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          HJR  6-FEDERAL CONTAMINATION OF ANCSA LANDS                                                                       
1:39:34 PM                                                                                                                    
CO-CHAIR TALERICO  announced that the  next order of  business is                                                               
HOUSE  JOINT RESOLUTION  NO. 6,  Supporting the  introduction and                                                               
enactment of  federal legislation acknowledging that  the federal                                                               
government  is financially  responsible under  the Alaska  Native                                                               
Claims Settlement  Act for the  remediation of  contaminated land                                                               
subject to  conveyance under  the Act;  urging the  United States                                                               
Department of  the Interior to implement  the six recommendations                                                               
to identify and clean up  the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act                                                               
lands  in its  1998 report  to  the United  States Congress;  and                                                               
urging the President  of the United States and  the United States                                                               
Congress to remediate and make  free from pollutants lands in the                                                               
state conveyed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.                                                                   
1:39:47 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  CHARISSE   MILLETT,  Alaska   State  Legislature,                                                               
sponsor, introduced HJR 6, noting it  is not new and is something                                                               
the  legislature  has  passed  every   session.    She  said  the                                                               
resolution  has  to  do  with   the  1971  Alaska  Native  Claims                                                               
Settlement Act (ANCSA), which was  to finish the land claims with                                                               
the tribal  communities in Alaska.   However, the tribes  did not                                                               
anticipate  that these  transferred lands  would be  contaminated                                                               
and the  tribes would be  unable to fulfill their  agreement with                                                               
the federal  government on  what those lands  would be  used for,                                                               
which  would  be  revenues  for each  one  of  the  corporations.                                                               
Contaminated  land doesn't  generate revenue,  it costs  revenue.                                                               
This is  being seen more  and more.   Places like  Unalakleet and                                                               
Tyonek  have had  severe problems  with  contaminated lands  that                                                               
were conveyed  to them.   Many corporations are currently  in the                                                               
process of having lands conveyed  and have stopped conveyance due                                                               
to finding out that the lands  have all sorts of waste from every                                                               
agency  within  the  federal  government.     A  1998  Government                                                               
Accountability Office  report for  the Bureau of  Land Management                                                               
(BLM) talked about over 600  contaminated land sites.  It offered                                                               
six recommendations for the BLM,  Department of Interior, and the                                                               
ANCSA corporations to work together  to find some solutions.  Not                                                               
one   of  those   six  recommendations   has  been   acted  upon.                                                               
Representative  Millett  said she  has  been  to Washington,  DC,                                                               
several  times on  this issue.    It is  a huge  problem for  the                                                               
Native  corporations;  they have  been  unable  to fulfill  their                                                               
promise   to  their   shareholders   because   their  lands   are                                                               
contaminated  and  it  is  costing  millions  of  dollars.    The                                                               
resolution  speaks to  that, to  the  1998 report,  to where  the                                                               
lands are,  to how  many sites  are contaminated,  and encourages                                                               
the BLM  and the  Department of Interior  to take  this seriously                                                               
and move  forward.  While they  have taken full ownership  of the                                                               
contamination,  it is  the  remediation part  that  they need  to                                                               
fulfill their promise to.                                                                                                       
1:42:38 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  HERRON asked  whether Representative  Millett has                                                               
met with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on this issue.                                                                         
REPRESENTATIVE  MILLETT replied  she has  not met  with Secretary                                                               
Jewell  on  this issue,  but  has  met  on  this issue  with  her                                                               
undersecretary,   the  Alaska   BLM,   and   with  Alaska's   BLM                                                               
representative in Washington,  DC, but, it has not  risen to that                                                               
level  with  Secretary  Jewell.   She  reported  that  the  ANCSA                                                               
corporations have  also not met personally  with Secretary Jewell                                                               
on this  issue, but have  met with  her undersecretary and  a few                                                               
other  people.     She  believed  this  issue  has   come  up  in                                                               
conversations with U.S.  Senator Lisa Murkowski on  the record in                                                               
one of  the energy  committees two weeks  ago.   Secretary Jewell                                                               
