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04/06/2016 01:30 PM Senate JUDICIARY

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Moved SJR 12 Out of Committee
Moved CSSB 164(JUD) Out of Committee
           SJR 12-CONST. AM: ELECTED ATTORNEY GENERAL                                                                       
1:37:35 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR MCGUIRE announced the consideration of SJR 12.                                                                            
CHAIR MCGUIRE closed public testimony.                                                                                          
1:38:18 PM                                                                                                                    
SENATOR  STOLTZE, Alaska  State Legislature,  sponsor of  SJR 12,                                                               
thanked  the committee  for its  thoughtful  deliberation of  the                                                               
legislation. He  related that he  thought hard about  the concept                                                               
that Senator  Wielechowski brought  forward to make  the attorney                                                               
general election  nonpartisan. He  said that's the  ideal because                                                               
it provides an opportunity for less partisanship.                                                                               
CHAIR  MCGUIRE expressed  appreciation  for  the sponsor's  open-                                                               
mindedness and Senator Wielechowski  for proposing the amendment.                                                               
She  said the  idea  of  specifying that  the  position would  be                                                               
nonpartisan  is important  and she  considered co-sponsoring  the                                                               
amendment. However, she  ultimately decided not to  slow the bill                                                               
because the point  of having an elected attorney  general is more                                                               
important than  the nonpartisan point.  She noted that  the legal                                                               
drafters said it would be very difficult to draft the amendment.                                                                
She  shared that  as  chair  of the  Judiciary  Committee in  the                                                               
House, she wrote a statute  to implement the ruling in Democratic                                                             
Party of California v. Jones,  which provided a strong foundation                                                             
for Citizens  United v. FEC. She  related that if she  were queen                                                             
for  a day,  she  would  overturn that  statute.  She trusts  the                                                               
voters and  doesn't believe they need  a party to tell  them what                                                               
to think. She believes the  opportunity to participate in a party                                                               
process is so elite and removed  from the average Alaska that few                                                               
people feel that they influence the party.                                                                                      
CHAIR MCGUIRE shared that in  the 2012 election a neighbor called                                                               
and  said she  felt her  right to  privacy was  violated and  her                                                               
right to  vote denied. This  neighbor wanted to vote  for Senator                                                               
McGuire but  was denied  the opportunity  to vote  the Republican                                                               
ballot because she is registered as an Alaska Independent.                                                                      
1:48:28 PM                                                                                                                    
SENATOR    WIELECHOWSKI   thanked    the   sponsor    for   being                                                               
accommodating. He thought it would  be an easy amendment to draft                                                               
but legislative legal said it would  be very complex to insert in                                                               
the constitution, the process for conducting an election.                                                                       
SENATOR  STOLTZE   distinguished  between  being   political  and                                                               
CHAIR MCGUIRE suggested that a  constitutional amendment to elect                                                               
the  attorney general  is  more  likely to  succeed  if the  term                                                               
"nonpartisan" is included.                                                                                                      
SENATOR STOLTZE agreed  there may be creative ways to  do it that                                                               
don't interfere with the election process.                                                                                      
SENATOR  COGHILL reminded  the committee  that the  discussion is                                                               
about  electing an  attorney general,  not  the primary  election                                                               
1:52:16 PM                                                                                                                    
SENATOR  COGHILL  moved  to  report  SJR  12,  version  \W,  from                                                               
committee  with  individual  recommendations  and  attached  zero                                                               
fiscal note.                                                                                                                    
CHAIR  MCGUIRE  announced  that  without  objection,  SJR  12  is                                                               
reported from the Senate Judiciary Standing Committee.                                                                          

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