedicated                                                               
teens meet weekly to discuss  topics such as boundaries, consent,                                                               
and what an unhealthy relationship  may look like, and that being                                                               
a volunteer of  Planned Parenthood has proven to  be a successful                                                               
manner for her to use her role as  a peer leader in her school to                                                               
spread  knowledge and  empowerment.   She expressed  that banning                                                               
Planned  Parenthood  would  also  ban her  and  her  fellow  Teen                                                               
Council members  from going into  classrooms and  peer educating.                                                               
She  remarked that  as a  teen-ager it  is extremely  powerful to                                                               
learn  from someone  their age  rather than  an adult  they can't                                                               
totally relate  to.   Planned Parenthood  staff and  Teen Council                                                               
members  are  trained  on  how  to  be  inclusive  and  medically                                                               
accurate when teaching  a class while also  making the discussion                                                               
interesting  and engaging.   As  you know,  Alaska does  not have                                                               
mandated sex education,  yet it is important for  teens to become                                                               
familiar with  discussions about consent,  healthy relationships,                                                               
and personal boundaries.  Letting  people from Planned Parenthood                                                               
provide  information about  sexuality ensures  that students  are                                                               
receiving  comprehensive  and   medically  accurate  information.                                                               
There  is no  guarantee that  what teachers  tell students  about                                                               
sexuality is  accurate due  to the  lack of  mandated curriculum.                                                               
Planned Parenthood provides teachers  and students with resources                                                               
and information  about creating healthy relationships  and sexual                                                               
assault prevention.   She asked that the  committee allow Planned                                                               
Parenthood to continue its work  in schools so that students will                                                               
receive the facts and not turn to unreliable sources.                                                                           
CHAIR  SEATON  asked  whether  the  education  she  is  providing                                                               
focuses on or deals with abortion.                                                                                              
MS. CASTANEDA  responded no, they  would never bring  up abortion                                                               
in a classroom and it is not something they would focus on.                                                                     
3:32:48 PM                                                                                                                    
TASHA ELIZARDE, Junior, Juneau-Douglas  High School, advised that                                                               
as  a teen-ager,  she noticed  the  lack of  access to  medically                                                               
accurate sexual health education at  home because, as many teens,                                                               
she  did  not  learn  much  about  her  own  body  until  it  was                                                               
introduced  through the  public education  system.   For example,                                                               
she  said  she   was  extremely  confused  the   first  time  she                                                               
experienced  her   menstruation  cycle   because  it   was  never                                                               
discussed amongst her  family members or her peers,  and she then                                                               
grew  ashamed of  her  own body  for  doing something  completely                                                               
natural.   It was not until  after her mother discovered  she had                                                               
started  her period  that she  was  finally taught  a little  bit                                                               
about  the process,  but even  then most  of the  information she                                                               
needed came  from school.   Alaskan youth  must have access  to a                                                               
comprehensive education to prevent  fear and shame from occurring                                                               
and, unfortunately, SB  89's opt-in policy creates  a barrier for                                                               
teens  who need  this  education.   The  opt-in  policy does  not                                                               
ensure  that   parents  will  become   more  involved   in  their                                                               
children's  education and,  she  pointed out  it  takes away  the                                                               
student's right  to much needed  information because if  the form                                                               
is not turned  in on time, the student  is automatically excluded                                                               
from  learning about  healthy  relationships,  their anatomy,  or                                                               
sexually  transmitted infection  (STI) prevention.   Furthermore,                                                               
she  stressed, in  the event  a child  is being  abused by  their                                                               
parent or guardian, the abuser can  simply not sign the form that                                                               
would  allow their  child to  gain access  to lifesaving  lessons                                                               
mandated through the  Alaska Safe Children's Act.   Alaskan youth                                                               
need to  have access to medically  accurate, comprehensive sexual                                                               
education and SB 89 will  only decrease the needed accessibility,                                                               
she stressed and asked that the committee not pass SB 89.                                                                       
3:35:21 PM                                                                                                                    
DEANNA HOBBS,  Senior, Thunder Mountain High  School, shared that                                                               
she  has  attended  Alaska  Association  of  Student  Governments                                                               
(AASG) youth  conference where 37  schools and 300  students from                                                               
all regions of Alaska come  together and discuss resolutions, and                                                               
the  executive  board  members  offered  SB 89  as  a  topic  for                                                               
discussion.     She  related  that  there   were  teens  opposing                                                               
abortion,  opposing  Planned  Parenthood,  teens  loving  Planned                                                               
Parenthood,  people   from  all   over  Alaska   with  completely                                                               
different  ideas  and  thoughts,  and incredibly  they  all  came                                                               
together in opposition  to this bill.  All of  the teens voted to                                                               
oppose  SB 89,  and  she asked  those  in favor  of  the bill  to                                                               
consider why  it is that  teens do not  support it.   She related                                                               
that she is  a three-year Teen Council member and  that she would                                                               
like  to open  the floor  to answer  any questions  the committee                                                               
members may have.                                                                                                               
MS. HOBBS explained  that Teen Council members,  when invited, go                                                               
into classrooms and  meet with youth groups.  A  few members went                                                               
to Anchorage for  a youth conference where  topics were discussed                                                               
such as sexuality  - what it means  and why it's not  scary - and                                                               
STIs and  anatomy, because it is  so much easier to  connect with                                                               
peers  than with  adults,  which  is so  important.   The  entire                                                               
program would  be stopped if  this bill passes, which  she opined                                                               
would be sad  because there have been  improvements in one-on-one                                                               
conversations due to  Teen Council members learning  so much that                                                               
they  have  passed   their  knowledge  to  other   people.    She                                                               
reiterated her willingness to answer any questions.                                                                             
3:37:56 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  TARR   noted  that   in  the  past,   the  Alaska                                                               
Association of  Student Government  took a  position in  favor of                                                               
comprehensive  sexuality education.    She noted  that the  youth                                                               
conference  Ms.   Hobbs  had  discussed  took   the  position  of                                                               
opposition to SB  89, and she asked whether that  had been in the                                                               
form of a  formal resolution and, if so, whether  Ms. Hobbs could                                                               
forward it to the committee.                                                                                                    
MS.  HOBBS confirmed  that it  was a  formal resolution  that had                                                               
been  sent  to the  Senate,  and  she  could  provide it  to  the                                                               
CHAIR SEATON  advised that  the committee  would like  to include                                                               
the resolution with the committee records.                                                                                      
MS. HOBBS said she will get it to the committee.                                                                                
3:38:49 PM                                                                                                                    
CAROLINE STORM  thanked the testifying  high school  students for                                                               
their testimonies  as they  are the ones  the committee  needs to                                                               
hear  from, and  that it  takes a  lot of  courage to  testify in                                                               
front  of  a  legislative  committee.   She  advised  she  is  in                                                               
opposition  to this  bill, Planned  Parenthood provides  evidence                                                               
based, accredited  reproductive education and she  was unsure why                                                               
the bill is trying  to counter that.  This is  a direct attack on                                                               
the  health and  safety  of young  adults that  do  not have  the                                                               
resources  of  loving  family  guidance.   She  pointed  out  the                                                               
responsibility of  protecting the  health and safety  of Alaska's                                                               
young  adults, and  stressed that  this  bill does  not do  that.                                                               
Rather, it  strips them of  the resources they  desperately need.                                                               
She  asked whether  this committee  had seen  data or  any report                                                               
indicating that  the accredited curriculum in  question, provided                                                               
by  Planned Parenthood,  teaches about  abortion or  has directly                                                               
lead to an abortion.                                                                                                            
3:40:16 PM                                                                                                                    
CHRISTOPHER  KURKA, Executive  Director,  Alaska  Right to  Life,                                                               
offered  that during  another  committee meeting,  Representative                                                               
Lora  Reinhold  had  asked a  Planned  Parenthood  representative                                                               
whether  the allegations  were true  that Planned  Parenthood was                                                               
encouraging 10 year  olds to have sex and was  promoting the idea                                                               
that it is alright for a person  with HIV not to tell his/her sex                                                               
partner.  He  related that he had available  screen captures from                                                               
Planned  Parenthood's web  site, because  the Planned  Parenthood                                                               
representative  denied  [the   allegations]  categorically.    He                                                               
advised that Planned Parenthood "lied  to you."  Mr. Kurka stated                                                               
that the Planned  Parenthood web site has a book  it promotes for                                                               
10 year  olds and older, titled  It's Perfectly Normal.   He said                                                             
he does  not understand  why this  is considered  appropriate sex                                                               
education for young children, because  "this is porn, basically."                                                               
Furthermore,   he  stated,   a  publication   Planned  Parenthood                                                               
promotes internationally  is entitled,  Happy, Healthy,  and Hot.                                                             
He read,  "Young people  living ...  with HIV  have the  right to                                                               
decide  if, when,  and how  to disclose  their HIV  status."   He                                                               
continued reading another line from  the publication, as follows:                                                               
"Your  decision  about  whether   to  disclose  may  change  with                                                               
different people  and situations.   You have the right  to decide                                                               
if,  when, and  how  to disclose  your HIV  status."   Mr.  Kurka                                                               
submitted that  if the  concern is  preventing HIV,  and Alaskans                                                               
support reducing  the amount of  STDs in the state,  then Planned                                                               
Parenthood is not the answer.                                                                                                   
3:42:57 PM                                                                                                                    
DOUG  KOESTER said  he is  representing the  Kachemak Bay  Family                                                               
Planning Clinic and opposes SB  89.  Kachemak Bay Family Planning                                                               
Clinic  in   Homer  is  an  independent   non-profit  founded  by                                                               
community members worried about teen  pregnancy rates, and it has                                                               
taught sex  education in the schools  for 20 years.   In fact, he                                                               
related, yesterday he  and his colleagues with  the peer educator                                                               
team  talked  in the  Chapman  School,  Anchor Point,  where  the                                                               
teachers were  thankful they  were teaching  sex education.   The                                                               
teachers  made it  clear, he  related, that  the students  do not                                                               
want  to  be taught  sex  education  by their  regular  teachers,                                                               
because  it  is  not  a  comfortable subject  to  teach  and  the                                                               
students  do not  like to  ask their  regular teachers  questions                                                               
involving  these topics.    He clarified  that  the Kachemak  Bay                                                               
Family Planning  Clinic has a  lot of experience in  the schools,                                                               
and  although  they  are  not Planned  Parenthood  or  funded  by                                                               
Planned Parenthood,  they work  with peer  educators of  the Teen                                                               
Council.    He  described  them  as some  of  the  most  amazing,                                                               
educated,  and empathetic  people the  committee will  ever meet.                                                               
Mr.  Koester  said  Planned Parenthood  as  an  organization  "is                                                               
really not  who we  are talking  about."   He clarified  that the                                                               
discussion is about people who are  doing a very difficult job in                                                               
the schools.   He explained that the discussion  is about intense                                                               
issues and  not everyone wants  to do  that.  He  emphasized that                                                               
those from the clinic are some  of the most educated and the most                                                               
empathetic people in terms of teaching sex education.                                                                           
CHAIR SEATON thanked him for his  work in Homer, and noted he has                                                               
attended some of the lessons the group taught.                                                                                  
3:45:35 PM                                                                                                                    
ARLENE RONDA said  is speaking for herself  and her grandchildren                                                               
in  opposition to  the two  amendments  to SB  89, regarding  the                                                               
abortion providers  and she  opined that  most of  the testifiers                                                               
were speaking  to that  today.   She saluted  the teens  who have                                                               
testified  and  who marvelously  spoke  their  truth.   She  then                                                               
referred  to Sections  3 and  5 of  the bill  which speak  to the                                                               
abortion providers  and pointed out  that when the  district does                                                               
not  include  abortion information  in  its  curriculum and  when                                                               
parents  have the  right to  view  materials and  opt-out of  all                                                               
human  sexuality   presentations  as   they  clearly   do,  these                                                               
[sections]  are  superfluous.   Both  [sections]  go well  beyond                                                               
protecting  parental  rights,  and   they  attempt  to  codify  a                                                               
partisan view and;  therefore, she urged the  committee to reject                                                               
both of the [sections].                                                                                                         
CHAIR  SEATON  advised  that the  committee  has  the  [committee                                                               
substitute  that includes  the two  amendments in  the bill]  and                                                               
that  possibly  the  amendments she  was  discussing  were  added                                                               
before  the  bill came  to  House  Health, Education  and  Social                                                               
Services Standing Committee.                                                                                                    
3:47:41 PM                                                                                                                    
ED GRAY said  he is a parent with two  teen-agers enrolled in the                                                               