knows this is an issue and  that the federal government has taken                                                               
responsibility  for it.   The  problem  being run  into with  the                                                               
legacy wells  is that both  the State  of Alaska and  the federal                                                               
government  are in  deficit spending,  so it  another opportunity                                                               
for  the  federal  government  to   plead  poverty.    The  ANCSA                                                               
corporations have offered to go  back and renegotiate some of the                                                               
conveyances and  trade land  for clean land,  which has  been met                                                               
with some skepticism within the  BLM.  Solutions are being worked                                                               
on, but  it is an  arduous process that is  going to take  a long                                                               
time  and she  doesn't want  to  stop the  pressure for  Alaska's                                                               
first people who should have  the opportunity to prosper from the                                                               
land that they were promised.                                                                                                   
1:44:41 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  HERRON related  that both  he and  Representative                                                               
Millett had  the opportunity  to meet  with Secretary  Jewell and                                                               
the  Northwest [Arctic]  Leadership Team  (NWALT).   He requested                                                               
Representative Millett to share  what Secretary Jewell said about                                                               
travesty wells.                                                                                                                 
REPRESENTATIVE  MILLETT replied  she and  Secretary Jewell  had a                                                               
lengthy   discussion   about    travesty   wells,   the   federal                                                               
government's response to travesty  wells, and the opportunity for                                                               
working  together on  travesty wells.    Secretary Jewell  seemed                                                               
under the impression  that the $50 million received  by Alaska in                                                               
the  "Helium  bill"  was  enough to  clean  up  approximately  87                                                               
travesty wells,  some of  which are buried  under lakes  or under                                                               
landslides.   There was  a spirited  discussion that  $50 million                                                               
was a good start, she said, but  is not anywhere near the cost of                                                               
the remediation of the wells.   Secretary Jewell also pointed out                                                               
that as  part of  mitigation efforts  in leases  for oil  and gas                                                               
companies  on federal  lands on  the North  Slope, the  producers                                                               
will now have  incorporated into their lease  agreement and their                                                               
plan of production  that the mitigation cost will  be absorbed by                                                               
the producers.  Representative Millett  said she found this to be                                                               
very hypocritical because  it will add an incredible  cost to the                                                               
production of oil  and gas from federal lands.   It is known that                                                               
the oil  producers partnering  with the State  of Alaska  did not                                                               
create  the problem  on  the  land.   She  further reported  that                                                               
Secretary Jewell  seemed to think  there was some value  with the                                                               
legacy wells  that were drilled  from 1941-1988.   Representative                                                               
Millett  said she  is unsure  what type  of well  data is  had on                                                               
those  wells.     When  the  Alaska  Oil   and  Gas  Conservation                                                               
Commission (AOGCC) looked  at a list of the  most dangerous wells                                                               
to  the least  dangerous  wells,  it had  a  very difficult  time                                                               
getting information  from the  BLM on those  wells and  there are                                                               
still  some wells  on which  AOGCC  has no  data.   She said  she                                                               
therefore found it  unusual that Secretary Jewell  would say that                                                               
there was  a benefit cost savings  for the oil producers  to have                                                               
the information on  legacy wells when a lot of  that well data is                                                               
missing  and is  from  1941.   Some of  those  wells are  uncased                                                               
surfaced wells that  went down 100 feet and some  went down 1,000                                                               
feet.  Some  were very lightly drilled  permafrost testing wells.                                                               
Secretary Jewell  has a  different view  than Alaskans  who think                                                               
that  someone making  a mess  should take  the responsibility  of                                                               
cleaning up that mess.                                                                                                          
1:48:39 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE HERRON asked Representative  Millett to relate why                                                               
Secretary Jewell is so rigid on legacy wells.                                                                                   
REPRESENTATIVE  MILLETT responded  she pointed  out to  Secretary                                                               
Jewell the  hypocrisy of the  federal government and  the mission                                                               
of the  Department of Interior, which  is to be the  caretaker of                                                               
the  land.     However,  Secretary   Jewell  wouldn't   take  the                                                               
opportunity to be the advocate for cleaning up the legacy wells.                                                                
