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HB 24-AGREEMENTS ON MANAGEMENT OF FISH AND GAME                                                                               
CO-CHAIR FATE  announced that the  first order of  business would                                                               
be  HOUSE BILL  NO.  24, "An  Act  relating to  intergovernmental                                                               
agreements regarding management of fish or game."                                                                               
Number 0076                                                                                                                     
CO-CHAIR FATE noted  that HB 24 had been heard  on 3/5/03 and had                                                               
been  held for  the  purpose of  hearing  more public  testimony.                                                               
[Version  S. labeled  23-LS0135\S,  Utermohle,  3/4/03, had  been                                                               
adopted as a work draft.]                                                                                                       
Number 0156                                                                                                                     
REPRESENTATIVE MASEK turned attention to  page 1, line 6, and she                                                               
asked for  clarification as  to the  type of  board named  in the                                                               
Number 0203                                                                                                                     
REPRESENTATIVE   BRUCE  WEYHRAUCH,   Alaska  State   Legislature,                                                               
speaking  as one  of  the two  sponsors  of HB  24,  said it  was                                                               
intended to be  any board with management  jurisdiction over fish                                                               
and game  resources [such as]  the Alaska Department of  Fish and                                                               
Game (ADF&G).                                                                                                                   
REPRESENTATIVE  MASEK   asked  Representative  Weyhrauch   if  he                                                               
thought  the   language  read  well   enough  to   reflect  [that                                                               
intention] in the bill.                                                                                                         
REPRESENTATIVE  WEYHRAUCH   said  if  the  entity   charged  with                                                               
developing that with the National  Park Service (NPS) is going to                                                               
come  up with  that kind  of agreement,  it's great  to be  broad                                                               
enough  to incorporate  any  of those  entities  - department  or                                                               
board - with management jurisdiction  for the state over fish and                                                               
game resources, so it would broad  enough.  He offered his belief                                                               
that it  was intended to  be generally broad to  incorporate that                                                               
and "sweep it in."                                                                                                              
Number 0326                                                                                                                     
REPRESENTATIVE   GUTTENBERG  asked   for  an   overview  of   the                                                               
[intention] of  the bill and  what the  problems had been  in the                                                               
Number 0362                                                                                                                     
REPRESENTATIVE WEYHRAUCH  discussed the  area in  question, which                                                               
is about  600,000 marine acres  in Glacier Bay National  Park and                                                               
Preserve that  are involved in  a jurisdictional  dispute between                                                               
NPS [and the State of Alaska].   He mentioned the quite title for                                                               
submerged lands, and management  jurisdiction of the fisheries in                                                               
those waters.   Representative Weyhrauch  said the  United States                                                               
Senate,  through S.  501, had  adopted a  bill that  required the                                                               
state  and the  federal  government to  enter into  co-management                                                               
agreements on fisheries in the waters  outside the park.  He said                                                               
this bill  [HB 24] is  intended to ensure that  any co-management                                                               
agreement  between  the State  of  Alaska  and NPS  is  reviewed,                                                               
because it is  important [to assert] that the state  did not cede                                                               
its  jurisdictional management  rights  over  fisheries in  those                                                               
waters to  NPS, so  [the federal  government] doesn't  become the                                                               
manager of Alaska's commercial fisheries.                                                                                       
REPRESENTATIVE GATTO  said Steven Griles, Deputy  Secretary, U.S.                                                               
Department of  the Interior, indicated  that there are  more than                                                               
22,000  rivers,  streams,  and  lakes   in  Alaska  that  may  be                                                               
navigable  under applicable  federal  standards and  that it  was                                                               
time  that  the  federal  government  quit  acting  as  if  those                                                               
waterways belong to it.                                                                                                         
REPRESENTATIVE  GATTO   expressed  concerns  about   the  federal                                                               
[government's  involvement  in  jurisdictional  issues],  but  he                                                               
noted he was in favor of the bill.                                                                                              
CO-CHAIR FATE noted  that it was a big concern  to many committee                                                               
members and was  aired at the last meeting concerning  HB 24.  He                                                               
said it's  still a  concern whether  this bill  has an  effect on                                                               
that  particular aspect  of navigable  waters, although  it is  a                                                               
needed piece of legislation.                                                                                                    
Number 0702                                                                                                                     
[Note:    The  bill  packet also  contained  a  nearly  identical                                                               
proposed  sponsor  substitute,  Version  23-LS0135\Q,  Utermohle,                                                               
2/21/03, which was never adopted.   A motion to report Version Q,                                                               
CSHB 24(RES) was inadvertently made.]                                                                                           
REPRESENTATIVE  HEINZE  moved  to  report CSHB  24  [Version  23-                                                               
LS0135\S,  Utermohle, 3/4/03]  out of  committee with  individual                                                               
recommendations and  the accompanying fiscal notes.   There being                                                               
no objection, CSHB 24(RES) was  reported from the House Resources                                                               
Standing Committee.                                                                                                             

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