Sitka School District,  and he urged the committee  to support SB
89.  In  September 2013, Planned Parenthood moved  into the Sitka                                                               
schools with several Planned Parenthood  supporters on the school                                                               
board  and   one  in   the  administration.     He  was   one  of                                                               
approximately 150  families to oppose  Planned Parenthood  in the                                                               
public schools.   Planned Parenthood is able  to exist, function,                                                               
and educate but  they don't think they should be  in the schools.                                                               
Those families view  public school as common  ground where anyone                                                               
with any set of values can  send their children, and they believe                                                               
that Planned  Parenthood has  a specific agenda  in what  it does                                                               
and they  do not agree with  its agenda.  The  reasons being that                                                               
Planned  Parenthood  kills 335,000  unborn  children  a year,  it                                                               
promotes  sexual  activity,  it  does  use  child  porn,  and  it                                                               
promotes  an  agenda  these  families  do not  agree  with.    He                                                               
reiterated  that they  believe  it is  common  ground, they  just                                                               
don't believe it belongs in the  public school.  He then referred                                                               
to  the  previous  testimonies of  young  people  throughout  the                                                               
course  of this  bill,  but the  committee  should remember  that                                                               
these young people  are being recruited by  Planned Parenthood in                                                               
the schools to come to these hearings and testify.                                                                              
3:50:02 PM                                                                                                                    
JULIE STROEMER  said she  has children  and grandchildren  in the                                                               
school system  and advised  she is  strongly in  favor of  SB 89.                                                               
She  stated that  she pulled  her child  out of  school when  the                                                               
Planned  Parenthood representative  came  in to  teach.   It  was                                                               
inappropriate and  distasteful, she  opined, that the  number one                                                               
abortion provider  in the  United States  and perhaps  the world,                                                               
would have anything  to do with sex education  in public schools.                                                               
The  children were  asked to  fill out  a form  and she  found it                                                               
disturbing  that  Planned  Parenthood asked  for  the  children's                                                               
personal email addresses  and she opined that  by obtaining email                                                               
addresses  from these  children, it  was actually  establishing a                                                               
client base.   Her child  was not in  the classroom so  she could                                                               
not speak to exactly what was  said, but her classmates said that                                                               
many  of the  things the  Planned Parenthood  representative said                                                               
was inappropriate,  and it  has no place  in our  public schools.                                                               
Planned  Parenthood will  benefit  from the  millions of  dollars                                                               
that will be made off of unplanned pregnancies, she said.                                                                       
3:51:46 PM                                                                                                                    
ANN  BILLS  said she  raised  five  children  in Sitka,  she  has                                                               
grandchildren  in  the  school  system,  she  took  care  of  her                                                               
children's  sex  education needs,  and  it  should be  passed  as                                                               
written.   She  noted  that a  Planned Parenthood  representative                                                               
stated  it  has  been  in  this state  20  years,  and  the  next                                                               
representative advised  that Alaska has  the highest STDs  in the                                                               
country.   She commented that if  it has been in  Alaska 20 years                                                               
and Alaska  has the highest  STD rate  in the country,  it hasn't                                                               
made  any  progress  for  Alaskans.   The  [Kachemak  Bay  Family                                                               
Planning Clinic in Homer] appears to  be a non-profit and that is                                                               
a different picture than an  organization that makes money should                                                               
not be  in Alaska's schools.   She related  that she can't  go in                                                               
and have a course about things  she wants people to buy from her,                                                               
and she appreciates the sanctity of life and parental rights.                                                                   
3:53:20 PM                                                                                                                    
CANDY MILLER opined that most Alaskans  have seen and heard a lot                                                               
of the  verifiable contents which  promoted the  investigation of                                                               
Planned  Parenthood  nationwide,  and  she  does  know  how  this                                                               
investigation  is  moving  forward  in Alaska.    Crimes  against                                                               
children is well  known in Alaska and nationwide,  and also about                                                               
trafficking.   She  referred  to  the testimony  of  a woman  who                                                               
acknowledged  that the  abortion  providers were  in  it for  the                                                               
money.  She said that a  portion of the Planned Parenthood agenda                                                               
is the  arm that  is being exposed  is a money  factor -  a money                                                               
mill - and she  opined there is a need for people  to call a halt                                                               
to  that  in Alaska.    Alaskan  taxpayers should  not  subsidize                                                               
abortion businesses  such as Planned Parenthood  who profits from                                                               
the destruction of human life with taxpayer money,                                                                              
3:55:36 PM                                                                                                                    
BARBARA  HANEY  said  she  requests  the support  of  SB  89,  is                                                               
representing  herself,   and  works  extensively   with  Alaskans                                                               
Against Common  Core.  "We  hemmed and  hawed" about some  of the                                                               
Planned  Parenthood  provisions,  mostly   about  opting  out  of                                                               
testing so  why, she asked  not allow  parents to opt-out  of any                                                               
other  activity to  which  they  object.   She  then referred  to                                                               
issues  having  to  do  with  common core  and  said  the  Alaska                                                               
Standards,  like Common  Core, does  have units  for reading  and                                                               
writing, science technology, and social  studies.  An Oregon math                                                               
teacher, Bill (indisc.), was terminated  for not allowing Planned                                                               
Parenthood  in his  math class,  which promoted  her to  consider                                                               
that   including  provisions   against   Planned  Parenthood   in                                                               
classrooms  would be  a good  thing.   It  is one  thing to  have                                                               
Planned Parenthood  in the communities and  churches, but another                                                               
thing when discussing it going  into the public schools, which is                                                               
an extension of the state, she  said.  Therefore, the state would                                                               
be  saying  that  the  state sanctions  their  opinion  over  the                                                               
opinion of  other people, but  they are  not the only  people who                                                               
have  sex education  curriculum.   Planned Parenthood  works with                                                               
the CDC  and yet these  organizations have their  own independent                                                               
free standing  curriculums that  can be  used to  that end.   She                                                               
pointed  out that  if the  committee  truly cares  about STDs  it                                                               
should look  at Interior  Alaska because  STDs have  declined and                                                               
not in the rest of the state, she said.                                                                                         
3:58:25 PM                                                                                                                    
DAVE CARTER, Attorney, urged to  leave this bill in its committee                                                               
and let  it die.  He  asked the committee to  consider the Alaska                                                               
State Constitution, Article VII, Section 1, which read:                                                                         
     The  legislature shall  by  general  law establish  and                                                                    
     maintain  a  system  of  public  schools  open  to  all                                                                    
     children  of  the  State, and  may  provide  for  other                                                                    
     public    educational    institutions.   Schools    and                                                                    
     institutions   so  established   shall  be   free  from                                                                    
     sectarian control.  No money shall be  paid from public                                                                    
     funds for the direct benefit  of any religious or other                                                                    
     private educational institution.                                                                                           
MR. CARTER stated  that all of the comments in  favor of the bill                                                               
are  blatantly  of  sectarian philosophy  and  they  violate  the                                                               
constitution  with this  attempted legislation.   He  referred to                                                               
Article VII, Sections 4-5, which read:                                                                                          
     Section 4:                                                                                                                 
     The  legislature shall  provide for  the promotion  and                                                                    
     protection of public health.                                                                                               
     Section 5:                                                                                                                 
     The legislature shall provide for public welfare.                                                                          
3:59:43 PM                                                                                                                    
MR.  CARTER  pointed out  that  "shall"  is  a specific  word  to                                                               
lawyers and  judges; therefore, it  is easy for the  committee to                                                               
pay attention  to the constitutional  requirement that  guide the                                                               
committee and say that this  is simply an inappropriate proposal.                                                               
The legislation  is blatantly religious  and that it  talks about                                                               
religion at  various points.   He put  forth the scenario  of one                                                               
parent wanting their  child to go to class and  the other doesn't                                                               
and the  child's parent has  to give  permission.  He  asked what                                                               
happens when  referring to biblical  sources and the  husband has                                                               
authority over  what the wife wants  to do.  He  stressed that it                                                               
doesn't make  sense, is not  a workable  bill, and to  please let                                                               
the bill die a quick death.                                                                                                     
4:00:37 PM                                                                                                                    
MOIRA PYHALA  said she is a  student at UAA, and  is President of                                                               
Generation  Action  - Students  for  Reproductive  Justice.   She                                                               
related that she is in opposition  to SB 89, which would not only                                                               
limit  school districts  but is  a legislative  biased attack  on                                                               
abortion  providers  and  specifically Planned  Parenthood.    In                                                               
order to  become a certified abortion  facilitator, an individual                                                               
must not only  attend four years of hard  labor intensive medical                                                               
school, continue  further studies, specialize in  gynecology, and                                                               
is  required  to  receive  hands   on  training  specializing  in                                                               
abortions.  In  total, she commented, this training  can take 6-8                                                               
years to complete.   Being raised by someone in  the health field                                                               
she knows that this is the  same amount of knowledge and training                                                               
that  almost anyone  in the  medical field  must undergo,  so she                                                               
asked  why are  we  alienating a  single profession,  questioning                                                               
capabilities to  reciprocate and  teach health because  they have                                                               
almost the same  amount of knowledge and wisdom  that is required                                                               
with  any  health  profession,  and  it is  the  same  amount  of                                                               
knowledge her basic health provider  must have.  She advised that                                                               
her father  is a doctor  who has  presented several times  in her                                                               
school, and not  once has any person questioned  his knowledge or                                                               
whether he  was unfit  to teach  in the  schools.   She described                                                               
herself as  an advocate  for the  brilliant doctors,  nurses, and                                                               
volunteers who are not with us  today and she listed the numerous                                                               
Planned  Parenthood health  providers who  were shot  and killed.                                                               
She said she stands for them,  including all people who have been                                                               
physically   and   verbally   attacked  for   standing   up   for                                                               
reproductive rights.  As an  active member of Generation Action -                                                               
Students for Reproductive Justice, she  said she stands until the                                                               
attack  on abortion  providers, both  physically and  verbally in                                                               
state and federal  government is part of this state's  past.  She                                                               
then pointed  out that Senator Dunleavy's  attack towards Planned                                                               
Parenthood is  not only impractical  but a  waste of time.   Just                                                               
because  an individual  has a  history of  providing an  abortion                                                               
does  not  mean they  are  teaching  that  abortion is  the  only                                                               
option.   Planned Parenthood and  all groups associated  with the                                                               
organization are  working together  to provide options  for young                                                               
women and men, she related.                                                                                                     
4:03:19 PM                                                                                                                    
DAVID  NEES  said he  has  no  problem  with  SB 89,  Section  2;                                                               
however, there  is no definition  in Section 3 of  an educational                                                               
service  organization  and a  definition  would  be useful.    He                                                               
turned  to  Section 4,  Physical  examination  for teachers,  and                                                               
related that as a  teacher he is required to pay  for a yearly TB                                                               
test  out of  his own  pocket.   He  referred to  Section 5,  and                                                               
offered  that  Public  Law, population  research,  and  voluntary                                                               
family planning was passed in  1970, signed into law by President                                                               
Richard Nixon,  and has been in  place for 46 years.   Within the                                                               
last 18 years  in the areas of  the urban part of  the state, the                                                               
birth rates  for teens has gone  down 10 percent, yet  for Alaska                                                               
Natives in  rural areas it  has up 10  percent.  He  related that                                                               
schools  are  a place  to  present  information  and he  is  torn                                                               
because he  does not know  whether banning a  particular provider                                                               
will help the system or make the  system worse.  In the event the                                                               
committee is looking  at this bill as a public  health issue, the                                                               
committee  must talk  to  the state's  public  health people  and                                                               
determine  the best  way to  get information  out and  reduce the                                                               
cost  of teen  pregnancy.   Whether  it is  best  delivered in  a                                                               
school setting  or delivered by outside  organizations meeting at                                                               
the  school house  after school  hours.   The problem  has always                                                               
been  difficult  and,  he  related when  he  taught  junior  high                                                               
school,  the PE  teacher  would  be picked  to  teach the  health                                                               
classes who  is not a  trained medical professional.   He offered                                                               
that he has no problem  with the entire bill basically, although,                                                               
he would  like to  see physical  examinations free  for teachers,                                                               
and the definition of educational service organization included.                                                                
4:05:51 PM                                                                                                                    
