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04/26/1996 02:00 PM FIN

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       CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 201(FIN)                                         
       "An  Act  relating  to   the  employment  of  emergency                 
  fire-fighting  personnel  by  the  commissioner  of  natural                 
  Senator   Georgianna  Lincoln  was   invited  to   join  the                 
  committee.  Co-chairman  Halford indicated that there  was a                 
  proposed Finance CS  in the file  which added language  that                 
  said the commissioner may not  use appropriations from state                 
  funds for emergency fire fighting  personnel engaged in non-                 
  emergency activities under  this section.   It is  non-state                 
  funds and adds fire suppression funds language to  make sure                 
  it does not use fire suppression funds.  That apparently was                 
  the original intent.   Senator  Lincoln said the  department                 
  was  available  to  answer  and  the sponsor  statement  was                 
  available in members' files.  She re-iterated that this does                 
  not use state  money at all and  it was never the  intent of                 
  the  language.    There  is  between $250,000  and  $500,000                 
  available  to  be used  to  generate employment  and promote                 
  safety for the many communities around the state.                            
  Senator Sharp  moved work  draft CSSB  201(FIN) and  without                 
  objection  it  was  adopted.    Senator  Rieger  moved  CSSB
  201(FIN)  and  without objection  it  was reported  out with                 
  individual  recommendations   and  zero  fiscal   note  from                 
  Department of Public  Safety and  $250.0 from Department  of                 
  Natural Resources.                                                           

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