Legislature(1995 - 1996)

03/18/1995 10:05 AM STA

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 HSTA - 03/18/95                                                              
 HB 234 - ADMINISTRATIVE ADJUDICATIONS                                        
 Number 096                                                                    
 TERESA WILLIAMS, Assistant Attorney General, testifying via                   
 teleconference from Anchorage, presented HB 234.  She stated the              
 bill is an effort to save time and money in Administrative                    
 Procedures Act (APA) adjudication.  It clarifies language in the              
 APA, changes the requirement for "registered mail" to "certified              
 mail," allows telephonic hearing, clarifies witness expenses,                 
 gives agencies discretion to allow reasonable types of discovery,             
 clarifies standards for burdens of proof, and sets time limits                
 for reconsideration petitions.                                                
 Number 204                                                                    
 CHAIR JAMES commented she appreciated the efforts to smooth out               
 the process and said she was sure there would be money saved as a             
 Number 210                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE GREEN referred to the "or" on page 3, asking, if a             
 party objecting to telephonic witnessing lived 31 miles away,                 
 would his objection be over-ruled.                                            
 MS. WILLIAMS replied no, personal participation could always be               
 required if telephonic participation would substantially                      
 prejudice the objecting party's rights.                                       
 Number 225                                                                    
 REPRESENTATIVE ROBINSON made a motion to move HB 234 from                     
 committee with individual recommendations and zero fiscal note.               
 Hearing no objection, HB 234 was moved out of committee.                      

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