KATHY  CRONEN said  she has  worked for  many years  with Alaskan                                                               
youth having been the CEO  for Northstar Behavioral Health System                                                               
for  over 20  years, and  that she  retired in  2005 to  join the                                                               
faculty  at Alaska  Pacific University  where  she continues  her                                                               
experience with  youth in teaching  health care  policy, finance,                                                               
and economics.   Speaking as a  leader and an educator,  she said                                                               
she knows firsthand  the importance of not  restricting access to                                                               
information  that  is vital  for  healthy  decision making.    In                                                               
addition to being a healthcare  administrator and educator she is                                                               
also a mother  having raised three daughters to adulthood.   As a                                                               
parent, she believes sex education should  begin at home but as a                                                               
professional she  knows this does  not always happen.   She noted                                                               
that  several young  people testified  they did  not receive  sex                                                               
education at  home, or were uncomfortable  about asking questions                                                               
at home.  As a healthcare  administrator she related that she has                                                               
seen  firsthand the  personal and  financial cost  to people  who                                                               
make poor decisions  regarding drug and alcohol  abuse and sexual                                                               
activity.   Many  statistics were  brought  forth in  testimonies                                                               
about the number of STDs and  teen pregnancies in this state, and                                                               
it  is  well known  that  education  works  and referred  to  the                                                               
education programs  to end smoking,  to prevent drug  and alcohol                                                               
abuse, she  commented.   Alaska is  in the  midst of  a financial                                                               
crisis  and the  state and  the  school districts  needs to  work                                                               
collaboratively with providers.   She referred to the possibility                                                               
of  Planned  Parenthood  not  providing  these  services  in  the                                                               
schools, and  urged the committee  to consider who  would provide                                                               
those services.   Over 2,000  children received  sexual education                                                               
from Planned  Parenthood last year,  who will do this  if Planned                                                               
Parenthood is restricted.   The suggestion of  teachers taking on                                                               
this responsibility has been put  forth, yet teachers barely have                                                               
time  to teach  core curriculum.   She  asked whether  additional                                                               
teachers would  be hired, what  experience and training  would be                                                               
required to  teach this, and  what would  be the overall  cost to                                                               
the state.  In the event  a new provider, other than teachers, is                                                               
recruited  from the  community who  will they  be, and  what will                                                               
they  charge.   She  reiterated that  the state  is  in a  fiscal                                                               
crisis, and it  is known that education works, and  the state has                                                               
a provider  who is willing  to do  this, she urged  the committee                                                               
members not to pass SB 89.                                                                                                      
4:08:52 PM                                                                                                                    
KRISTEN  DEHAVEN, Junior,  Highland Tech  Charter School,  opined                                                               
that  teens  have  the right  to  comprehensive,  unbiased,  non-                                                               
judgmental medical information, and by  passing SB 89 it would be                                                               
an obstruction  to [Article  I], Section 1,  of the  Alaska State                                                               
Constitution  because   it  takes   away  the  teen's   right  to                                                               
education.  Passage of this  bill would prevent teens from making                                                               
educated  informational  knowledge  about their  health  and  sex                                                               
education should  be taught  at school because  at home  they may                                                               
not actually be taught.  Sex  education should be given in a safe                                                               
and accurate manner that is unbiased,  which is a great thing for                                                               
teens.    She  opined  that  passing  this  bill  would  probably                                                               
increase pregnancy and  STD rates which is  exactly what Alaskans                                                               
want to prevent, and to please vote no on SB 89.                                                                                
4:10:34 PM                                                                                                                    
HENRY SCHILDBECK,  Senior, Highland Tech Charter  School, said he                                                               
is a  Teen Council member  and explained  that Teen Council  is a                                                               
group  of   teen-agers  dedicated  to   providing  comprehensive,                                                               
medically  accurate,  sexual  education  to teens  in  their  own                                                               
schools and schools within the  Anchorage School District.  Teens                                                               
in  this program  receive extensive  training on  how to  educate                                                               
other teens  on topics  that range  from sexual  and reproductive                                                               
health  to  healthy  relationships.   The  goals  are  education,                                                               
prevention, and  to enable people  to live healthy,  happy lives.                                                               
To  fill a  gap in  teens' lives  by providing  the resources  of                                                               
trained knowledgeable  and non-judgmental  information regardless                                                               
of  the  question.    Alaska has  no  standardize  sexual  health                                                               
education and less than one-quarter  of Alaskan schools teach the                                                               
recommended HIV, STD, and pregnancy  prevention topics during the                                                               
2013-2014 school  year, he  related.  Alaska  is rated  47th with                                                               
only  three other  states having  less  sexual health  education.                                                               
With Alaska being  ranked number one in the  nation for chlamydia                                                               
and with  teen pregnancy  rates on the  rise, this  is completely                                                               
unacceptable.  He  pointed out that teachers  invite Teen Council                                                               
and  Planned  Parenthood  into  their  classrooms  to  supplement                                                               
lessons,  filling in  a gap  to the  state's inaction  to set  up                                                               
comprehensive  sex education.    It has  been consistently  shown                                                               
that comprehensive  sex education,  such as  the kind  offered by                                                               
Planned  Parenthood and  Teen Council  is extremely  effective in                                                               
reducing STIs,  delaying the start sexual  activity, and lowering                                                               
teen pregnancy rates.  He pointed  out that the first goal should                                                               
be  to  teach  comprehensive  sex education  rather  than  plunge                                                               
Alaska's  youth into  the  dark  about their  own  bodies.   This                                                               
legislation would turn  the opt-out system into  an opt-in system                                                               
destroying  any   hope  of  Erin's  Law   and  comprehensive  sex                                                               
education reaching those who need it  the most.  The sexual child                                                               
abuse  rates are  over six  times the  national average,  and the                                                               
[sponsor] should be  ashamed to introduce a bill such  as this in                                                               
Alaska.   Teachers,  students and  communities rely  upon Planned                                                               
Parenthood and Teen Council to  provide sex education information                                                               
and  passage  would  be  disastrous  for  teens  and  communities                                                               
already struggling with education, he  said.  Speaking as a teen,                                                               
a constituent,  and voice  for his peers,  he requested  that the                                                               
committee oppose SB 89, and  allow comprehensive sexual education                                                               
to be taught in schools rather than shied away from.                                                                            
4:12:35 PM                                                                                                                    
LILY SPIROSKI,  Ninth Grader, Highland Tech  Charter School, said                                                               
that as  an older sister and  a student at a  charter school, she                                                               
wants a  program such as  Planned Parenthood and Teen  Council to                                                               
teach her  and her  younger siblings about  safe sex  and healthy                                                               
relationships  and   abstinence,  and   she  has   learned  about                                                               
abstinence and prevention  of infections.  As a teen  and a voice                                                               
of her  peers, she requested  opposition to  SB 89, and  to allow                                                               
the  continuation  of  comprehensive, medically  accurate  sexual                                                               
health education by Planned Parenthood and Teen Council.                                                                        
4:13:25 PM                                                                                                                    
CLEO SWEETMAN,  Junior, Highland  Tech Charter School,  said that                                                               
comprehensive,   medically  accurate   sexual  education   is  an                                                               
important and  necessary subject  to be  taught in  middle school                                                               
and high school.  As a teen-ager,  she said, she has a need and a                                                               
right to  know everything about what  is alright and what  is not                                                               
for her and her body.   Programs that provide sexual education in                                                               
middle  schools  and  high  schools   establish  and  maintain  a                                                               
comfortable   and   non-judgmental  learning   environment   with                                                               
accurate  answers  for any  questions  students  may have.    She                                                               
reminded  the   committee  that  puberty,  sex,   birth  control,                                                               
pregnancy, STDs  and healthy relationships  are all  things teen-                                                               
agers need to know about,  otherwise Alaska will continue to have                                                               
the twelfth highest teen pregnancy  rates, the highest STD rates,                                                               
and the highest domestic abuse rates.   She related that she is a                                                               
teen-ager, a constituent,  and a voice for her peers  who did not                                                               
make  it  in  today,  she   opposes  SB  89,  and  requested  the                                                               
continuation   of   comprehensive,  medically   accurate   sexual                                                               
education in middle schools and high schools.                                                                                   
4:14:42 PM                                                                                                                    
TANNER  DUNN,  Senior,  Highland  Tech Charter  School,  said  he                                                               
opposes  this bill  because  he believes  all  teens should  have                                                               
access to  unbiased medically  accurate information,  and Planned                                                               
Parenthood gives  out this information  free of charge.   Whether                                                               
on their web  site or through a representative at  a school, this                                                               
bill would  starve teens of  this vitally  important information.                                                               
The  passage of  this  bill would  lead to  an  increase in  teen                                                               
pregnancy  and  teen  STDs  in  Alaska, and  he  asked  that  the                                                               
committee vote no on SB 89.                                                                                                     
4:15:18 PM                                                                                                                    
ROBIN SMITH said that most  parents find dealing with their teen-                                                               
ager's sexuality to be difficult  because parents don't want them                                                               
hurt  or  find themselves  in  difficult  situations such  as  an                                                               
unintended pregnancy.  For a male  or female, STIs and HIV can be                                                               
life changing, but many parents  simply ignore it or barely touch                                                               
the surface.  Teens report  that their main source of information                                                               
about sex, dating, and sexual health  comes from what they see on                                                               
the  media,  including music  videos,  reality  shows, beer  ads,                                                               
online porn,  and video games.   Social media is  another problem                                                               
because girls  are pressured to  send naked selfies to  boys, and                                                               
parents are  appalled to hear  that oral  sex has become  the new                                                               
kissing,  and pray  that this  is not  true in  Alaska.   Parents                                                               
simply want to lock up their  children until they are adults, but                                                               
they  can't  so  they  mustn't  be  blind  to  what  is  actually                                                               
happening out  there.  Time  Magazine's latest issue  states that                                                             
the lack of sexual education in  schools has made online porn the                                                               
de facto sex  education for many young people.   She advised that                                                               
eleventh grade girls confided to her  "I watch porn because I'm a                                                               
virgin and I want to figure  out how sex works."  Porn eroticizes                                                               
the  degradation  of  women,  and the  biggest  users  of  online                                                               
pornography  are  12-17 year  old  boys,  and  that one  in  five                                                               
children will be approached by  a sexual predator online, and she                                                               
described  those statistics  as scary.   She  stressed that,  yet                                                               
with all of this going on over  the past 20 years in survey after                                                               
survey  of local  communities, or  nationwide,  80-85 percent  of                                                               
parents   indicate   they   want  their   children   to   receive                                                               
comprehensive,   medically   accurate,    age   appropriate   sex                                                               
education.  She pointed out that  parents say children need to be                                                               
taught about delaying the onset  of intimate sexual relationships                                                               
until they are mature and responsible,  and also need to be given                                                               
the  information  and  skills  they   need  to  use  condoms  and                                                               
contraception when they do choose to become sexually active.                                                                    
4:17:58 PM                                                                                                                    
KENNI PSENAK-LINDEN said  she was born and raised  in Palmer, and                                                               
encouraged  the committee  to  oppose  SB 89  due  to the  opt-in                                                               
provision   for   comprehensive   sex   education   which   could                                                               
potentially   jeopardize  education   funding   for  the   state,                                                               
especially  in its  current fiscal  crisis.   She  said she  also                                                               
opposes  unfairly targeting  sexual  health  education in  highly                                                               
trained educators,  and that as a  National Baccalaureate student                                                               
at Palmer High School she had  the opportunity to sit on the Mat-                                                               
Su School  District School Board  and serve as the  first student                                                               
on  the  Mat-Su  School  District   Curriculum  Council.    After                                                               
college, she stated,  she briefly taught as  a substitute teacher                                                               
around   the  district   and  had   the  pleasure   to  see   the                                                               
transformative work taking  place in its schools every  day.  She                                                               
related that SB 89 creates  harmful and unnecessary boundaries to                                                               
accessing  essential  comprehensive and  scientifically  accurate                                                               
reproductive  health  education.   Curriculum  standards  already                                                               
prevent  abortions  from  being addressed  within  the  classroom                                                               
which  means that  SB 89  is misguided,  likely unconstitutional,                                                               
and  actively  undermines  the  purview  of  teachers  and  local                                                               
educators to have  local control and teach to the  needs of their                                                               
students,  and   these  needs  include  information   on  healthy                                                               
relationships  and consent.    She related  that  she wished  her                                                               
health education  and the health  education of her  assailant had                                                               
included these  key lessons which  may have prevented  the trauma                                                               
she experienced  after being  sexually assaulted  at 15  years of                                                               