REPRESENTATIVE HERRON stated  he and his colleagues  did not hear                                                               
an apology from Secretary Jewell.                                                                                               
1:50:38 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE JOSEPHSON  asked how  many of  the 650  sites were                                                               
contaminated before about 1965.                                                                                                 
REPRESENTATIVE  MILLETT answered  she is  unsure as  it has  been                                                               
difficult  to inventory  the actual  contamination dates  and the                                                               
agency that did  the contamination.  Alaska has been  a test site                                                               
for  nuclear tests,  oil and  gas drilling,  permafrost, pipeline                                                               
stabilization,  and  for  every   scientist  who  wanted  to  try                                                               
something detrimental  to the environment.   While there  is some                                                               
inventory, it was long before 1971 and the ANCSA settlement.                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  JOSEPHSON inquired  whether Ms.  Kristin Ryan  of                                                               
DEC knows the chronology of  these sites and whether they predate                                                               
approximately 1965.                                                                                                             
KRISTIN RYAN, Director, Division  of Spill Prevention & Response,                                                               
Department  of  Environmental  Conservation  (DEC),  replied  she                                                               
doesn't know; the information on a  lot of these sites is patchy.                                                               
Of the over  2,000 contaminated sites that the  division is aware                                                               
of, over  half are on  federal land.   Monitoring the  cleanup of                                                               
contamination of federal  lands is a huge portion  of DEC's work.                                                               
Many of those  sites are not in active remediation,  DEC is aware                                                               
that they are  there and is working with  the appropriate federal                                                               
agency to start remediation.                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE   JOSEPHSON   asked   whether  the   other   1,350                                                               
contaminated sites predate the mid-1960s.                                                                                       
MS. RYAN responded she does not know.                                                                                           
1:53:47 PM                                                                                                                    
CO-CHAIR TALERICO opened public testimony on HJR 6.                                                                             
1:54:20 PM                                                                                                                    
NICHOLA RUEDY,  Acting Executive Director, Alaska  Native Village                                                               
CEO   Association   (ANVCA),   stated  ANVCA   is   a   nonprofit                                                               
organization  with the  mission  to advocate  for policies  which                                                               
will benefit and  protect the interests of  Alaska Native village                                                               
corporations with local,  state, and federal government.   Of the                                                               
more than  200 Alaska village  corporations, more than  80 belong                                                               
to  ANVCA.    The  millions  of acres  conveyed  by  the  federal                                                               
government  to Native  corporations  included  land with  various                                                               
types  of   hazardous  waste  and   toxic  materials   that  pose                                                               
significant   health   risks   to  humans,   animals,   and   the                                                               
environment,   such   as   arsenic,   asbestos,   polychlorinated                                                               
biphenyls (PCBs), mining waste chemicals,  and petroleum.  During                                                               
the 1990s  the Alaska Native  community raised concerns  that the                                                               
department  was conveying  contaminated  lands  to Alaska  Native                                                               
corporations.    In  1995  Congress  directed  the  Secretary  of                                                               
Interior to prepare  a report of the extent  of the contamination                                                               
on  lands conveyed  pursuant  to  ANCSA.   In  December 1998  the                                                               
department  submitted a  report to  Congress entitled  "Hazardous                                                               
Substance Contamination  of Alaska  Native Claims  Settlement Act                                                               
Lands in  Alaska."   In that  report the  department acknowledged                                                               
conveying  more  than 650  contaminated  sites  to Alaska  Native                                                               
corporations.  The report identified  numerous types of hazardous                                                               
wastes,   including  known   carcinogens,   on  conveyed   lands.                                                               
Recognizing the  unjustness of conveying the  contaminated lands,                                                               
the department  recommended an approach to  identify contaminated                                                               
sites  and  the  cleanup  needs on  ANCSA  lands,  including  six                                                               
recommendations.   Research indicates the department  has made no                                                               
effort to  implement any of  those six recommendations.   Through                                                               
correspondence  on  July 31,  2013,  the  department's office  in                                                               
Alaska  acknowledged  that "the  department  has  had no  further                                                               
involvement after the report was  submitted."  In a September 18,                                                               
2013,  letter to  Secretary Jewell  the Alaska  Delegation stated                                                               
