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 SB 274 - NOISE AT AIRPORTS & SPORT SHOOTING RANGES                          
 Number 1524                                                                   
 CHAIRMAN GARY DAVIS announced that the next item on the agenda was            
 CSSB 274(TRA) am an act relating to the noise levels of airports              
 and sport shooting facilities.                                                
 KELLY HUBER, Legislative Aide for Senator Halford, said that CSSB             
 274 (TRA) am is a straightforward piece of legislation which was              
 introduced to provide private airports and sport shooting ranges              
 protection from lawsuits if the legal action arises out of the                
 noise level from normal operations.  She said CSSB 274 (TRA) am               
 addresses situations which have occurred in the lower 48 states               
 where new homes were built outside of town, near an airport or a              
 sport shooting range, and then people who moved into their homes              
 didn't care for the noise level and filed lawsuits regarding the              
 noise level.  She said CSSB 274 (TRA) am protects sport shooting              
 ranges and private airports from noise related lawsuits.                      
 Number 1385                                                                   
 MS. HUBER said CSSB 274 (TRA) is endorsed by the National Rifle               
 Association (NRA), Alaska Air Carrier's Association, the Outdoor              
 Council and the Airmen's Association.                                         
 Number 1400                                                                   
 MS. HUBER referred to Amendment 1 which the sponsor has asked the             
 committee to consider.  She said this amendment is a clean-up                 
 amendment.  She said, on the floor of the Senate, the word                    
 "private" was defined.  She said after this action, Legislative               
 Legal came back and said the language should be cleaned up and put            
 in their "legalize."  She said now it would read, "private means an           
 airport privately owned or operated" with the deletion of, "by a              
 private individual."  She said the amendment takes out "home rule"            
 and deleting, "or unincorporated city or borough" which is not an             
 appropriate way to place this in a definition.  She repeated that             
 the language in the proposed amendment was strictly clean-up                  
 Representative Sanders joined the committee meeting at 2:45 p.m.              
 Number 1475                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE JAMES made a motion to adopt Amendment 1 to CSSB 274           
 (TRA) am.  Hearing no objections, Amendment 1 was incorporated into           
 CSSB 274 (TRA) am by the House Standing Committee on                          
 Number 1497                                                                   
 REPRESENTATIVE JAMES made a motion to move CSSB 274 (TRA) am, as              
 amended, with attached fiscal notes and individual recommendations.           
 Hearing no objections HCS CSSB 274 (TRA) was moved from the House             
 Standing Committee on Transportation.                                         

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