age.   She  regards  herself as  lucky she  came  away from  that                                                               
experience  with  PTSD  and  not   STIs  or  pregnancy,  and  she                                                               
appreciates that Planned Parenthood,  as an organization, stepped                                                               
in  to  fill  a  gap   and  provide  lifesaving  evidenced  based                                                               
education.    Parents have  the  opportunity  to opt-out  of  any                                                               
education that  does not align  with their values, and  to please                                                               
not  create  additional  barriers   for  families  that  do  want                                                               
qualified and  experienced educators in the  classroom.  Speaking                                                               
as  a  soon to  be  parent  herself,  she  and her  husband  have                                                               
discussed  the  need and  their  overwhelming  desire that  their                                                               
children will  receive better sex  education than they  did, both                                                               
at  home and  in their  classrooms so  please oppose  SB 89,  she                                                               
4:20:54 PM                                                                                                                    
NIAL LINDEN said  he and his wife live in  Palmer and he extended                                                               
that sexual  education is  important to young  people, and  SB 89                                                               
should be opposed.   He related that he grew up  as a Catholic in                                                               
Ireland where sex  education was not included  in the curriculum.                                                               
His first girlfriend was raped  by her brother's best friend when                                                               
she was  11 years of  age and she  had no  idea what or  why this                                                               
happened and  she was naturally  confused.  This rape  was caused                                                               
by a  person she saw  daily as a good  family friend and  she had                                                               
nowhere to go.    For the next two years she  did not receive sex                                                               
education and thought she was going  to have a baby at any minute                                                               
because sex equals  a baby.  For those two  years she felt shame,                                                               
for two  years she lived in  constant fear of what  was inside of                                                               
her and  what was going to  happen and it wasn't  until the ninth                                                               
grade in biology  that she learned that the  gestation period was                                                               
approximately  nine   months  and   that  she   wasn't  pregnant.                                                               
Needless to  say she was  markedly scarred  and spent all  of her                                                               
young adolescent life and formative  years afraid of boys, and it                                                               
was  six years  before she  ever  confided in  someone, and  that                                                               
someone was  him.  He  stressed that  he knows she  still carries                                                               
those  scars, and  if a  person believes  that comprehensive  sex                                                               
education has no  place in schools, to then please  think of this                                                               
young  girl, how  she could  have found  sex education  in school                                                               
that wasn't her  family or friend and she could  have asked these                                                               
questions.   If a member believes  this sort of panic  is part of                                                               
normal growing up then vote for  this bill, but a member believes                                                               
that this  should never  happen to anyone  to please  oppose this                                                               
bill.   The committee may  vote to remove trained  educators from                                                               
the classroom, create  barriers for students, and  he pointed out                                                               
that  abstinence only  is  not a  solution  to sexual  education.                                                               
There are  no sexual standards  in Alaska despite its  high rates                                                               
of STDs and sexual abuse.   Withholding information from children                                                               
causes  children  to suffer,  he  related  and it  is  completely                                                               
within the  committee's power to  give children  this information                                                               
and stop the suffering.  Voting  as a House Health, Education and                                                               
Social Services Standing  Committee member, he opined  that it is                                                               
the committee's  duty to stop the  suffering, even if it  is just                                                               
one girl.                                                                                                                       
4:23:43 PM                                                                                                                    
PAIGE HODSON related  she has special expertise with  some of the                                                               
topics around this  bill as she has survived  raising three teen-                                                               
agers in  the Anchorage School  District, and  survived reviewing                                                               
sex education  curriculum each  time it was  offered.   She noted                                                               
that  she sat  in  on classroom  presentations,  such as  Planned                                                               
Parenthood,  and that  she is  adamantly  opposed to  SB 89,  and                                                               
related bills.   Most  teens on  a typical  day coming  home from                                                               
school have little  to no response to "What did  you do in school                                                               
today? ... "Nothin."   All parents hope that  their children will                                                               
come to  them with  questions about  their bodies  and sexuality,                                                               
but  the   reality  is  that   even  in  the   best  parent/child                                                               
relationships, they  often don't.   As parents, the hope  is that                                                               
by the time  their children are in middle school  and high school                                                               
the parents  have instilled their  values in their  children, and                                                               
at some  point, a good  parent has  to trust that  their children                                                               
are  fully capable  of using  their critical  thinking skills  to                                                               
distill  facts in  school, just  as they  do every  day in  every                                                               
other subject.   Public  schools are just  that, public,  a place                                                               
for  children to  learn multiple  points  of view  and use  their                                                               
critical  thinking skills,  and  a place  for  children to  learn                                                               
facts and  science which includes  health and biology,  she said.                                                               
Planned Parenthood is the premiere  sexual health educator in the                                                               
country, she  described, and it  is ridiculous  and short-sighted                                                               
to target them for exclusion.   She related that her children had                                                               
exposure  to  speakers  from  both   Planned  Parenthood  and  an                                                               
abstinence only  group, and she had  the option to opt  her teens                                                               
out  of  either  presentation  if   she  cared  to,  she  didn't.                                                               
However, the one that caused  her more concern was the abstinence                                                               
only group  who pushed  a shaming religious  agenda and  gave the                                                               
children  medically   inaccurate  information.     The  presenter                                                               
actually  said  that  if  they have  sex  before  marriage,  they                                                               
couldn't  bond with  their  marital partners  down  the line  and                                                               
compared  them to  used  chewing gum.    Thankfully, the  teacher                                                               
corrected that  misinformation, the presentation was  so bad that                                                               
the students were outraged and  the teacher said they would never                                                               
be invited back.   Her point is that even  though she didn't care                                                               
for that presentation,  she trusted her children  to sift through                                                               
what was  presented and reconcile  it with their values  and make                                                               
intelligent decisions.   She remarked that this bill  is based on                                                               
fear,    scoring    political    points,    demonizing    medical                                                               
professionals, and distrust of a  parent's own child's ability to                                                               
learn  facts  in science  and  make  healthy decision  for  their                                                               
4:26:54 PM                                                                                                                    
SHERI  DELIN, Junior,  Highland  Tech Charter  School, said  that                                                               
without accurate sexual  education, she and her  peers would lack                                                               
important knowledge  while moving into  their adult lives.   With                                                               
the  knowledge that  Planned Parenthood  provides,  she said  she                                                               
would receive accurate information  and better improve her peers'                                                               
understanding of safe  sexual activity.  Being a  teen, she noted                                                               
that she would  like to see Planned Parenthood  remain in schools                                                               
as it is now and continue  to provide the accurate information as                                                               
it always has.                                                                                                                  
4:27:40 PM                                                                                                                    
JACOB GRIGGS, Senior, Highland Tech  Charter School, related that                                                               
with the internet readily available  to all, accurate information                                                               
is hard  to come by.   Planned Parenthood has  consistently given                                                               
accurate comprehensive sexual  education and it would  be a shame                                                               
to see  it removed from public  schools.  He pointed  out that by                                                               
passing  SB  89,  the  committee would  deny  that  education  to                                                               
thousands of  growing adults, the  people of the  state's future.                                                               
With  the  rampant  STD  and  teen  pregnancy  rates  in  Alaska,                                                               
removing this  expertly taught sexual education  would only serve                                                               
to further these statistics.   He then advised the committee that                                                               
none of the people present were asked to provide testimony.                                                                     
4:28:37 PM                                                                                                                    
ZHENIA PETERSON said  she is in opposition of SB  89.  The public                                                               
has  seen several  different bills  attacking Planned  Parenthood                                                               
for  parental rights,  abortion, and  safety for  children.   She                                                               
explained  that  parental rights  are  present  in the  State  of                                                               
Alaska where parents  can opt their children out  of any subject,                                                               
including  sex  education.    This  bill  would  add  unnecessary                                                               
burdens  on parents  by enacting  the opt-in  system, unnecessary                                                               
burdens on  the teachers for  the time  they would have  to spend                                                               
contacting  parents,  and  it would  be  costly  during  Alaska's                                                               
budget deficit.   While abortion  is one of the  services Planned                                                               
Parenthood  provides, she  pointed out  that it  does not  teach,                                                               
talk,  or   mention  abortion   during  sex   education  classes.                                                               
Recently,  the  Alaska  Right  to  Life  group  posted  on  their                                                               
Facebook   page  that   Planned  Parenthood   is  "quote,   using                                                               
pornographic  materials"  to   promote  promiscuity  in  Alaska's                                                               
public schools, and  that the state should  "stop sexualizing our                                                               
children."   Anyone who has  ever picked up a  Planned Parenthood                                                               
brochure  can  relate  that  Planned   Parenthood  does  not  use                                                               
pornographic  materials  to  promote  promiscuity,  nor  do  they                                                               
sexualize  children.    Instead,  she  commented,  the  brochures                                                               
contain  anatomy   and  medically  accurate  information.     All                                                               
students  should have  access to  sex education  without barriers                                                               
because  sexual  education  is  important  and  it  will  prepare                                                               
students for a  successful and informed adult life.   Even though                                                               
she is at the collegiate level,  she related that she often finds                                                               
her peers  to be confused about  informed consent, how to  lead a                                                               
healthy life  and make healthy  sexual decisions, know  what STIs                                                               
are and where to get treatment.   Access to sex education is both                                                               
critical for students and vital  for this state with its epidemic                                                               
with sexually transmitted diseases  and sexual abuse.  Therefore,                                                               
she extended, teaching  students what it means to  be healthy and                                                               
where to receive services for  STI treatment and prevention would                                                               
cut costs  and return the  saved monies  to assist in  the budget                                                               
deficit.   Planned Parenthood's role  in Alaska  is indispensable                                                               
for students  to access information,  and Alaskans need  to learn                                                               
how  to have  healthy  relationships with  their  peers and  make                                                               
healthy sexual  decisions.  She  strongly urged the  committee to                                                               
support  comprehensive sexual  education in  Alaska's schools  to                                                               
decrease high rates  of STIs and make sure the  state is healthy,                                                               
safe, and educated.                                                                                                             
4:31:11 PM                                                                                                                    
CAROLINE AHRENS said  she represents herself and  her family, and                                                               
they oppose  SB 89.   She offered  that she teaches  her children                                                               
integrity, honesty,  and open communication, although  any time a                                                               
Cialis or Viagra commercial comes  on the television she wants to                                                               
leave the  room because she  doesn't want to talk  erections with                                                               
her  son.   She  related that  she wants  him  to receive  sexual                                                               
education that  is factual and  correct in a  comfortable setting                                                               
that he has  with Planned Parenthood in his school,  and that she                                                               
agrees  with many  of  the students  and  professional that  have                                                               
testified before  her.   Her son attends  a small  charter school                                                               
and she said,  "so you want to strap them  with additional costs"                                                               
and that she  didn't see money coming from the  state.  The state                                                               
is saying  it will take away  the free program that  provides sex                                                               
education even  though the  school district,  principal, teacher,                                                               
parent have approved the curriculum,  the state is saying it will                                                               
replace it with  something else "but we're not going  to give you                                                               
any money to do  it, by the way."  The committee  is looking at a                                                               
financially strapped  state and  it is not  giving more  money to                                                               
schools, but  it will take  away a  free service that  is factual                                                               
and approved  education.  She  referred to the opt-in  or opt-out                                                               
provision on sex  education, and stated that this is  not a field                                                               
trip; a  field trip is  the sort of  thing the parent  opts into.                                                               
Sex  education  should be  mandatory  and  the parents  have  the                                                               
ability to opt-out but, she  described, this issue is life saving                                                               
and important  education.  The committee  may not think of  it as                                                               
middle school or  high school kids, but when they  get to college                                                               
and are  approached on a campus,  parents want them to  know that                                                               
what they know  is factual.  She  stated that she and  son say no                                                               
to the passage of this bill.                                                                                                    
4:33:21 PM                                                                                                                    
MICAH PERION, Senior, Highland Tec  Charter School, said that his                                                               
experience and communications  with his peers has  shown that the                                                               
majority of them engage in  unsafe sexual activities.  It worries                                                               
him  on  a  personal  level   because  he  well  knows  that  any                                                               
experience  in the  future  could  have a  strong  impact on  his                                                               
