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       SENATE CS FOR CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 202(JUD)                            
       "An   Act    relating   to   the    participation   and                 
  accountability of   parents    and    guardians    and   the                 
  enforcement of restitution    orders  entered   in  juvenile                 
  delinquency proceedings; relating  to  claims  on  permanent                 
  fund dividends for certain    court-ordered   treatment   in                 
  juvenile delinquency proceedings;  and    amending    Alaska                 
  Delinquency Rules 3(b) and 8(b); and    providing   for   an                 
  effective date."                                                             
  Anne  Carpeneti, Assistant  Attorney General was  invited to                 
  join the committee and testified on behalf of the bill.  She                 
  said this would  make participation  of parents at  juvenile                 
  hearings mandatory.  The Court was allowed the discretion to                 
  impose a fine  that would motivate a parent.  In response to                 
  Senator Phillips  she said  a $50  fine would  motivate many                 
  parents.   It would  further allow  the court  to order  the                 
  parents  to  participate in  treatment  and to  pay  for the                 
  treatment.  If the court found the parents to be indigent it                 
  would allow the  department to garnish their  permanent fund                 
  dividend to pay  for the  treatment.  It  would not  include                 
  treatment for the children.                                                  
  Senator  Donley said he supported  this bill.  Ms. Carpeneti                 
  said the  bill was  very obvious  and did  not need  further                 
  study.   Parents  should be  participating if  there is  any                 
  progress  to  be made  in   treatment  of the  child.    She                 
  advised the  committee that there  was a $5,000  fiscal note                 
  from the  court system  regarding sending  out summonses  to                 
  parents.  Senator Donley asked if there was any provision to                 
  confiscate the permanent fund dividend from the juvenile and                 
  Ms.  Carpeneti  said not  in  this  bill.   This  bill would                 
  address  the  responsibility of  parents in  connection with                 
  juvenile proceedings  against their children.  She indicated                 
  there was  a provision  for restitution  to be  made by  the                 
  Senator Donley moved revisor amendment.   Ms. Carpeneti said                 
  the amendment would  give the revisor  statutes instructions                 
  on how the  bill would fit into the code revision of HB 387.                 
  If  HB 387 becomes  law  this  would be transferred  into AS                 
  47.12.    Without  objection  the  revisor's  amendment  was                 
  adopted.  Senator Donley moved SCS CSHB 202(FIN) and without                 
  objection    it   was    reported   out    with   individual                 
  recommendations  and  fiscal note  of  $5.0 from  the Alaska                 
  Court System.                                                                

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