that after  15 years  the department has  had sufficient  time to                                                               
act on  its six  recommendations and said  it is  imperative that                                                               
progress be  made now to  clean these  lands so they  can fulfill                                                               
the goal of the aboriginal lands  claims settlement.  On July 10,                                                               
2014, Secretary  Jewell responded  to the Alaska  Delegation that                                                               
the  department  is  committed to  determining  which  sites  are                                                               
identified in  the 1998 report  conveyed under ANCSA in  order to                                                               
continue follow-up on the six  recommendations.  There has yet to                                                               
be  any major  cleanup.   The ANVCA  stands behind  HJR 6,  which                                                               
supports enactment of federal  legislation acknowledging that the                                                               
federal  government is  financially responsible  under ANCSA  for                                                               
the remediation of contaminated land.                                                                                           
1:58:14 PM                                                                                                                    
JULIANNA SHANE,  Director, Tanadgusix (TDX)  Corporation, related                                                               
that in the 1870s the  federal government started commercial seal                                                               
harvest.   In 1984 the  federal government finally phased  out of                                                               
the  Pribilof  Islands.   The  TDX  Corporation then  went  after                                                               
cleaning the contaminated sites that  were located on the island.                                                               
It took $76 million and 11  years to clean up the property before                                                               
the corporation  allowed conveyance  to it.   But it  is possible                                                               
and TDX  trained its people  to do  it.  The  property conveyance                                                               
will hopefully  be finished  within the  year.   She said  she is                                                               
here to  say that it can  be done by the  local corporations, the                                                               
village  corporations,  to  train  their own  people.    This  is                                                               
something the elders  fought for and the rest of  the people have                                                               
continued the fight.  The  cleaning funds were received through a                                                               
special act, so  it can be done.   To hear it is  being said that                                                               
certain  areas cannot  be cleaned  or different  lands should  be                                                               
selected does  bring an  issue to those  leaders who  are charged                                                               
for the health and welfare of their  people.  If it is within the                                                               
vicinity of  a village these items  and areas need to  be cleaned                                                               
and not buried.                                                                                                                 
2:00:50 PM                                                                                                                    
JIM  ARNESEN,  Corporate  Lands  &  Regulatory  Manager,  Eklutna                                                               
Incorporated,  shared that  Eklutna Incorporated  has received  a                                                               
number of  contaminated properties through the  ANCSA provisions.                                                               
One of the  more prominent contaminated areas is in  the heart of                                                               
the Native  village of Eklutna.   This  was the former  U.S. Army                                                               
site of  Camp Mohawk and the  BIA Eklutna boarding school.   Over                                                               
the last  few years  the Native village  of Eklutna  has obtained                                                               
Native  American Lands  Environmental Mitigation  (NALEM) program                                                               
funds, which  are available for  tribes.  Some  investigation and                                                               
remediation has been done with  those funds, but more remediation                                                               
is needed.  Eklutna Incorporated  worked with the U.S. Army Corps                                                               
of  Engineers  through the  Formerly  Used  Defense Sites  (FUDS)                                                               
program to investigate and  attempt petroleum product remediation                                                               
in the former Camp Mohawk area  within the existing gravel pit at                                                               
Eklutna.   Contaminated  gravel that  smells like  diesel is  not                                                               
saleable.   That  effort is  continuing and  Eklutna is  awaiting                                                               
further  results from  testing done  this last  year and  further                                                               
remediation activity in that area is expected.                                                                                  
2:02:29 PM                                                                                                                    
MR. ARNESEN  said another contaminated site  inherited by Eklutna                                                               
Incorporated is the  original Matanuska town site.   The area was                                                               
used by  a former  polluter from Anchorage  who is  now deceased.                                                               
The polluter had placed a  large number of contaminated materials                                                               
of various  kinds and  quantities all  around the  properties and                                                               
migration of the  liquids is believed to have occurred.   The old                                                               
Donnelly Homestead  was also inherited through  ANCSA and Eklutna                                                               
Incorporated spent substantial funds about  15 years ago to clean                                                               
up  the  surface.   The  cleanup  operation consisted  mostly  of                                                               