health.   [Passage] of  SB 89 would  have detrimental  effects on                                                               
the youth  and the future populous  of the State of  Alaska as it                                                               
inadvertently encourages youth to  practice unsafe sex leading to                                                               
STDs with  inaccurate, little, or zero  medically accurate sexual                                                               
education  implemented into  the  school system.    In the  event                                                               
teens  and his  peers  are  not given  the  option  to learn  the                                                               
information that Planned Parenthood  is offering to teach wherein                                                               
teaching  professional have  invite Planned  Parenthood to  teach                                                               
this information, he said he fears  he will see more of his peers                                                               
succumb to unsafe  sexual conduct, be exposed to  STDs, STIs, and                                                               
underage pregnancy.   He remarked that he cannot sit  by idle and                                                               
watch as  the vital options  for educating teens, and  the future                                                               
growth of  the nation about  safe sex, pregnancy  prevention, and                                                               
STD and STI prevention might be  removed.  Speaking as a teen and                                                               
a constituent, he  asked the committee to oppose SB  89 and allow                                                               
medically accurate, comprehensive sexual education to continue.                                                                 
4:34:56 PM                                                                                                                    
JESSICA CLER,  Public Affairs Manager, Planned  Parenthood, Great                                                               
Northwest and Hawaii,  said she is a lifelong  Alaskan, raised in                                                               
Wasilla, graduate of  Colony High School, graduate of  UAA, and a                                                               
current resident  of Anchorage,  speaks in  opposition to  SB 89.                                                               
She clarified for previous testifiers  that Planned Parenthood is                                                               
not under  investigation in  Alaska because  there is  nothing to                                                               
investigate,  Planned  Parenthood  is a  mandatory  sexual  abuse                                                               
reporter,  a trusted  healthcare provider,  and a  trusted sexual                                                               
health educator.   Further, she said, the  lies being promulgated                                                               
against Planned Parenthood are not  only inaccurate but they have                                                               
nothing to do with what is  taught in the classroom, and that the                                                               
curriculum  is adapted  for each  community,  school, and  class.                                                               
Parties can  disagree about sexual  health education  and whether                                                               
it  belongs in  public schools,  but there  is no  agreement that                                                               
such misguided  allegations should  be part of  the conversation.                                                               
Speaking  as a  graduate of  Alaska's public  school system,  she                                                               
said she  knows firsthand  the lack  of access  to comprehensive,                                                               
medically accurate sexual health education  in the state.  Alaska                                                               
has no state standards for  sexual health education, yet there is                                                               
an epidemic of sexually transmitted  infections, the highest rate                                                               
of reported rape  in the country, and child  sexual assault rates                                                               
six times  the national average.   She stated that her  peers and                                                               
she  would have  greatly  benefited from  the  kind of  education                                                               
Planned Parenthood  provides on prevention, consent,  and healthy                                                               
relationships.   Further, Planned  Parenthood fills  an important                                                               
gap  left  by the  state's  inaction  in ensuring  students  have                                                               
access to the information they need.   In a time when the state's                                                               
education  system  is  facing   unprecedented  budget  cuts,  the                                                               
legislature  should   be  encouraging  districts  to   use  every                                                               
resource available  to educate its  student and not  limiting the                                                               
school  district's options  for local  programming.   Rather than                                                               
creating more  barriers to  educating, she  pointed out  that the                                                               
parties should  be working  together to  ensure that  the state's                                                               
youth have the  resources and information needed  to lead healthy                                                               
and productive lives, and SB 89 does the opposite.                                                                              
4:37:12 PM                                                                                                                    
MATHEW FARINA,  Senior, University of Alaska,  Anchorage, said he                                                               
is from Talkeetna  and that one of the most  important things for                                                               
youth and everyone today is  education, and that sex education is                                                               
part   of  education.      He  said   he   has  experienced   the                                                               
misinformation  young adults  have in  his life  as a  male upper                                                               
classman,  especially  when  involving condoms  and  availability                                                               
because  people don't  understand how  condoms work,  how to  fit                                                               
them, where  to get them, or  which condoms are proper  for them.                                                               
Also, he commented  people are not aware that the  spread of STDs                                                               
is not fully  stopped by a condom.  Further,  he stated, abortion                                                               
is  not allowed  to be  spoken of  during sex  education in  high                                                               
schools, and having  an abortion provider give  the sex education                                                               
isn't  related.   People don't  like Planned  Parenthood teaching                                                               
sex  education because  it informs  students of  the services  it                                                               
provides, but in addition to  sex education and abortion, it also                                                               
provides preventive  screenings for women, such  as breast exams,                                                               
mammograms, free  STD testing for the  community, and vasectomies                                                               
for males.   He related  that knowing about  Planned Parenthood's                                                               
sex  education  and the  services  it  offers is  important,  and                                                               
abortion  is  not part  of  that  when  speaking to  high  school                                                               
4:39:36 PM                                                                                                                    
SAMANTHA  SAVAGE, Senior,  University of  Alaska Fairbanks,  said                                                               
she is graduating  from UAF in May with a  degree in social work,                                                               
and voiced her opposition  to SB 89.  She said  that she does not                                                               
believe  that the  bill sponsors  and  supporters understand  the                                                               
endemic  rates  of reproductive  health  issues  that plague  the                                                               
state.  In 2014, the rate  of chlamydia infection was 778 persons                                                               
per 100,000  statewide, and  759 persons  per 100,000  persons in                                                               
the Interior.   The state's  teen birth  rate is higher  than the                                                               
national average and it is estimated  that 49 percent of women in                                                               
Fairbanks  have experienced  intimate partner  violence in  their                                                               
lifetime,   and  four   percent  of   women  in   Fairbanks  have                                                               
experienced sexual  violence in the  last year.   It consistently                                                               
makes the  news that it  is one of  the most dangerous  places to                                                               
live as a  woman in the United States.   Clearly, she pointed out                                                               
there is a lack of understanding  both at a state and local level                                                               
as to  how to keep  Alaskans healthy  and safe.   While attending                                                               
Colony High School,  she said the sex education  she received was                                                               
medically accurate,  although it  was not comprehensive  and many                                                               
of her  questions were left  unanswered.  She extended  that this                                                               
bill asserts that Planned Parenthood  is in schools with sinister                                                               
motives  and to  say  that Planned  Parenthood is  indoctrinating                                                               
children is completely false, and  stated that Planned Parenthood                                                               
has  is a  long  history  of being  committed  to teaching  free,                                                               
comprehensive,  and  medically  accurate  sex  education  so  all                                                               
youths have  the opportunity to  make important  health decisions                                                               
for  themselves.    This  bill,  while not  getting  rid  of  sex                                                               
education, puts  unreasonable barriers  in front of  students and                                                               
school districts.   She asked  the committee to oppose  this bill                                                               
because  it is  not in  the best  interests of  students and  the                                                               
overall health of Alaskans.                                                                                                     
4:41:26 PM                                                                                                                    
LANCE ROBERTS  asked that the  committee consider that  this bill                                                               
is about  parental rights.  He  offered that he fought  it at the                                                               
local  level   and  lost  because  his   assembly  believed  that                                                               
government should  be more important  than the parents,  and that                                                               
it  should take  parental  rights  from them.    He  said he  was                                                               
hopeful the legislature will not  make that mistake, which is why                                                               
he is  glad the bill was  sent to this committee  "even though it                                                               
was sent  to this committee to  be slaughtered, the bill  made it                                                               
there  so we  can  see  who stands  against  parents  and who  is                                                               
standing  for  them."    He  said he  is  against  the  committee                                                               
substitute that  takes away  some of the  parent rights  from the                                                               
original  SB 89.    He  pointed to  the  provision regarding  the                                                               
ability to  withdraw "them from  the awful testing that  the kids                                                               
have  been --  forced  to take,"  and it  is  extremely hard  for                                                               
parents to  get their children out  of that testing.   He related                                                               
that the opt-in  provision was to help parents and  give them the                                                               
ability to make those decisions  for their children that they are                                                               
supposed to make.  He  spoke against the abortion providers doing                                                               
the abortion marketing in the  schools, and that they desensitize                                                               
by teaching promiscuity to create  more product.  He related that                                                               
"They kill  the babies  and the largest  genocide in  history and                                                               
then they  sell those parts to  make money."  This  bill is about                                                               
those kind  of people not  being in  the school, it  doesn't have                                                               
the integrity  to be in our  schools, and they are  not needed in                                                               
there.   He asked the  committee to  make the right  decision for                                                               
the  parents and  the children  and then  clarified that  Planned                                                               
Parenthood doesn't perform mammograms.                                                                                          
4:43:33 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  TARR corrected  the record  and advised  that the                                                               
suggestions  of  the  earlier  allegations  with  videos  against                                                               
Planned Parenthood  this summer  were found to  be false  and the                                                               
individual  who made  those videos  was  indicted for  falsifying                                                               
that information.                                                                                                               
4:44:02 PM                                                                                                                    
WHITNEY WIGREN voiced her support for  SB 89.  She is an advocate                                                               
for comprehensive  sexual education in  schools.  Sexuality  is a                                                               
fundamental part of human nature and  it is worthy of dignity and                                                               
respect;  however,  abortion   promoting  organizations  such  as                                                               
Planned Parenthood  are not suitable to  teach Alaska's children.                                                               
Last week she heard from  an individual who identified herself as                                                               
a  (indisc.) Planned  Parenthood sexual  educator and  during her                                                               
testimony stated,  as others have  stated today, abortion  is not                                                               
part  of  the curriculum  and  Ms.  Wigren  said she  found  that                                                               
contradictory.   Under  "Activities and  Lessons" on  the Planned                                                               
Parenthood web  site there are  three 20-30 minutes  lesson plans                                                               
on abortion with a target audience  of high school students.  She                                                               
stated that it has to  be acknowledged that Planned Parenthood is                                                               
the nation's  leading abortion provider  and in  turn financially                                                               
benefits  when its  comprehensive sex  education fails  and teens                                                               
end up on  the abortion table or swallowing  the "abortion pill."                                                               
She related  that issues  have been distorted  to the  point that                                                               
people believe  anyone opposing mothers  killing their  babies is                                                               
waging  a war  on  women and,  she  asked how  people  can be  so                                                               
foolish  as  to believe  such  a  thing.   One  must  be able  to                                                               
recognize the depravity to which  society has sunken when valuing                                                               
a baby's  life is frowned  upon, she  stated.  Enough  is enough,                                                               
this is  a matter of  life and death and  she will not  stand for                                                               
Planned  Parenthood  to  indoctrinate   the  next  generation  of                                                               
Alaska's children to devalue human life, she advised.                                                                           
CHAIR SEATON  announced that SB 98  would be held until  later in                                                               
the meeting to  accommodate Dr. Humphreys, who  was available for                                                               
his confirmation hearing.                                                                                                       
        SB 89-SCHOOLS: PARENT RTS;ABORT. PROVDRS LIMITS                                                                     
4:50:44 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR SEATON announced  that as its final order  of business, the                                                               
committee would return  to CS FOR SENATE BILL  NO. 89(RLS) am(efd                                                               
add),  "An  Act  relating  to  a parent's  right  to  direct  the                                                               
education  of  a  child;  prohibiting   a  school  district  from                                                               
contracting  with an  abortion services  provider; prohibiting  a                                                               
school district  from allowing an  abortion services  provider to                                                               
furnish  course  materials   or  provide  instruction  concerning                                                               
sexuality or sexually transmitted  diseases; relating to physical                                                               
examinations for teachers; and providing for an effective date."                                                                
4:51:19 PM                                                                                                                    
CHRISTIN MILLER expressed  her support of SB 89, and  that she is                                                               
in support  of proper  sexual education in  schools but  does not                                                               
support   the   education   specifically  coming   from   Planned                                                               
Parenthood.     Not  only  does   she  not  agree   with  Planned                                                               
Parenthood's  content, she  opposes  its support  of abortion  in                                                               
Alaska  and the  nation.    Parents should  have  every right  to                                                               
decide  whether or  not  their children  are  taught such  things                                                               
which is why she is in full support of SB 89, she said.                                                                         
4:52:07 PM                                                                                                                    
PAMELA  SAMASH,   Right  to  Life,  Interior   Alaska,  said  she                                                               
represents  Right  to  Life, Interior  Alaska,  her  family,  and                                                               
herself.   She advised she  is a  parent of four  daughters, that                                                               
she  has  found a  gross  lack  of  transparency in  the  Planned                                                               
Parenthood curriculum, asked how anyone  can allow tax dollars to                                                               
