Legislature(1995 - 1996)

04/28/1995 05:30 PM MLV

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 Number 027                                                                   
 CO-CHAIRMAN IVAN M. IVAN announced HB 321 was the first bill to be            
 heard.  He invited Jeff Morrison to the table to testify.                     
 JEFF MORRISON, Director, Central Office, Administrative and Support           
 Services Division, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs,               
 said HB 321 and HB 322 are related bills providing additional tools           
 to the Division of Emergency Services to assist in their disaster             
 response.  HB 321 allows for the hire of people in the exempt                 
 service for responding to disaster when the division thinks they              
 will be needed for more than 30 days.  Currently, the state has the           
 ability to hire personal in response to disaster emergencies under            
 these classifications; immediate emergency hire cannot work over 30           
 days; long term non-permanent position takes 30-45 days to hire;              
 short term non-permanent position cannot exceed 120 days and takes            
 2-5 days to hire.  We do not have the ability to hire immediately             
 and work over 30 days.  HB 321 is introduced to address this                  
 problem and authorizes for immediate hire in emergency disasters.             
 MR. MORRISON proposed an amendment to HB 321.  He stated that he              
 has discussed HB 321 with Mike McMullen from the Division of                  
 Personnel, and Majorie Vandor, Assistant Attorney General.  HB 321            
 in its current form requires everybody hired in response to the               
 disaster to be placed in the exempt services.  This is not the                
 intent of the division.  They want to maintain the ability to hire            
 people in non-permanent positions and work off of the register, if            
 it is the best way to go.  The proposed amendment would add the               
 words "to assist classified employees" on line 6 after "Affairs".             
 The Department of Law and the Division of Personnel states this               
 amendment would clarify the situation.  It ensures that they do not           
 have to classify all hires into the exempt services, but exempt               
 services remains an option.  They would still have the ability to             
 hire in other classified positions.  He concluded his testimony on            
 HB 321 and stated he is available if any members have any                     
 Number 086                                                                    
 Co-Chairman Pete Kott joined the committee meeting at 5:36 p.m.               
 Co-Chairman Ivan turned the gavel over to Co-Chairman Kott.                   
 REPRESENTATIVE JOHN DAVIES asked why it isn't possible to hire                
 people under the emergency services immediately and then began the            
 paper work to transfer them into non-permanent positions after.               
 MR. MORRISON answered that this has happened but administratively,            
 in response to a disaster, you want to minimize the paper work as             
 much as possible.  Also, if you are going to hire a non-perm and              
 work a register then you have to hire from the register.  The                 
 person you have hired as an emergency hire may not be on the                  
 register.  This boxes you out from being able to continue that                
 person's employment if it is a long term non-perm position.  If it            
 is a short term non-perm position, then they cannot exceed 120                
 Number 121                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE RICHARD FOSTER moved to adopt the proposed amendment           
 for HB 321.                                                                   
 Number 123                                                                    
 CO-CHAIRMAN PETE KOTT asked if there were any objections, hearing             
 none the amendment was adopted.                                               
 REPRESENTATIVE FOSTER moved HB 321, as amended, with individual               
 recommendations and the attached fiscal note.                                 
 CO-CHAIRMAN KOTT asked if there was an objection.  Hearing none,              
 CSHB 321(MLV) passed out of committee.                                        

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