surface debris from Donnelly who  operated an illegal junkyard on                                                               
the  property; the  property  is impaired  and  may require  more                                                               
remediation  in the  future.   Eklutna Incorporated  has property                                                               
next to  the Birchwood  Recreation and  Shooting Park  where over                                                               
the  years  trespass shooters  have  polluted  the property  with                                                               
lead.  Eklutna Incorporated is  in the process of determining the                                                               
levels of contamination which will  guide the remediation effort.                                                               
More   recently   Eklutna   Incorporated   discovered   potential                                                               
contamination believed to be emanating  from the old Peters Creek                                                               
landfill,  which  has  been  closed   for  some  time.    Eklutna                                                               
Incorporated  is in  the  process of  determining  the extent  of                                                               
potential  contamination and  type  of  remediation needed  there                                                               
under testing protocol.  Eklutna  Incorporated has received other                                                               
properties that have been used  by various governmental units and                                                               
as  the corporation  goes to  develop its  properties it  has run                                                               
into contamination and/or  bury pits where debris of  one kind or                                                               
another have  been disposed  of.  The  cost of  remediating these                                                               
impaired  properties has  been a  financial  burden upon  Eklutna                                                               
Incorporated and  has at times  prevented, stopped, or  delayed a                                                               
project.    Eklutna   Incorporated  believes  that  contamination                                                               
issues on its lands due to  past use by former governmental units                                                               
have not been addressed fully  or satisfactorily.  Impacted lands                                                               
are  a burden  and a  big  hurdle for  many economic  development                                                               
opportunities upon  Native lands.  Eklutna  Incorporated supports                                                               
HJR 6, which  asks the U.S. Congress to pass  legislation to hold                                                               
the   federal   government   responsible   for   remediation   of                                                               
contaminated lands  received under  ANCSA.   Eklutna Incorporated                                                               
believes  the  federal  government  has  a  financial  and  moral                                                               
obligation  to remediate  the  contaminated  sites and  reimburse                                                               
funds spent by Native corporations on the contaminated sites.                                                                   
2:05:12 PM                                                                                                                    
CO-CHAIR TALERICO closed public testimony on HJR 6.                                                                             
2:05:21 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE JOSEPHSON  related that in a  subcommittee meeting                                                               
with the  Department of  Environmental Conservation  (DEC), there                                                               
was some  recognition by DEC  officials that many of  these sites                                                               
date to  World War  II and the  Cold War when  everyone was  in a                                                               
hurry to  win what  they were  striving for.   It  is interesting                                                               
that a  lot of the  national environmental laws came  into effect                                                               
in  the  mid-1960s.     The  one  that  some   people  find  most                                                               
troublesome is the 1969 National  Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)                                                               
where federal agencies cannot start  any project without doing at                                                               
least an  environmental assessment  and perhaps  an environmental                                                               
impact  statement (EIS).    Many  of these  acts  were signed  by                                                               
President Richard Nixon.   He said he only notes  this because he                                                               
commends Representative  Millett for  her actions,  but it  is an                                                               
interesting thought that these statutes  have made things better.                                                               
What  hasn't   gotten  better,   and  he   shares  Representative                                                               
Millett's  concern,  is  the  delay  in  all  of  this.    It  is                                                               
unconscionable, he said, and something needs to be done.                                                                        
2:06:55 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  SEATON  appreciated  the sponsor  bringing  forth                                                               
this resolution,  saying this  needs to  be looked  at throughout                                                               
the lands of  Alaska and the responsible party should  be the one                                                               
in charge of ensuring that remediation takes place.                                                                             
CO-CHAIR TALERICO concurred.                                                                                                    
2:07:31 PM                                                                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE  HAWKER moved  to report  HJR 6  out of  committee                                                               
with  individual  recommendations   [and  the  accompanying  zero                                                               
fiscal note].  There being no  objection, HJR 6 was reported from                                                               
the House Resources Standing Committee.                                                                                         

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