go to an organization that  is hiding information from [parents],                                                               
and how can legislators regulate what  is being taught as they do                                                               
with teachers if  it's not transparent.  She  further asked about                                                               
all of  the other  less controversial  alternatives, such  as the                                                               
CareNet Resource  Pregnancy Center  and opined that  teachers and                                                               
parents  are capable  educators  and will  support the  students,                                                               
even  in sex  education.   She  referred to  the testifiers  from                                                               
Sitka  with awful  experiences that  shouldn't be  ignored.   She                                                               
advised  that  these are  public  school  children, they  deserve                                                               
better  than an  abortion  industry profiting  from their  sexual                                                               
experiences, teaching them their  biased values, and they deserve                                                               
parents and  qualified teachers.   She  asked that  the committee                                                               
vote yes and protect children.                                                                                                  
4:53:50 PM                                                                                                                    
ALETA GEER  said she supports SB  89, is a grandmother  and great                                                               
grandmother,  and  is  against Planned  Parenthood's  involvement                                                               
with Alaska's  children in any  manner whatsoever.   Even though,                                                               
she agreed  it may offer  some good  services, the major  part of                                                               
what  it  does  is  morally  and ethically  wrong  and  that  any                                                               
allowance  of  its  involvement in  educating  students  is  just                                                               
saying  that what  it is  doing is  okay.   She agrees  there are                                                               
other organizations out  there that would be  more beneficial and                                                               
education  is  important because  she  has  seen the  results  of                                                               
students not knowing  what is going on.  She  wishes she had been                                                               
educated but her  family was too shy to even  confront the issue.                                                               
She related  that the schools  are focusing  so much on  sex that                                                               
that is  all the  students seem  to be  talking about  and doing,                                                               
rather than focusing on the  education of academics.  She pointed                                                               
out that sex education is important  but there is so much more to                                                               
it  than  just the  education,  which  is  part of  the  problem,                                                               
because it is emotional.                                                                                                        
4:56:16 PM                                                                                                                    
BUTCH MOORE noted that it is  important to consider that there is                                                               
a relatively small  group of people pushing this bill.   The real                                                               
effect  of this  bill  was stated  by  a teacher  in  Homer at  a                                                               
previous committee meeting, such that  the difference in the opt-                                                               
in and opt-out  is a huge portion  of this bill.   He opined they                                                               
had 268  students, two of  those students  opted out and  if this                                                               
bill passes  there will be  a mandatory  opt-in.  He  pointed out                                                               
that the  Homer teacher  explained that if  10-20 percent  of the                                                               
parents are  not active with  their children, they won't  get the                                                               
paperwork back to the teacher  so the child who desperately needs                                                               
the education because  they don't have a parent  that is teaching                                                               
them and being  active, those 10-20 percent will  not receive the                                                               
education.   In  addition, the  teacher mentioned  that she  will                                                               
have to handle 268 pieces of paper.   He noted that when the bill                                                               
comes up  for a  vote to  consider that  parents opposed  to this                                                               
education have the  right to opt their children  out.  Currently,                                                               
the  parents  expressing  concern  can opt  their  children  out,                                                               
Alaskans do  not need this  bill.  Potentially, the  parents that                                                               
are not active with their children  and do not opt their children                                                               
in, those are the children  who really need the education because                                                               
they  may be  suffering from  abuse.   He commented  that if  the                                                               
legislature isolates a single group  of people, it opens the door                                                               
for future legislation that may also be unconstitutional.                                                                       
4:59:03 PM                                                                                                                    
PAM GOODE  said she  supports SB  89, and that  this bill  is not                                                               
about  depriving  students  of   sex  education  or  reproductive                                                               
education,  this  bill  is  about  parental  rights  and  keeping                                                               
abortion providers out of the  public schools.  Specifically, she                                                               
said, the  discussion is  about Planned  Parenthood which  is the                                                               
organization  "that just  got busted"  for  selling aborted  baby                                                               
parts, and she said to  Representative Tarr that those videos are                                                               
not proven to be false,  although people were indicted.  Children                                                               
know  what Planned  Parenthood does  and  they do  far more  than                                                               
educate  the  children  on  the   reproductive  process.    These                                                               
organizations have no  business having access to  the children in                                                               
Alaska's public schools.  In  the event a parent supports Planned                                                               
Parenthood, they  can access that  organization on their  own and                                                               
with their  own children, and she  asked the committee to  do the                                                               
right thing and pass the bill out of committee.                                                                                 
5:01:15 PM                                                                                                                    
CATHY GIRARD  urged the  committee to  vote against  SB 89.   She                                                               
related that in  the 1970s she had a health  class, but it wasn't                                                               
until she  was 12  years old  that she  realized how  babies were                                                               
made, but  she didn't  find out  in health class.   She  said she                                                               
didn't  receive  any  sexual  education  from  her  mother  until                                                               
menstruation  at age  12,  which  was far  too  late because  her                                                               
girlfriends and  she were already  comparing their nine  year old                                                               
bodies to the playboy magazines  they pilfered from their fathers                                                               
and brothers.   She related that  she grew up in  an upper middle                                                               
class  family with  two  parents, which  is  atypical for  today.                                                               
Even coming  from the "best  of families," it does  not guarantee                                                               
medically  accurate  or age  appropriate  sexual  education.   By                                                               
luck, she  was able to  make it  through high school  and college                                                               
without getting  pregnant, and because  she received  her college                                                               
education has  always been able  to financially  support herself.                                                               
In her  mind, SB 89  is a  classic unconstitutional example  of a                                                               
conflict between church  and state.  If  crisis pregnancy centers                                                               
or Alaska  Right to  Life were  the organization  teaching sexual                                                               
education in Alaska  public schools, SB 89 and  the ongoing anti-                                                               
Planned Parenthood bill would never  be in front of the committee                                                               
as they have  been most recently.  She advised  this is her third                                                               
testimony  against this  bill and  she is  dumb-founded that  the                                                               
legislature is  taking so much  time to  dicker over a  bill that                                                               
will basically strip sexual education  at a time when the state's                                                               
budget is  in crisis.  She  asked the committee to  remember that                                                               
the educational  services Planned Parenthood provides  to schools                                                               
are free and are not funded  at taxpayer expense, and the cost of                                                               
unplanned  pregnancies,  unwanted  children,  domestic  violence,                                                               
date  rape,  breast  cancer,  reproductive  system  cancers,  and                                                               
sexually transmitted  infections don't only come  with a personal                                                               
cost, but a societal cost.  She  said to ask the 6,000 parents of                                                               
the 3,000 children currently in foster care in Alaska.                                                                          
5:03:41 PM                                                                                                                    
ERIC GLATT,  Attorney, American Civil Liberties  Union of Alaska,                                                               
said he  is testifying in  opposition to SB  89.  He  referred to                                                               
Sections 3 and 5 of the  bill which provides that Alaska students                                                               
cannot receive high quality,  age appropriate, medically accurate                                                               
instruction  in  human  sexual  health  if  that  instruction  is                                                               
delivered by  a certain  class of  people.   The class  of people                                                               
identified  by the  law bears  no necessary  relationship to  the                                                               
content  of  that instruction.    As  the bill  sponsor,  Senator                                                               
Dunleavy noted before  the committee last week, Sections  3 and 5                                                               
do not concern themselves with what  is taught, but only with who                                                               
is teaching.   Namely, employees and volunteers  of hospitals and                                                               
clinic where abortion  services are provided.  When  a bill takes                                                               
such an unusual posture the logical  question to ask is why, what                                                               
legislative purpose  is furthered  by identifying who  teaches in                                                               
order to  address what students  learn.  Answering  that question                                                               
speaks directly to several of  the constitutional infirmities the                                                               
ACLU  has  identified  in  the  bill  and  submitted  in  written                                                               
testimony last  week, and several  of these were also  flagged by                                                               
the Legislative Legal and Research Services.   Section 3 and 5 of                                                               
SB  89  have  the  appearance  of  an  unconstitutional  bill  of                                                               
attainder,   may    violate   constitutional    requirements   of                                                               
sustentative    due   process,    may   violate    constitutional                                                               
requirements   of  equal   protection,   and   Section  5   risks                                                               
unconstitutionally  restricting  the  right to  free  speech  and                                                               
freedom of association.  The ACLU  also pointed out the great and                                                               
avoidable  expense  Alaska  has  already  incurred  in  defending                                                               
similar  unconstitutional  laws.   For  these  reasons, the  ACLU                                                               
urges the committee not to pass SB 89.                                                                                          
5:05:36 PM                                                                                                                    
MR. GLATT noted  that two lawyers testifying  last week expressed                                                               
different  interpretations as  to the  constitutional infirmities                                                               
the  ACLU identified.    Attorney Alisa  Graves,  based in  Texas                                                               
spoke on behalf of a group  based in Arizona argued, on behalf of                                                               
Alliance  Defending  Freedom,  that   when  performing  an  equal                                                               
protection  analysis  the  courts  would only  require  that  the                                                               
legislature have  a rational basis for  its classification system                                                               
and the  rational basis is  considered a low  bar to clear.   Ms.                                                               
Graves did  not share with  the committee that the  United States                                                               
Supreme Court  has never found  expressions of  moral disapproval                                                               
to be sufficient to clear the rational basis bar.                                                                               
REPRESENTATIVE SEATON asked Mr. Glatt to wrap up his testimony.                                                                 
5:06:25 PM                                                                                                                    
JAMES  SQUYRES  advised  he  is  hopeful  the  committee  members                                                               
realize they  are being manipulated  by organized  lobby efforts,                                                               
and it is  their duty to filter  down to reality.  He  said he is                                                               
in favor  of SB 89, and  suggested the members pass  the bill out                                                               
of committee.                                                                                                                   
5:07:03 PM                                                                                                                    
DEENA MITCHELL noted  there has been excellent  testimony and did                                                               
not want  to be  repetitive, but  she definitely  appreciated the                                                               
focus on good sex education  providing information on prevention,                                                               
consent, and healthy relationships.   Fortunately, she commented,                                                               
her children, two  girls and one boy,  received comprehensive sex                                                               
education through a  program her church offers  and many children                                                               
do not  have that  opportunity.   It is  very important  to teach                                                               
children  about sexuality  and sensuality  in an  age appropriate                                                               
manner,  and  that opting-in  creates  a  ridiculous barrier  for                                                               
those children and  parents currently have the  right to opt-out.                                                               
Her   church   offers    sexuality   education   beginning   with                                                               
kindergarten, and  it teaches children  what is a safe  touch and                                                               
what is not.   It is well known that  comprehensive sex education                                                               
helps to avoid  sexual abuse, it delays sexual  activity of which                                                               
is the  only thing proven  to delay sexual activity,  it prevents                                                               
unplanned pregnancies,  and consequently abortions.   She related                                                               
that the  name, Planned Parenthood,  says it  all as it  is about                                                               
everyone  having  a  planned   experience  with  parenthood,  and                                                               
referred  to the  discussions around  parental rights  and opined                                                               
that  she is  more focused  on  Alaskan children's  rights.   Her                                                               
children are  grown, and she  said she feels confident  they have                                                               
the skills they need, know  how to assert themselves, recognize a                                                               
healthy  relationship, and  know how  to approach  it.   Once our                                                               
children get to junior high and  high school, parents do not have                                                               
parental  control  any  longer.    She  then  stressed  that  she                                                               
appreciates  Planned Parenthood  and its  curriculum, as  well as                                                               
the curriculum  her church provides, which  is comprehensive, age                                                               
appropriate  information for  students  so they  are  not in  the                                                               
dark,  they can  ask  anonymous questions  and receive  medically                                                               
accurate information.  She asked the committee to oppose SB 89.                                                                 
5:09:25 PM                                                                                                                    
CAROL CARMEN  said she supports SB  89, is a retired  teacher who                                                               
received training in health education,  and assured the committee                                                               
that  for many  years teachers  have taught  sex education.   The                                                               
claim that  it is  not being  provided or  that only  an abortion                                                               
provider can  teach it properly is  not true.  The  bill does not                                                               
prevent teaching  sex education in  schools, it only  affects who                                                               
teaches it.   She said she is especially  concerned about Planned                                                               
Parenthood's   fourth  grade   curriculum  as   it  is   not  age                                                               
