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03/13/1996 09:30 AM FIN

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       CS FOR SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 31(FIN)                              
       Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State                 
  of   Alaska relating to voter approval  of amendments of the                 
  Alaska    Statehood Act affecting  an interest of  the State                 
  of Alaska      under that Act.                                               
  Stephanie Szymanski, aide to Senator Drue Pearce was invited                 
  to  join  the committee  and  testified on  behalf  of CSSJR                 
  31(FIN).    She  indicated  the  language  was substantially                 
  reworded  from  the  judiciary  version  and  she  clarified                 
  concerns raised at the previous meeting.                                     
  Senator Phillips MOVED  to adopt proposed CSSJR  31(FIN) and                 
  without  objection  it  was  ADOPTED.    Co-chairman Halford                 
  indicated there was a  $2.2 fiscal note from the  Governor's                 
  Office.   Stephanie Szymanski discussed specific language of                 
  placing the matter for election in the next general election                 
  with Senators Zharoff  and Sharp.  Co-chairman  Halford said                 
  that it could go to special election if necessary.                           
  Senator Sharp MOVED  CSSJR 31(FIN) and without  objection it                 
  was REPORTED OUT with  individual recommendations and fiscal                 
  notes of $2.2 from  the Division of Elections and  zero from                 
  the office of the Governor.                                                  

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