appropriate,  and in  all grade  levels it  is nothing  less than                                                               
porn and  promotes promiscuity.   She said she found  it sensible                                                               
that the  committee would  vote to  prevent an  abortion provider                                                               
from  teaching in  Alaska's public  schools due  to the  alarming                                                               
obvious  conflict  of interest,  and  that  allowing an  abortion                                                               
provider to teach  sex to children and  teens begets promiscuity,                                                               
which  begets  unwanted  pregnancies and  venereal  disease,  and                                                               
provides business to that abortion provider.                                                                                    
5:11:17 PM                                                                                                                    
KAREN PERRY said  she has been a certified Alaska  teacher for 30                                                               
plus years  and spoke in  support of  the First Amendment  of the                                                               
Constitution of the United States  for all parents.  She supports                                                               
SB 89,  and noted that  she has  listened to the  testimonies and                                                               
that "much of  it is schizophrenic.  This bill  is not about STPs                                                               
(sic)  and etcetera  --  it is  not about  the  right of  Planned                                                               
Parenthood to  be in  our public  schools."   This bill  is about                                                               
parents exercising their First Amendment  rights under the law of                                                               
the   land,  and   if  the   parent's   religion  believes   that                                                               
homosexuality and  premarital sex is  a sin, the schools  have no                                                               
right  to teach  children that  those are  normal and  acceptable                                                               
behaviors.   If  the  committee does  not pass  this  bill it  is                                                               
setting  itself up  for a  multitude  of lawsuits  and she  asked                                                               
whether the  committee wants to  waste more state  money fighting                                                               
the lawsuits.   Everyone has  First Amendments rights  and people                                                               
do  not need  to  have  these rights  usurped  by the  committee,                                                               
Planned Parenthood,  or any  other entity.   She stated  that the                                                               
[parents] should  not have  their children  exposed to  an agency                                                               
whose main goal is to  profit financially by destroying, burning,                                                               
and  ripping  children  apart  from  limb to  limb  for  its  own                                                               
financial gain.   Schools are  required to have  highly qualified                                                               
certified teachers  to provide instructions to  students and they                                                               
can do so  capably.  Also, if any program's  fault is for parents                                                               
to have  an opt-in, the program  should really be to  not have to                                                               
opt-out.   Since  tax payers  pay for  schools with  tax dollars,                                                               
schools cannot  use it to  teach against a religious  belief, and                                                               
requested that the  committee pass the bill out  of committee for                                                               
a full vote of both bodies.                                                                                                     
5:13:36 PM                                                                                                                    
WILLIAM DEATON, Eighth Grade  Student, Cordova Junior/Senior High                                                               
School, said he  supports SB 89, and is in  favor of his parents'                                                               
ability to opt him  out of sex education.  He  said he is against                                                               
Planned Parenthood  being able  to teach  his family,  friends or                                                               
him  about abortion  and  sex  education because  it  is a  clear                                                               
conflict of interest.   He presumed everyone knew  what was going                                                               
on  this summer  with the  videos of  Planned Parenthood  selling                                                               
fetus  tissue and  he argued  to Representative  Tarr that  those                                                               
videos  were not  proven wrong,  although  people were  indicted.                                                               
Planned  Parenthood kills  children  when they  are  in the  womb                                                               
every day and it is sad to hear about that, he said.                                                                            
5:14:58 PM                                                                                                                    
TOM  BRAUND  said he  supports  SB  89  because parents  have  an                                                               
absolute right  to control  who teaches  their children  and how,                                                               
especially about  moral sex education and  values.  Specifically,                                                               
abortion  providers and  sex education  companies have  an agenda                                                               
different from  most parents he knows,  they need to stay  out of                                                               
schools, and these companies should  never be supported by public                                                               
money.   He  advised that  no one  should assume  that because  a                                                               
parent doesn't  opt into something  that it has authority  to opt                                                               
those children  into those programs  for them.  Teaching  any sex                                                               
education in schools, especially  in co-ed class, promotes sexual                                                               
interest which leads to trouble, he said.                                                                                       
5:16:07 PM                                                                                                                    
MARCI HAWKINS  said she is  from the  other side of  Sutton, "the                                                               
ignored  constituents from  Senator  Dunleavy's  district."   She                                                               
stated she  is opposed to SB  89, and that in  Sutton parents are                                                               
allowed to  opt-in or  opt-out as her  sister just  opted-out her                                                               
niece.   She pointed to  an issue in  the bill of  taking control                                                               
away from  Alaska's school boards  on the subject  of curriculum,                                                               
and if  they are taking  away this  control who will  decide what                                                               
goes  in.   She  further  pointed out  that  if  the state  takes                                                               
control  away  from  Alaskan local  elected  officials,  such  as                                                               
school boards, it need to provide  that curriculum and how to pay                                                               
for it.   In  the event a  person does not  like what  the school                                                               
district  members  are doing,  vote  them  out  of office.    She                                                               
described this  bill as non-productive  and certainly  would like                                                               
to  see something  next session  that says  the parents  have the                                                               
right to  opt-in or  opt-out, but  the rest of  the bill  will be                                                               
wasted  money.    She expressed,  "Representative  Tarr,  you  go                                                               
5:18:14 PM                                                                                                                    
GRETCHEN  NELSON  said she  believes  the  legislature should  be                                                               
focusing  on   extremely  important  information  and   not  less                                                               
information for our  young adults to live  successful and healthy                                                               
lives  and  make good  decisions.    As  a  parent of  two  young                                                               
daughters,  and  a  teacher  with   30  plus  experience  in  the                                                               
Anchorage School District, she remarked  that she has experienced                                                               
firsthand   the  value   of   comprehensive  medically   accurate                                                               
information    regarding   sexual    assault   and    responsible                                                               
reproductive health  education.   Her daughters were  enrolled in                                                               
one of the  most important elective classes of  their high school                                                               
careers,  entitled "Human  Sexuality and  Healthy Relationships,"                                                               
and  on  numerous  occasions  they  have told  her  of  the  non-                                                               
judgmental,   unbiased   medically    accurate   information   on                                                               
reproductive  health  and  relationships  they  received  in  the                                                               
class.  The class was not on abortion  as that is not part of the                                                               
curriculum,  and   this  committee  is  talking   about  accurate                                                               
information which  is important,  not on abortion,  she stressed.                                                               
Accurate  information has  definitely  led  to less  promiscuity,                                                               
less abortions,  less unplanned  pregnancies in  other countries,                                                               
etcetera.    She  related  that  she  is  opposed  to  this  bill                                                               
prohibiting  Planned  Parenthood   from  providing  the  accurate                                                               
information that  she knows  it provides,  and studies  show that                                                               
comprehensive  sex education  is effective  at reducing  STDs and                                                               
can delay sexual activity.   As college students, she pointed out                                                               
that she  has been alarmed  and scared for her  daughters' safety                                                               
with the high rate of assaults  on college campuses, and the more                                                               
information students  have on sexual  violence they will  be more                                                               
likely to make  a report when it occurs and  possibly avoid it at                                                               
all costs.  She asked that the committee oppose this bill.                                                                      
5:20:27 PM                                                                                                                    
PAUL D. KENDALL  said he wanted to voice an  opinion and not make                                                               
a stand  either way, and  he has  no conflict of  interest either                                                               
sexually or by  monetary gain.  He expressed concern  that "we as                                                               
men"  have a  lot  of serious  business coming  at  a very  rapid                                                               
escalating pace,  and when he  sees moments like this  he becomes                                                               
concerned.  He  asked the committee that from now  on when it has                                                               
moments like  this he  would like  to see  all the  subjects that                                                               
school teaches.   He opined that the public needs  to see what is                                                               
being  designed in  the context  of what  the school  district is                                                               
doing,  because  it   appears  that  "we  are   taking  away  the                                                               
children's age  of innocence.  Not  only that, but we  are taking                                                               
away accountability  for the  female who wants  to breed  at will                                                               
and  want or  desire," as  opposed to  being responsible  for her                                                               
fundamental drive  or will in  our society and the  universe, for                                                               
that matter.  Mr. Kendall continued as follows:                                                                                 
     So, what  I'd like to  see you men  do, is I'd  like to                                                                    
     see you  -- maybe you  could leave Juneau -the  land of                                                                    
     meditation down  there -  and come  back early  and let                                                                    
     the  women  herd   up  and  give  them   some  kind  of                                                                    
     instructions  like  the  following:    Number  one,  if                                                                    
     you're going  to breed at  will and want,  you're going                                                                    
     to  be responsible  for whatever  comes  out -  period.                                                                    
     Number two,  you're not going to  continue to titillate                                                                    
     our young males  to a mere irresponsible  state of mind                                                                    
     and  then have  them  divide and  create  all kinds  of                                                                    
     crimes, like  domestic violence  and violence  of other                                                                    
     men.   The third thing  is that  I think the  women are                                                                    
     going  to come  back and  tell  us how  we're going  to                                                                    
     handle  the females  who simply  want to  breed, breed,                                                                    
     and  breed and  then try  to encapsulate  or capture  a                                                                    
     male  into   some  role  of  ...   providing  them  the                                                                    
     substance  under  which  they  can get  more  and  more                                                                    
     financial support."                                                                                                        
MR. KENDALL said he is not proposing burkas or chastity belts...                                                                
5:22:46 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR SEATON  closed public testimony  on SB  89.  He  noted that                                                               
the  committee  received  documents  from  Cordova,  the  Cordova                                                               
School Board,  Cordova school board members,  Delta Greely School                                                               
Board, and principals  in other areas reporting  on the responses                                                               
they received within their districts,  and all are opposed to the                                                               
passage of SB 89.                                                                                                               
5:23:38 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE VAZQUEZ  said the  bill does  not prohibit  or ban                                                               
the teaching of sex education,  but it empowers parents to direct                                                               
the  education   of  their  children.     She   depicted  Planned                                                               
Parenthood  as  though it  has  an  automatic right  to  Alaska's                                                               
children  and an  automatic  right to  teach  sex education,  and                                                               
after reviewing  its materials offered  that there  are troubling                                                               
patterns.   She referred to Planned  Parenthood's website, within                                                               
the  educator's toolbox,  it discusses  abortion and  the morning                                                               
after pill in the teen-age section.   She expressed shock in what                                                               
she reviewed  because the  materials are  culturally insensitive,                                                               
insulting,   and   degrading   to   traditional   cultures,   the                                                               
traditional  Muslim  cultures,  Hispanic,  Southeast  Asian,  and                                                               
African cultures.   She opined  she was insulted  and embarrassed                                                               
because some of  the material was graphic, it  appears to condone                                                               
premarital  sex which  is contradictory  and insensitive  to many                                                               
cultures  and  religious  groups.   For  example,  she  said  the                                                               
digital  tools for  teens are  games and  quiz "Starting  to feel                                                               
comfortable in your relationship -  keep a good thing going worry                                                               
free," and  it goes into  different types of  contraceptives, and                                                               
that  tone of  voice and  wording leads  her to  believe that  it                                                               
encourages  premarital sex  and  in some  families and  religions                                                               
that is not appropriate.   Included on the Planned Parenthood web                                                               
site  is  "How to  talk  with  your  child  about sexuality  -  A                                                               
parent's  guide,"  which  will be  embarrassing  to  herself  and                                                               
others because "according to this  guy" within the ages of birth-                                                               
two years  the baby should  be allowed to enjoy  masturbation and                                                               
it was normal to allow  the child to masturbate within three-five                                                               
years.  A  person can disagree whether it is  correct or not, but                                                               
it is  totally insensitive  to religious  groups and  many ethnic                                                               
groups.    Within the  Planned  Parenthood  website "Filling  the                                                               
gap,"  she related  that the  site discusses  abortion "and  they                                                               
have ele -- elementary school,  I guess talking about abortion in                                                               
elementary school  and middle school  and junior high  school and                                                               
high school."   She advised  she grew  up in a  different culture                                                               
and sees this as an invitation  to certain behaviors that are not                                                               
acceptable to many Americans.                                                                                                   
5:28:31 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  WOOL  related that  with  respect  to Vice  Chair                                                               
Vazquez' embarrassment,  it is a  common emotion  especially when                                                               
parents  are  dealing  with  sex   education  issues  with  their                                                               
children.  He referred to comments  by a testifier who grew up in                                                               
an upper middle  class home with two parents that  was better off                                                               
financially  than  others,  and  he   did  not  receive  any  sex                                                               
education from his parents.  This  is not uncommon at all in that                                                               
many have grown up in such  environments where their parents or a                                                               
single parent didn't talk about  chlamydia or STDs, although when                                                               
he  was a  kid they  didn't have  HIV, or  internet sex.   Sexual                                                               
topics were  not discussed,  which doesn't  mean it  shouldn't be                                                               
discussed and  he related  that he  respects Vice  Chair Vasquez'                                                               
respect  for  other cultures  because  it  is important.    Other                                                               
cultures do not want girls to  go to school, and he asked whether                                                               
that means  there should  be no discussion  about girls  going to                                                               
school, or  not talk about  cultures that  do not allow  women to                                                               
vote.   There are other  cultures with different values  that are                                                               
different  than ours,  and "we  have  our own  culture" which  is                                                               
important  to  address.    The issue  of  Planned  Parenthood  in                                                               
schools, it  sounds like  there are 3.5  educators in  the state,                                                               
they are invited into the schools,  parents can opt-out - this is                                                               
not  about  parental rights  because  parents  can opt-out.    He                                                               
related that  there are many  important facts kids need  to learn                                                               
and  if the  school curriculum  had staff  and was  providing the                                                               
education that  would be  great, but it  sounds like  the schools                                                               
need  help.    According  to  testimony  from  the  students,  he                                                               
related,  it sounds  like they  appreciate getting  some of  this                                                               
education from an outside person  with their teacher in the room,                                                               
but  they  do  not  want  to ask  their  homeroom  teacher  about                                                               
masturbation, as  it might  be embarrassing  and if  someone else                                                               
comes in  to teach  it may make  it easier.   He referred  to the                                                               
testifier  who  commented on  the  availability  of porn  on  the                                                               
internet and that  is an important issue especially,  not only in                                                               
the  physical sexual  relationships people  are inquiring  about,                                                               
but also the  emotional side of things.  He  related that what is                                                               
seen on  the internet  is not  accurate or  healthy in  either of                                                               
those aspects,  especially the emotional side.   Curriculum about                                                               
healthy  relationships, consent,  boundaries, and  such are  very                                                               
important to  learn and if kids  are only seeing one  side of it,                                                               
they need the  well-rounded side of a  healthy relationship, when                                                               
to say no, and what proper relationships are.                                                                                   
REPRESENTATIVE  WOOL said  he thinks  "getting good  education to                                                               
kids at  different ages about  different things" is good,  and he                                                               
said  none  of  the  testimony sounds  like  "abortion  is  being                                                               
indoctrinated  or  promiscuity  or  any of  these  things."    He                                                               
offered  that  it sounds  like  more  of  an objection  on  other                                                               
aspects  of  what Planned  Parenthood  does.   According  to  the                                                               
testimonies, the  education and curriculum being  provided in the                                                               
schools  by  Planned Parenthood  is  well  received by  teachers,                                                               
parents, students, and  he reminded the members  that parents can                                                               
5:32:29 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  TALERICO offered  that he  supports the  bill and                                                               
that he was raised during a  time where the certified teachers in                                                               
the classroom absolutely  had to do all of the  curriculum all of                                                               
the  time,  and  he  continues   to  support  certified  teachers                                                               
delivering  everything  in  the  classrooms.   There  are  always                                                               
strong  feelings on  this particular  subject and  [society] will                                                               
never get away from that, but he  said he wants people to know he                                                               
supports the bill.   He related that it is  tough for parents and                                                               
he  has two  children, ages  37 and  39, the  parent is  the most                                                               
important  person  in  their child's  life,  and  another  person                                                               
cannot  be brought  in and  think they  will replace  the parent.                                                               
The parent can be the  most important and most influential person                                                               
in  their  children's  lives,  and  he  offered  that  these  are                                                               
difficult  conversations,  but  to   bear  down  and  have  these                                                               
difficult conversations.   He related  that the parent  will feel                                                               
better because  he's been there and  done it and it  wasn't easy,                                                               
but  in  his experience  it  has  its  rewards.   Thankfully,  he                                                               
remarked,  his spouse  helped him  find the  courage to  help him                                                               
through it.  Parents are  incredibly influential in their child's                                                               
life and  if the  parent believes  something is  important, their                                                               
child  will think  it  is important  as well.    He suggested  to                                                               
parents,  whether the  bill is  advanced  or not,  to have  those                                                               
heart to heart  important conversations with their  children.  He                                                               
related that his  son is mortified with the  statistics in Alaska                                                               
of sexual  assault and  abuse, and  domestic violence  because he                                                               
remembers their conversations  of how to treat  the opposite sex,                                                               
and that it was his job to  protect the opposite sex.  He offered                                                               
his appreciation  to the students  who have testified  because it                                                               
is a sensitive subject.                                                                                                         
5:36:55 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  TARR  offered  that  she opposes  this  bill  for                                                               
several reasons,  such that during the  20 years she has  been in                                                               
Alaska it  has led the nation  in rates of domestic  violence and                                                               
sexual assault  and she does  not want that  to be true  20 years                                                               
from now.   She described these as  issues that disproportionally                                                               
impact  women, although  certainly men  are affected  by domestic                                                               
violence and  sexual assault,  but as  a woman  it is  a personal                                                               
issue and  it is time to  remove the silence and  discussed these                                                               
issues and having  these educational materials in  the schools is                                                               
a piece  of that.   Research  demonstrates without  question that                                                               
sexuality education works and it  can delay sexual activity, such                                                               
that  the   national  campaign  to  prevent   unplanned  teen-age                                                               
pregnancy  performed focus  group  research  with teen-agers  and                                                               
asked  them  about  their  decision   making  related  to  sexual                                                               
activity, and  the teen-agers quoted  from seeing  reality shows,                                                               
such  as  "Teen  Mom,"  and  "16 and  Pregnant"  that  the  shows                                                               
informed them  about the real hardships  associated with teen-age                                                               
pregnancy and  made them rethink  their actions.   Information is                                                               
out  there and  that  kids will  get  information from  different                                                               
sources, and to  the extent parents can have  some influence over                                                               
them  getting  good  information  it has  been  shown  that  this                                                               
culturally  appropriate,  age  appropriate,  medically  accurate,                                                               
non-judgmental,  unbiased   information  can  help   students  in                                                               
obtaining the information  they need.  It is  important that more                                                               
education  is  offered at  a  young  age, she  stressed,  because                                                               
within  her  20  years  of teaching  college  students  regarding                                                               
reproductive  health, physiology  and human  anatomy, and  within                                                               
her numerous  years of assisting in  sponsoring healthy sexuality                                                               
week  at UAA,  the questions  that  young adults  are asking  are                                                               
alarming.  The  lack of information they have  about their bodies                                                               
and  how  their  bodies  work  is  alarming,  they  need  serious                                                               
biological  information  to  make  good,  healthy  decisions  and                                                               
understand what is going on in  their bodies.  She related that a                                                               
health educator  had an online  question and answer  service, and                                                               
the two  of them discussed the  type of questions being  asked of                                                               
young  adults on  their own  who could  live with  someone or  be                                                               
sexually  active.    Unfortunately,  if they  have  not  received                                                               
education  prior  to  college  the chances  of  them  making  bad                                                               
decisions  or getting  themselves  into  unsafe or  uncomfortable                                                               
situation  is  that much  greater.    Strikingly, she  commented,                                                               
discussion  of the  bill has  been  situated around  the idea  of                                                               
parental rights,  none of  which are  being infringed  upon right                                                               
now as  every parent has the  right to remove their  student from                                                               
any class they  object to and apparently a number  of parents are                                                               
not taking  advantage of  that opportunity, if  that is  the real                                                               
problem here.                                                                                                                   
5:40:48 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  TARR  expressed  confusion  as to  why  there  is                                                               
tension here, why  there are certain people who  feel like giving                                                               
students  medically  accurate,  age  appropriate  information  is                                                               
somehow taking  away from their  role as  a parent.   She related                                                               
that  she advocates  for a  partnership with  the family  and the                                                               
community,  so that  the anatomy  and biological  information the                                                               
student   gets  at   school   is   culturally  appropriate,   age                                                               
appropriate,  medically accurate,  non-judgmental, unbiased,  and                                                               
then the  students go home  and talk  to their parents  about the                                                               
information  they received  which  is where  the  parent has  the                                                               
conversation about  morality and how that  information is applied                                                               
in someone's life.   She said she would hope  that Alaskans would                                                               
come together  as a  community and  all talk  about it  more, and                                                               
certainly if this was taking  place Alaska would not continuously                                                               
lead  the  nation in  domestic  violence,  sexual assault,  child                                                               
sexual  abuse, and  STDs.   People will  hopefully, she  related,                                                               
come together as  a community to build  partnerships that include                                                               
the information  a student receives  at school, coupled  with the                                                               
parental  conversation  about  family  values,  cultural  values,                                                               
viewpoints,  and  how that  information  is  applied.   April  is                                                               
sexual assault  and child  abuse prevention  month and  she asked                                                               
that people  determine how  to take  that information  and change                                                               
the  cultural norms  around violence  in Alaska.   The  statement                                                               
that  it  is   unconstitutional  is  an  issue   that  should  be                                                               
considered, but from  the public health perspective  which is the                                                               
focus of  this committee,  this does not  do anything  to advance                                                               
its efforts on preventing some  of these terrible health outcomes                                                               
in Alaska.  She advised she will be a no vote on the bill.                                                                      
5:43:05 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR  SEATON  stated  that  from  the  public  health  data  the                                                               
committee received,  at least three  to five to seven  times more                                                               
STDs occur outside  of the areas this education  is taking place,                                                               
the Gulf Coast and Southeast  Alaska.  Therefore, he pointed out,                                                               
as far  as public health it  appears when students live  in areas                                                               
that  are  not  receiving  the  education  it  has  not  been  as                                                               
beneficial.   The committee reviewed  the data and the  number of                                                               
public  health nurses  providing some  sex education,  and within                                                               
the last  year nine public  health nurse positions have  been cut                                                               
resulting  in a  reduction in  that  workforce.   With regard  to                                                               
overriding local  control for local  school boards  and exempting                                                               
materials  needed for  public health  where it  had been  decided                                                               
locally to  invite people in,  the committee checked  with school                                                               
districts  and  Planned  Parenthood educators,  who  advised  the                                                               
teacher is  always in the room,  and he related that  he wants to                                                               
be certain the  members understand that the  certified teacher is                                                               
always  in the  room.    There is  information  on  the web,  and                                                               
committee  investigated  some  National Planned  Parenthood  data                                                               
that is not being used in  Alaskan schools, he advised.  Not only                                                               
that,  he  said,  the  data  is selected  by  the  school  board,                                                               
principal,  and the  teachers of  what lessons  would be  taught.                                                               
People, on  their own time doing  something else, cannot be  in a                                                               
public  school according  to  the  bill and,  he  related, it  is                                                               
problematic because freedom of speech  and freedom of association                                                               
are broadly implicated, and he is not supporting this bill.                                                                     
5:45:53 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE VAZQUEZ  moved to report  [CS FOR SENATE  BILL NO.                                                               
89(RLS)   am(efd  add)]   out   of   committee  with   individual                                                               
recommendations and the accompanying fiscal notes.                                                                              
REPRESENTATIVE TARR objected.                                                                                                   
5:46:09 PM                                                                                                                    
A  roll  call  vote  was  taken.    Representatives  Vazquez  and                                                               
Talerico voted in favor of the  motion to move CS FOR SENATE BILL                                                               
NO.  89(RLS)  am(efd  add)  out   of  committee  with  individual                                                               
recommendations    and    the    accompanying    fiscal    notes.                                                               
Representatives  Stutes, Wool,  Tarr,  Foster,  and Seaton  voted                                                               
against it.   Therefore,  CS FOR SENATE  BILL NO.  89(RLS) am(efd                                                               
add) failed to  pass from the House Health,  Education and Social                                                               
Services Standing Committee by a vote of 2-5.                                                                                   
CHAIR  SEATON  thanked  the  committee  and  testifiers,  and  he                                                               
especially thanked the  students who took their  time to testify.                                                               
He specified  that whether members agreed  with their testimonies                                                               
or  not, the  students are  actively  engaged in  civics and  the                                                               
committee appreciates their perspective.                                                                                        

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